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Than it was then?

By Oz_Media ·
Okay, some who know me have seen me post my confusion over 'than' being replaced with 'then'.

ie: "It was greater THAN I had expected" is often written as "It was greater THEN I had expected"

or as noticed in Google's SketchUp tips today, "Looking around Google Earth is more fun then a winning spree of solitaire and it looks more productive to your boss too."

There's the use of THEN when THAN should be used again.

From what I recall, THEN is used as a pronoun for time, not as a comparitive remark.

Is this a new example of how English being trashed by those who have never been corrected or is it that so many people make the same mistake that it has now become acceptable English. A real pet peeve...not as bad as saying you COULD care less though (shivers up spine)...that is becoming more and more annoying.

So, what is it?
"Looking around Google Earth is more fun then a winning spree" or is it
"Looking around Google Earth is more fun than a winning spree"

Has than now become then?

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by mjd420nova In reply to Than it was then?

A lot of the hacker sites prey on those typos. They intentionally register web sites using common typos of popular web sites and use them to insert trojans and viruses into unsuspecting surfers. They even go so far as mimicing the look and few of the web site that users were looking for, just to fool them long enough to get those nasty bits into your machine.

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It's Inconceivable!

by ProtiusX In reply to Than it was then?

- that I spelled that word right before I checked it in spell check! It's a conspiracy I tell you!! )

Hey Oz - I bet you wouldn't be so upset if they ended their sentences with an "eh?".

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The 'EH 'myth

by Oz_Media In reply to It's Inconceivable!

Not all Canadians say EH all the time, it's a myth.

I have heard just as many British, American and other dialects of English that commonly use 'EH' to end a sentence as if lseeking approval or understanding.

One thing you don't hear outside of the USA though is 'know what I'm sayin'?" after every other sentence though or that shoe gazing, slack jawed, UuuuH-HUuuuu, reply that you get from too may people.

Yes, many Eastern Canadians have a stronger, typically Canadian, drawl but it's pretty much isolated to the Atlantic provinces.

Most others across the country speak without much of an accent at all, especially when compared to some regions to the south.

Anyhow, the fact that foreigners get hung up on 'eh ' is simply amusing to most Canadians, as they notice it coming more from other countries than in Canada.

Know what I'm sayin'?

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by AV . In reply to The 'EH 'myth

Hey Oz - how ya doin'? Good to see you around these parts again. I really thought "eh" (pronounced "A" right?)in Canada was the equivalent of "know what I'm sayin'" in the US.

When "eh" (pronounced just like its spelled) is used between people from the US, it is usually by someone (an old coot) that can't hear what you said or when you think something was so-so.

Uh-Huh and Unh-Unh really mean yes and no in the US. Why bother with words when you can just make sounds, know what I mean (another variation of know what I'm sayin'). The younger generation has devised many shortcuts to improve communication.

Then there is sign language - like flipping the bird. One finger is worth a thousand words here - I'm not sure if you do this in Canada - but in certain parts of the US, flipping the bird can get you in a whole heap of trouble with those that don't appreciate your gesture. I don't think we can give the young'uns credit for this expression though.

How are we ever going to have a North American union if we can't understand each other in the most basic of ways?

In New Jersey we have a perfect phrase that answers that very question - fuhgeddaboutit.

AV :^0

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Well done

by Oz_Media In reply to Eh?

I agree, though I do hear EH being used in teh US more and more these days, as simple confirmation of a statement, just as it is here. I as surprised to hear it so much in the UK last time I was back, almost moreso than in Canada but not the drawl our easterners put into it. You'll notice more slang and drawl from Eastern Canada than the west.

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