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That does it!!! I'm NOT leaving TR (thanks OZ)

By Jessie ·
It's ALL Oz's fault... well, him and a few other people like jdclyde, maecuff, Dawg, Col, ITgirli, sMoRtY and the Trivia Geek, and many many more... who make this site a fun place to "hang out" and get completely bass-ackwards-off-topic-stupid-silly, managing to occassionally throw in the random intellectual (seemingly) post or thread. I must say that the last 6 months or so of active posting (mostly in Misc) have been incredibly enlightening, both technically and intellectually.

I come here to "stretch my legs" occassionally during my work day, and usually leave having stretched my mental capacities as well.

Thank you to all of those on this site, yes even those of you who frequently disagree with me or tell me to STFU (Max and Wiggington, you know who you are ) who've made this an always stimulating place to be and keep me from getting too full of myself.

Thank you also to the TR staff for not interfering with our free speech... raunchy as it frequently gets, and for always being there with answers about upcoming site-goings-on and technical issues with the site.

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Well . . .

by j.lupo In reply to Hi, j.lupo, we missed you

First thanks for the welcome back.

I will try and be as active as I can. Has to be when I am at home though.

As to why we come here, the humor, the information exchange, the tech questions and answers, the chance to exchange ideas. Just some reasons, oh the possible networking with "professionals".

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Well in that case I apologize for what

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Leaving TR isn't the issu ...

I'm about to post. :)

If you really are offended by "gratuitously foul language" you had better keep away from AU as we never swear here we just use "Australian Adjectives" which some foreigners seem to think is swearing. Nothing could be further from the truth we just have a unique way of expressing ourselves which some people find offensive.

Of course when they complain they are told to #### Off but quite politely and more likely than not will have a few more of our adjectives added just for good measure.

I can't help it, it's they way I was dragged up.

Col ]:)

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Apology unnecessary

by amcol In reply to Well in that case I apolo ...

I swear like a sailor myself. I said I was offended by foul language that's gratuitous, not foul language itself. Call me naive but it's my feeling that the rules of engagement are the same no matter what the battlefield, which is to say if we're expected to conduct ourselves with a certain sense of professional decorum in the workplace why not expect the same behavior in an online forum dedicated to professionals? There are plenty of non-business subjects discussed in the workplace, just as there are here, so that's no excuse for using language here that one wouldn't use face to face.

There's a time and a place for everything, and when it comes to vulgar scatalogical language this isn't it.

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vulgar scatalogical language

by Oz_Media In reply to Apology unnecessary

Haven't worked in Canda then?

It's pretty comonplace for most employers and employees to forget all the Politically Correct Office BS and just deal with each other as peers.

I had a boss once how called the secretary and UGLY FAT DITCH PIG of a ****, every time he saw her.

WE knew he was serious, she either didn't think so or brushed it off but either way it was never looked down upon. I have ever had a boss I WOUDLN'T tell to FO, or anything else that comes to mind. I speak my mind to my friends, why not my employer, I usually don't buld formal relationships with employers though,

Even 'ladies' in the office are usually are far more graphically disgusting than the guys.

For the most part, Canadian companies don't expect false posturing, it's much easier to speak your mind and everyone knows where you really stand. I have worked for a US company in Canada that just freaked out when they heard how we talk to each other though. There's a way to say FO and it NOT being taken offensively too, but then again it is clear when you mean it.

I noticed that when dealing with US clients, even recording studios and tour rental shops, that deal with all kinds, there is a certain ettiquette they use when trying to sell you something and then it's anything goes when it comes to meeting them backstage.

I hate false personalities like that, too much time in sales, if I can't be exactly who I am when at work then I don't want to work there.

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I'm NOT leaving either

by stress junkie In reply to That does it!!! I'm NOT ...

Some of the regular posters here have tried their best to drive me out by not agreeing with everything that I have said and pointing out weaknesses in my opinions. DARN THEM!!! Those meanies are mean. I'll show THEM!!! I'll post so many opinions that they can't keep up with me.


In truth TR is unique among the sites that I read. Other sites have their strong points but there isn't another site where you can find lively discussions of a variety of topics. That's why I spend more time at the TR site than all other sites combined.

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Feels like Usenet

by jmgarvin In reply to I'm NOT leaving either

Not that that is a bad thing, but I found a new home with TR. Most of the people here are more than willing to lend a hand with a technical question (or at least make fun of you) ;-)

It is nice to see the usual suspects as that is always the best thread.

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Verizon's net groups are also well populated with good people, ...

by deepsand In reply to Feels like Usenet

along with the usual family misfits & outcasts.

There are quite a large number of individuals there who are every bit as knowledgeable & willing to help as there are here.

The big problem there is trying to winnow the grain from the chaff; the sheer volume of posts is overwhelming.

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Same, but different.

by apotheon In reply to That does it!!! I'm NOT ...

I'm not leaving either, but my reason is mostly to ANNOY people like Oz. Yep. Far from being driven away, I'm driven to be a thorn in his side.

Should be fun.

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Me neither

by AV . In reply to That does it!!! I'm NOT ...

I enjoy visiting TR whenever I can. The discussions are always lively and such a great way to relax. I especially enjoy the miscellaneous, off-topic discussions because its just plain fun to debate.

TR is definitely not one of those dry, pasty, tech-only discussion sites. They are unique and interesting. The people that post here are intelligent, witty and funny. Maybe over the top sometimes, but what the hey, it makes for interesting reading.

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We will Rock You!

by CuteElf In reply to Me neither

We are who we are, and 99.997 % respect that concept.

I like X, you like T, you and I happily disagree.

You taunt me, I flame you, we all go act like kids in doo doo.

im farking tired.

Unique, different, brainy, opinionated, respected, interesting, fun, abnormal, questioning.......humans.

*i might have a job*

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