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The behavior of Microsoft is right?

By bighair1204 ·
First of all, I need to say one point about this post. I don't want to set up any flame. I just want to know something, no matter from professional technolgy view, or from ethic view. Here we go.

The day before yesterday, I saw a TV program, on a English channel, which talks about the 'blank screen' plan adopted by Microsoft recently. I had not completely understanded what they say, but one thing I heard is about the privacy, of which I am interested in.

Of course, we are not right to use the pirate version, but the software is too expensive for a lot of people in China. And in addition, can Microsoft use this way to control personal computer or to know your privacy? Is this kind of behavior too much? What do you guys think?

Because the limitation of my poor expression, here are some links could help you to understand. :),0,3703471.story,2845,2333057,00.asp

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but 100RMB is a reasonable price for most Chinese.

by bighair1204 In reply to Possibly

i know maximizing profit is ultimately aim for a company, but you must think about the realistic situation. Even in Beijing, most people's salary is from 2000RMB to 3000RMB, do you think they will buy something which costs half of their salary?

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100RMB may be reasonable

by .Martin. In reply to but 100RMB is a reasonabl ...

but a price drop will probably never happen. little suggestion: why not try Linux? It's free!

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i don't know

by bighair1204 In reply to 100RMB may be reasonable

for both of them.
i don't know the cost of producing a software, but the current price is tooooooooooooooooooooooo expensive!

I am basically a technology idiot, I heard of Linux, but it seems that I and my friends surrounding me don't use it. We are more accustomed to use XP. I think that could be an answer why the Microsoft can price at a high level.

Hope someday there is someone can beat Microsoft!

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Something tells me

by santeewelding In reply to i don't know

You just opened yourself up to a whole lot of something by saying that on this site.

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producing software

by .Martin. In reply to i don't know

staff (just to name a few):
programmers (7 million lines of code)
designers (windows look)

cost of producing the software (i.e., burning discs)
cost of designing box (very expensive)
cost of making packaging
cost of shipping

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I agree with santeewelding

by .Martin. In reply to i don't know

someone is probably going to rip a hole in your head... not me though

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by bighair1204 In reply to i don't know

One thing can explain all of your confusions:

my reading capability is better than writing, especially when I read thousands of times of your posts. haha

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to i don't know

Try substituting noob for idiot. I don't find you to be an idiot.

In the meantime, if you have an older, spare PC amongst you and your friends, why not experiment with Linux? Unbuntu comes to mind. I found it amazingly easy to deal with.

I'm no geek, while I manage Windows and various software packages well, Windows has been my PC world. But I'm finding Linux well worth the time to 'play' in. Before too long, I expect to be free of Windows, with the exception that I use it at and for work.
(I freaking teach it, it's looking like. )

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by santeewelding In reply to i don't know

Look up, "proselytize", and, "Penguin", with a capital "P".

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by bighair1204 In reply to i don't know

i will try, but i think Lunix is not a very common system in China. and thank you. noob, i like this word. :)

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