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That does it!!! I'm NOT leaving TR (thanks OZ)

By Jessie ·
It's ALL Oz's fault... well, him and a few other people like jdclyde, maecuff, Dawg, Col, ITgirli, sMoRtY and the Trivia Geek, and many many more... who make this site a fun place to "hang out" and get completely bass-ackwards-off-topic-stupid-silly, managing to occassionally throw in the random intellectual (seemingly) post or thread. I must say that the last 6 months or so of active posting (mostly in Misc) have been incredibly enlightening, both technically and intellectually.

I come here to "stretch my legs" occassionally during my work day, and usually leave having stretched my mental capacities as well.

Thank you to all of those on this site, yes even those of you who frequently disagree with me or tell me to STFU (Max and Wiggington, you know who you are ) who've made this an always stimulating place to be and keep me from getting too full of myself.

Thank you also to the TR staff for not interfering with our free speech... raunchy as it frequently gets, and for always being there with answers about upcoming site-goings-on and technical issues with the site.

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Thanks for the info, Uncle Weatherbee

by amcol In reply to No different than WARSHIN ...

And thanks also for already taking some of my advice to heart. Only one or two misspellings in your entire post, and I won't take it personally that one of them is the place I live. It's WASHINGTON, not WARSHINGTON. Warshington is how they pronounce it West Virginia, but that's because there's only fourteen teeth in the entire state.

I notice you had nothing to say on my comment about beer. Pass me a Schlitz!

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by Oz_Media In reply to No different than WARSHIN ...

That's also how it is pronounced in Washington west coast.

Haven't you ever heard the Motel 6 commercials, "We'll fill up your tank until the gas drips on your toes and we're always waiting up for you, don't worry, we'll leave the light on."

P.S. The weather and climate descriptions are all online. NO rooster spinning around on top oF my beanie, that's STRICTLY for my propeller.

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by Garion11 In reply to Don't let it go to your h ...

That was great. You said it all.

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Garion doesn't get it though, I don't think

by Oz_Media In reply to Don't let it go to your h ...

"To IT_Lobo, if you're still see, my friend, this is what it's like here. Oz knows I'm pulling his leg, and if he chooses to respond I'll know he's tweaking my nose in return. You can't take this stuff too seriously."

I don't think he's able to read that far into a post.

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Oh, I don't know

by amcol In reply to Garion doesn't get it tho ...

He wasn't talking about my satire about you, he was referring to the serious comments I made about the other guy.

BTW...the weather here in Warshington is very nice today. How's it by you?

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Warm but a little drizzly,

by Oz_Media In reply to Oh, I don't know

Today in Port Hardy British Columbia, the thermometer says 14 but it's really muggy out. Almost like thundershower weather. Kind aneat really, great for fishing right now, though I am nowhere near ready for fishing this year yet.

I dunno, I almost prefer cloudy days to overly hot days anyway. I'm more of a spring/fall kinda guy.

But it's breaking up and the sunshine is starting to come out, it's only just noon so there's a lot of the day to go yet.

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I get it dude, its funny nevertheless

by Garion11 In reply to Garion doesn't get it tho ...

Don't worry I am not making fun of you or anything, just enjoying his post.

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Fair enough

by Oz_Media In reply to I get it dude, its funny ...

Considering our exchanges, can you blame me for thinking otherwise?

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Or make fun of

by j.lupo In reply to Don't let it go to your h ...

Hi amcol. AS my title says. We either ignore the trolls when they don't take the corrective hints, or we start making fun of them. Glad your memory was so much better than mine with that list of name changes rzan/rz/rabbi something/Why Me Worry, etc.

Been away for a while and am trying to catch up on what is happening at TR. Anyone care to give a breif summary? I'll continue reading in the mean time.

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Hi, j.lupo, we missed you

by amcol In reply to Or make fun of

But don't worry, you haven't missed much. Just the usual...whining, name calling, insult throwing, immaturity, unprofessionalism, temper tantrums, misbehavior, complaints, venting, smoke blowing, diatribes, childishness, vulgarity, gross humor, ranting, mischievousness, bathroom references, inappropriate remarks, and discussion topics that have absolutely nothing to do with technology.

You know, just like Yahoo. Remind me again why we come here?

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