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The 2008 Presidency Race

By ProtiusX ·
Presidential Candidates for 2008

I am starting this a bit early as my original post to TR was "Why I am voting got George W. Bush". In 2008, President George W. Bush will be prohibited from seeking a third term. In the three most recent eight-year administrations (Eisenhower, Reagan, and Clinton), the incumbent Vice President has subsequently run for President. However, incumbent Vice President **** Cheney announced in 2001 that he would never run for President, a statement he reiterated in 2004. While appearing on Fox News Sunday, Cheney stated: "I will say just as hard as I possibly know how to say... 'If nominated, I will not run; if elected, I will not serve,' or, not only 'No,' but '****, no'. I've got my plans laid out. I'm going to serve this President for the next four years and then I'm out of here." There is some speculation that VP Cheney may retire as Vice President after the 2006 midterm elections. If this were to happen, his successor would likely become the frontrunner for the Republican nomination in 2008.

Assuming Cheney serves his full term and does not run, the 2008 race will be the first time since 1928 that neither the sitting President nor the sitting Vice President has run for President. (Note that while the 1952 general election between Dwight D. Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson also did not include a sitting President or Vice President, sitting Vice President Alben Barkley had unsuccessfully campaigned for the Democratic presidential nomination, and President Harry Truman stood for the Democratic nomination in the New Hampshire primary.)

Should Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice receive the Republican Party's nomination in 2008, it would revive a practice that was the norm in the first fifty years of United States history. In early tradition, the Secretary of State post was the stepping stone to the Presidency. Many Commanders in Chief of the late 18th and early 19th centuries served as Secretary of State before being elected President, including Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Martin Van Buren, and James Buchanan. The Secretary of State post remains the primary Cabinet-level office to succeed the Chief Executive in the presidential line of succession. Secretary Rice has denied any desire to seek the presidency, though she is the current frontrunner in some public opinion polls.

The Republican Candidates who have officially announced their candidacy are:
John H. Cox of Illinois
Michael Charles Smith of Oregon

Republican Candidates who have formed exploratory committees or have expressed serious interest:
Senator George Allen of Virginia
Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas
Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia
Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani of New York City
Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska
Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas
Senator John McCain of Arizona
Governor George Pataki of New York
Governor Mitt Romney of Massachusetts
Representative Tom Tancredo of Colorado

The Democrat Candidates who have officially announced their candidacy are:
Senator Joe Biden of Delaware
Senator Christopher Dodd of Connecticut
Former Senator Mike Gravel of Alaska

Democrat Candidates who have formed exploratory committees or have expressed serious interest:
Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana
Retired General Wesley Clark of Arkansas
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York
Former Senator John Edwards of North Carolina
Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin
Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts
Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico
Governor Tom Vilsack of Iowa
Former Governor Mark Warner of Virginia

So I would like to hear your comments before I divulge who I support for the Presidency.

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I'll be truthfull, I would like to see Ms. Rice against Ms. Clinton

by DanLM In reply to The 2008 Presidency Race

If you've read my posts, you know that I feel that we need a strong pro active foreign policy that combats terrorists. And that we need to make hard choices with regard to what has to be done to stop it. But, what you may not have seen a lot of from me is my domestic standings. And they are much, much more centrist. I do believe we need social programs, I do believe things should be done about the escalating cost of medical and prescriptions.

I also think its time that we had a president that was neither white, or male. This country is ready, and we have qualified women that can handle the job. I think that by having a strong woman president, that new ideas could be initiated that would improve our standing around the world and possibly heal the divisions within the country itself.

I truly respect Ms. Rice, but I don't know what her positions are with regard to domestic issues. I don't think she would take crap from anyone, and would be willing to slap who ever along side the head when it was needed. But, I also think that she would be able to do this in a more errrr, diplomatic manner then President Bush.

Mrs. Clinton, I think she is a *****. And she has championed some of the domestic things that I think are important. A previous poster stated that he had seen her in a debate where she became unraveled. That worries me, because I thought she was stronger then that. I don't want a president that becomes unraveled under pressure. And up till I seen that, I didn't think Mrs. Clinton would.

The one thing that I truly like about President Bush, you know where he stands. I don't care if you like him, or dislike him. You know exactly what his positions are, and you know exactly where he is coming from. I want that in our next president, knowing exactly what their position is and their willingness to stand by it. I have no issue with someone changing that position, but I want them to do as I would. And explain why they are changing that position. And not because the New York Times idiot editor slams them in the paper.

I wish I knew what some of Ms. Rice's positions were on domestic policy.

Again, I think its time for a change of gender in the presidency. Actually, I was hoping that Colin Powell would run against Mr. Clinton in that election. I thought it was time then for a change.
I am registered Democrat, and I will vote Democrat if I like the candidate. So, before the liberal idiots go. Ewwwww, Republican idiots based upon what I just said. Think about it. The Democrats positions chased me away, let's see if they can bring me back and get my vote. Other wise, I'll vote locally democrat and nationally republican like I have the last two elections.


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by NickNielsen In reply to The 2008 Presidency Race

As of right now, I could potentially vote for one of these:

Rudy Giuliani
John McCain
Mitt Romney
Wesley Clark
John Edwards
Russ Feingold

All of these men have shown the ability to work across party lines to achieve results acceptable to most (an ability sorely lacking at present, IMO).

Again, as of right now, a Giuliani / Clark race would leave me hard put to decide. If we get a "choice" equivalent to the 2000 or 2004 election, I'll write in.

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Here's another option:

by RknRlKid In reply to The 2008 Presidency Race

Unity'08. This is a group of disgruntled Democrats and Republicans who are going to support a third candidate. You can see them at:

We DO NOT live under a "two-party only" system. The idea of the 2 major parties running everything is totally illegitimate. Power brokers have stolen our choice, let's give them their walking papers.

Here's a quote from a Unity'08 message that says why:

"In a recent blog post on the Unity08 website, James Strock, author of Theodore Roosevelt on Leadership (Crown/Random House), argues that in the five years following the horrors of 9/11, our nations' political establishment looks scarcely different - if not worse - than it did on September 10, 2001.

"The legacy parties and the professionals around them all too often seem to view the rest of us as their consumers, their market, rather than as citizens, the ones they serve," he writes. He calls on political leaders to exercise the type of selflessness we learned from the great heroes of 9/11 and do what's right for the nation's citizenry."

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by DelbertPGH In reply to The 2008 Presidency Race

The guy is smart on foreign policy. I especially like his common-sense appreciation of risks and his pragmatism. He is not an ideologue who tries to push people onto different sides of a line he has drawn. We clearly need somebody with strategy and policy skills to help us work through the Middle East mess and keep us strong for years to come.

There are a quite a few Democrats I wouldn't mind learning more about, but I'm tired of Clintons. However, I think Hillary's going to get the nomination. She has it sewed up already, the same way GWB had the Republican nomination sewed up a year before the 2000 election season began. The only ways she can be stopped is if she's found banging an intern, or if some opponent is so successful and so appealing that he wins every primary and caucus from Iowa through California. But if he ever slips, even once, his contributions will dry up and Hill will strangle him. So, you better hope that a really cute boy taking a year off from school to elect her catches her eye.

For Republicans, I could live with McCain or Hagel. Neither one of them bases his electoral appeal on throwing up boogie men for me to hate or fear (a la Frist or Gingrich or Cheney.) Or Lugar, but he's not running.

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Won't happen

by NickNielsen In reply to Biden

All of these tend to tell the truth, which will kill a candidacy in the primaries.

Edit: spelling

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to The 2008 Presidency Race

Don't really care who wins - they are all as bad as each other.

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GWB disproves that

by DelbertPGH In reply to Yawn...

If nothing else, he proves that some can be much, much worse.

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Former New Yorker would vote for Giuliani

by fungus-among-us In reply to GWB disproves that

"It makes it look like Rudi Giuliani doesn't have the kind of smarts it takes for the national stage."

Ummm... that statement is better applied to our incumbant president.

As a former New Yorker who lived in NYC and surrounding suburbs, I REMEMBER Giuliani as the State AG, and then as Mayor. I'd vote for him if he were the the Republican's choice for damned sure. I persoanlly saw the affect and effect on the city of New York, while his policies were being employed/enforced.

But will the rest of the nation look past the "pizan" factor?

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Funny site for Rudy Giuliani

by okproductions In reply to Former New Yorker would v ...

Vote for Rudy Great guy professionally and personally

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So, Protius, divulge, or get off the pot

by DelbertPGH In reply to The 2008 Presidency Race

Doesn't look like you're getting any more responses. Want to finish the thought that you began with... whom would you support?

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