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That does it!!! I'm NOT leaving TR (thanks OZ)

By Jessie ·
It's ALL Oz's fault... well, him and a few other people like jdclyde, maecuff, Dawg, Col, ITgirli, sMoRtY and the Trivia Geek, and many many more... who make this site a fun place to "hang out" and get completely bass-ackwards-off-topic-stupid-silly, managing to occassionally throw in the random intellectual (seemingly) post or thread. I must say that the last 6 months or so of active posting (mostly in Misc) have been incredibly enlightening, both technically and intellectually.

I come here to "stretch my legs" occassionally during my work day, and usually leave having stretched my mental capacities as well.

Thank you to all of those on this site, yes even those of you who frequently disagree with me or tell me to STFU (Max and Wiggington, you know who you are ) who've made this an always stimulating place to be and keep me from getting too full of myself.

Thank you also to the TR staff for not interfering with our free speech... raunchy as it frequently gets, and for always being there with answers about upcoming site-goings-on and technical issues with the site.

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Note to self...

by sMoRTy71 In reply to So THIS is the addiction ...

replace TechPoints with TR cigarettes...Brilliant!

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by jck In reply to Note to self...

sounds like a Guinness commercial for TR


Now if I could just replace the keyboard with a keg of Guinness with a keyboard and an AMD64 dual proc boxbuilt in it...I might be happy.

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A pint for your thoughts!

by gauravbahal In reply to hahahaha

hic hic hurrah!! ]:)

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I want mine NOW

by Oz_Media In reply to Note to self...

Up front, you can iron out details later.

None of that American cigarrette stuff though real smokes.

I amjust about to drag my *** to the store, as my last one burns away in the ashtray, to pay nearly $10 for another pack. Okay a dramatization, they are only $8.95 at the marine gas station.

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But after conversion to REAL money

by jdclyde In reply to I want mine NOW

that is only about $2.50.

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by Oz_Media In reply to But after conversion to R ...

THere are enough hot smokes brought up here form the US, but nobody buys them anymore, if you smoke Canadian brands, even the US equivalent of those same brands is not a welcome treat, as I am sure it is the other way around too, VERY different!

We generally get cheap smokeseither brought over from Toronto, Montreal, or find an indian friend to buy them with a status card, MUCH cheaper! With most of the cost being tax, and indians paying FAR less tax than other Canadians, it's always cheaper to buy them on a reservation, but you need that indian status card to buy 'em.

I know I can buy 'my brand' in teh US for about $3.00 but even when they say imported from Canada, and have a Canadian brand name and package, they are STILL a different tobacco, filter and taste all together.

I'll pay the extra money thanks, sounds stupid as all **** really, but so is smoking to begin with.

And while you were only joking: that STILL works out to over $7.00 US! For a pack of 20, not 25.

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I gave up smoking on January 1st

by ITgirli In reply to Actually

And I still haven't touch a cigarette. However I still really want one. I was at a party the other day and had to walk inside to keep from asking someone for a smoke. It's tough to stop, but I'm doing well. I was unemployed at the time and couldn't afford them. Now I just don't smoke because everyone tells me that I'm going to fail at it. Everyone's always saying, "you really haven't had one? not one?" and "Are you sure you really quit?" Of course I reply, "Yes I REALLY quit and that is why I'm going to have to strangle you if you ask me again!!!"

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Actually in Michigan

by jdclyde In reply to Actually

We have one of the highest "sin taxes" in the US now. figure about $4.50 a pack.

And yes, I know that the conversion isn't THAT bad.

Didn't realize that the actual smokes were different for what is sold in the two countries. Not being a smoker, I really would have had no way of finding out for myself.

And we have the same issue of reservations selling smokes without our outragous taxes on them, or going down to Ohio to get them.

They just had a crack down where people were buying smokes over the internet and not paying the taxes. The state sapina'd the records and sent tax bills to these people for thousands of dollars and they are busted big time. Not a pretty picture. But when you figure we have $2 PER PAC taxes now, that adds up fast.

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$2.00 per pack

by Oz_Media In reply to Actually in Michigan

With Canadian cigarettes being MAINLY Tax, the numbers are MUCH higher here.

Even a store advertising $6.90 for a pack will then add two more taxes, Provincial and Goods and Services Tax, to the cost. You end up paying nearly 8 bucks.

To buy smokes in the USA, and bring them here, you also pay a $0.75 tax PER CIGARETTE or ($15/carton of 200) at the border (more than the price of the smokes themselves.

They REALLY don't want us to buy smokes.

In order for them to legalize and make money off of marijuana, they need to charge nearly $9.00 for 0.5 grams, and even then it is shown it would need to increase a great deal annually to make ends meet.

With the street price being $140.00 OUNCE (56 X $8), the Canadian government would be charging $448.00 an ounce. This would hardly compete with local growers and the market would never take hold.

Therefore instead of legalizing it, which they could NEVER compete with or make any money from though many Candians still think the government would cash in big time, they have decriminalized it, for the purpose of saving money on useless court cases with no conviction but a cos tto the city all the same, to decriminalizing it, now they can just write you a HUGE ticket and be done with it, thus gaining revenue.

But I have yet to meet ANYONE, slapped with a fine, other than Marc Emery of teh BC Marijuana Party, for apprently selling pot from his seed store in Vancouver.

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Um Oz is nuts ok

by JamesRL In reply to Actually in Michigan

Oz, the Canadian brands sold in the US are exactly the same cigarettes made in the same factories.

The cigarette smuggling business came about when taxes were increased on Canadian cigarettes. The tobacco companies would sell them to US distributors(who don't pay canadian taxes) and then smugglers would bring them back into Canada. The only way to tell them apart was an excise label in the celophance wrapper.

Once in Canada, the smugglers would sell them to small corner stores etc at a deep discount.

It was found that the tobacco companies knew about the smuggling and in some cases facilitated it.


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