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Testing your ASP.NET application

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's .NET e-newsletter discusses testing your ASP.NET application with Microsoft's Application Center Test (ACT). How do you stress test your Web server? Do you think you'll use ACT to test your app? If you currently use ACT, please let us know what you think of it. Share your comments about stress testing.

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Professional Web-Stress Tool

by t.rieger In reply to Testing your ASP.NET appl ...


I'm often testing large Java-Applications.I need to execute a test on a strong Solaris Server with big CPU Power because you can't simulate a 400 concurrent user on a PC. Therefore i use the programm http://www.proxy-sniffer.com which was developed by a friend of mine. Try the free demo version and stress your servers!


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ACT good for DEV, not for enterprise

by PerryReed In reply to Testing your ASP.NET appl ...

ACT is a suitable tool for developers to run quick-and-dirty stress tests on their web code, but it is lacking several critical features to be used for anything more than that. Unfortunately, in my experience, the simple tests for which it is capable are insufficient to discover actual performance problems as they are often a result of several bits of code competing for the same resources (generally in the database).

For enterprise class load testing, one is forced to spend a great deal of money on full-featured load test tools.

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What do you use?

by Goober Bob In reply to ACT good for DEV, not for ...

Since you don't use ACT, what tool do you use or have used in the past?

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by PerryReed In reply to What do you use?

We're implementing LoadRunner from Mercury Interactive now. The project is underway and we hope to have a working implementation up in about a month.

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