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Test Web pages in multiple browser versions

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's Design and Usability Tactics e-newsletter discusses the importance of testing Web pages in multiple browser versions and offers advice on where to find older browser software.

Does your shop already test Web pages on multiple versions of browsers? If not, do you think you will after reading this column? What impact do you think testing on multiple browser versions could have on a Web site's performance? Do you plan on installing one of the standalone versions of IE? Share your thoughts on Web page testing.

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by JohnW100 In reply to Test Web pages in multipl ...

BrowserCam is also a good solution. (www.browsercam.com) You can knock out all the browsers on Linux Mac and Windows, not just the IE variants.

Although the multiple IE's can help, it still doesn't solve the "with flash" vs "without flash" if you're using a browser sniffer and there's still no good solution.

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Good, but...

by Meadhra In reply to BrowserCam

BrowserCam is a great resource. I like being able to submit a page address once and have it tested across a broad range of browsers and platforms. But BrowserCam just can't match the speed and convenience of a localy installed browser for quick tests and troubleshooting.

I try to do as much testing locally as possible. BrowserCam comes in handy for a final check of browser/platforms that I don't have.

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by Ed Woychowsky In reply to Test Web pages in multipl ...

I use VMWare for testing, multiple operating systems, multiple browsers and multiple browser versions all on one notebook. The differences just between IE 5.5 and IE 6.0 are often enough to drive me crazy. But, a web site isn?t worth much if it only supports one version of a single browser.

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Another good resource

by Meadhra In reply to VMWare

VMware is another great resource. Using virtual machines for testing sure beats having to set up separate hardware for every platform you want to test.

Being able to install multiple versions of IE in one copy of Windows doesn't mean we don't need VMware to create virtual Win98, WinXP, Linux platforms. It just means you no longer need quite so many separate copies of Windows for all the different IE versions.

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