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By Jaqui ·
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I'm not here for a few months, less than 50 posts since I got back,
and I'm almost halfway up the top 100?

what's with the members here?
they all afraid to post or something?

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I know!

by jfuller05 In reply to Indeed

<i>It's almost like we're the "red-headed stepchild" now on here.</i>

I think the off-topic discussions kept folks coming back to TR after they viewed the technology articles/questions. Now, the off-topic discussions are shoved in a corner?

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by jck In reply to I know!

I remember one corp I used to work at, "water cooler chit-chat" was a managerial term for people who stopped and talked a lot about non-business things.

"We need to keep down the water cooler chit-chat" was something mentioned in meetings. It didn't matter if you'd had no breaks or lunch, you were expected to keep it to the minimum "in the halls" (meaning not at your cube/office).

I know this (Jason...if you're reading, make a point of this):

I came here because of the off-topic. I found some of the stuff Bill, Mark, , Toni, et. al., to be useful. But, the tech folks I found here that I could socialize with in the old format was fine. You didn't need to make a huge interface change to make it look like a social networking site to make TechRepublic more social. And, segregating your off-topic (probably your most active single area) really was a bad move.

"The Powers That Be" may want TechRepublic to be more tech-oriented, but alienating your most active group of users by basically exiling them into their own dungeon is no way to keep them...and definitely is no way to attract people who are looking for a site they feel comfortable using.

After all, how many of the TechRepublic event attendees were not active off-topic posters?

Time to rethink the gameplan here.

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And also, you don't see at a glance where/what the OP is

by robo_dev In reply to THAT SUCKS!!!

On the old system it was nice to be able to see that the poster is:

From Freakbakistan, therefore not speaking English real well.

Listed as a 'student', asking some complex routing
question (Homework...helloooo).

Listed as CIO, so obviously knows nothing about IT.

Listed as 'retired' so we would cut them some slack.

But now we cannot tell who is the lazy student and who is the retired grandmother.....

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Welcome to the Future.

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to THAT SUCKS!!!
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The future...

by jck In reply to Welcome to the Future.

is harder to navigate, find things, and less readable?

So much for advancing...

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When you get older it is harder to grasp new things..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to THAT SUCKS!!!

But as we continue to go forwards we learn as we go. Though TechRepublic could make it easier, but then we would not learn if it was too easy. But we can always hope.

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It's too cumbersome.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to THAT SUCKS!!!

It's now too clunky to locate the new content in a discussion. There's no 'NEW' tag any more. I've come to realize that is my biggest complaint. Combine that with the discussion levels not being indented as far from the left as they were and the lack of the old 'dotted line' tree branches, and following a discussion isn't worth it after the first fifty or so posts.

As I noted earlier, it's eliminated the '7 level' problem; no one goes that deep anymore. I'm only here two or three days a week now, and I'm still routinely in the top 10.

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that lack of dotted line

by Jaqui In reply to It's too cumbersome.

comes from the "discussions' being a blogging engine set to allow discussions on posts.
a poor substitute for an actual forum script.

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Didn't know why, still don't care.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to that lack of dotted line

I don't care why it's this way, just that it doesn't seem to me to be as easy to determine which comments go under those they are responding to .

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Duplicate post.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to that lack of dotted line

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