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The Benefits of Outsourcing

By 24.maverick ·
There's a lot of negative talk about why big companies from all over America outsource their
back office business processes like payroll, accounting, and customer and sales handling. The bottom line is outsourcing saves money. It's an era where most companies are entering a new phase in terms of cost reduction and operational efficiency. While outsourcing may entail the transfer of jobs to an off-shore location, the act of doing so makes better business sense. Cutting costs allow companies to survive while providing jobs to people in underdeveloped countries.

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aww I beat ya to it earlier. ]:)

by Jaqui In reply to Report as Spam

another thread where day of post was day of joining, but the id10t posted a link to an executable.

oddly enough, it disappeared within 10 minutes of my clicking report as spam.. at 5 am PDT.
[ TR has people working monitoring stuff like that at 5 am PDT? wow. ]

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the Benefits of Outsourcing

by The Scummy One In reply to The Benefits of Outsourci ...

so you ran across 1 article and think you are an expert in the field, huh?
oh, wait. I see why you agree more, you are in a country that is being outsourced too, not from.
So smarty, what happens as your economy rises? Umm, how bout outsourcing to other places, then your economy crashes again.

Dont get me wrong, outsourcing has its uses, but too many companies are relying too much on it and big changes are happening due to this. These changes are happening too fast due to the over-outsourcing that companies are doing. Whenever big changes happen quickly, there are a myriad of problems to follow that take years to correct.

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Outsourcing benefits

by pweegar In reply to the Benefits of Outsourci ...

About the only benefit I see to outsoursing is that upper management makes more money. Their salaries go up, their bonuses get larger. Makes me want to puke.

The downside is AMERICAN workers are then forced to find a new job, maybe uprooted to a different part of the country. The local economy suffers.

This country needs to fix it's problems HERE first, and not worry about the rest of the world. To bad we don't have a fix for GREED.

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I dont disagree

by The Scummy One In reply to Outsourcing benefits

what I meant was outsourcing is a good thing in moderation, but companies have taken it to an extreme. The usage of outsourcing has increased so rapidly, that it is causing problems both here and abroad.
I know of several companies working so hard to keep on top of cheapest labor, that they have setup call centers in 1 country, and then less than 2 years later moved it to another, and now I know 1 that is looking to move it again to save a few $$$. But in this process, the help system has suffered massively, and an average response (to get someone) is 1 hour, and you spend an hour trying to get a basic item resolved (that took just a few minutes a few years ago).

outsourcing just to outsource is a very bad idea. outsourcing just to save some $$$ is a very bad idea. Outsourcing to fill a need or to add benefit to a company is a good idea.

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The Benefit is Temporary

by soulmistress In reply to The Benefits of Outsourci ...

I worked in an outsoruced company, it wasn't my choice but it seem to be the only option I had when I graduated from college. 6 years after I'm still here and I'm trying to move my career out of it. Sure I got a higher salary compared to a regular day job, but is it stable?..NO!!! Because one day I will need to have a normal life and not always work on a graveyard shift, I'll need a real career that can sustain me and give me retirement benefits..and guess what, with the lifestyle that the call center industry had created in my country, a lot of people will definitely die at a young age..for sure the government had not used our increasing taxes to plan for a better health and insurance benefit for us in the future.

Besides, dealing with frustarted customers are more frustrating on our part...because we know exactly what they are frustrated about. It's so ironic that we want to solve the problems of other people whom we don't know and has totally different values than what we have, we end up makin it worst for them and making it worst for ourselves. 10 years from now, we wont have any professionals in this country because most of them worked ina call center and never got to practice their Degree..a few left and worked in another country because there wasn't any room for other careers here except for the outsourcing industry. Oh yes, the pain is experienced on both ends!..

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