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The best OS ever without a doubt

By NZ_Justice ·
Nobody would use a PC if Microsoft hadn't invented windows. How can it not be the greatest OS ever. sure bugs, but those bugs get fixed. sure frustration but what isn't frustrating in IT. Linux you can be learning that for life, then die and still have accomplished nothing. Mac, it's not windows, there functionality is sub standard because they don't want to be sued by MS. A lot of the web would be missing if there was no windows. Just about every application out there that is worth using is made for windows. There is no good alternative. Linux gurus are now working for microsoft. Open source has no direction every step forward is a step backward. Windows OS is the wheel, we use to drive our pc's. Only the US MOD does anything good with other technology, and no average user currently has access to that ****. sure Microsoft are a big evil bloodsucking entity but so is coca cola and I love coke (the drink). So yep Windows is the best OS ever, nothing will ever beat it.

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by yinbig In reply to You poor misguided soul.. ...

Windows heralded in the 3D games generation on home computers. The games industry now being one of the largest in the world.

You don't get many games for Linix or Mac. So a general PC / OS buyer who wants downtime options would go for the MS offering.

Don't think I would be using XP (at home) otherwise....

Ok you can buy consoles - but they are in on that now as well....

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by A.C In reply to Games?

Windows had nothing to do with the introduction of 3D games (in fact it got in the way more than anything) and the reason most games are written to run on PCs is down to simple numbers... more hardware = more potential sales.
The 3D games explosion is down to the fact that hardware can now do the maths involved and blit the required images... and other than MS pushing new tech in DirectX for vertex and pixel shading etc.. is still nothing to do with windows.
If (and this is a big if) more developers used something like sdl to develop games (open and cross platform) then there would be more games available (hardware permitting of course) on other platforms. Loki did a brave job of porting several games to Linux.. but with so many games moving from using OpenGL to DirectX it made it considerably more difficult to do (many earlier PC games using the quake engine, for example, and using OpenGL could be realtively simply ported).. add to that lack of support for OpenGL hardware on Linux and you have a large problem (I could also mention that X is a client server windowing system so to get decent performance you need to bypass X and talk directly to the hardware via an abstracted layer.... that OpenGL now lags behind some of the DirectX technologies because everything has to be agreed by committee.. blah blah!)
Earliest 3D game I played... Driller.. on an Amstrad CPC.. using Incentives Freescape(TM) system in the late 80s

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Yeah Windows drives the games industry

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Games?

by making so many obsolete as they will not run on their latest version of Windows. i have dozens of games that I like but only the last 5 I have bought can be used as they are Win XP compatible and the games for the earlier M$ Windows versions will not run properly in XP regardless of how I try to tweak the compatibility mode.

Funnily I can load almost any recent version of Linux, instal Cedega and they all run perfectly. According to Bill Gates what i am seeing is some sort of illusion. Illusion or not they play great, even the latest games play better in Cedega than on XP.

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by noyoki In reply to Games?

Lol, posted this before I read the above reply by DE. Oh well. Here's the site none-the-less. :)

BTW, DE, what distro do you use?

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3D games?

by Vulpinemac In reply to Games?

Actually, Grant, you err in your statement about heralding 3D
games. One of the first 3D games available on the home
computing market was "Arctic Fox" for the Apple ][ desktop
computer before Windows was even a dream.

I won't deny that the Windows platform still supports the
majority of desktop games, but I will also say that each new
version of Windows tended to orphan whatever games the user
already owned either until updates were made available, or, in
most cases, a new version was released, forcing you to purchase
the replacement.

Granted, this is true for most platforms, but at least one game
console and at least one computer OS have at least attempted to
maintain some form of backwards compatiblity to their
predecessors. Whether that continues or not is to be seen, but
until then, I will stick with what I use. Yes, I use Windows... for
gaming; because the games I want aren't, yet, ported to the Mac.
But then, I don't necessarily play the same games you do.

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Port to mac!

by noyoki In reply to Games?

Oi! Cedega will port games to both Linux AND Mac. Lol. I've not tested the Mac version, but I know of at least 2 people here that use Cedega to port games to Linux. They are also working on porting games to the PS2 and Xbox.

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Linux versions I use

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Games?

Currently I have Fedora Core 4 and Mandrake 10 on different machines and am waiting to get a hold of Mandrake Core 5 as neither of the above work well on my new 64 bit system, mind you the 64 bit windows does not work well on it either. When I get FC 5 I will probably put it on them all.

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Re: versions

by noyoki In reply to Games?

Hmm.. I'm not married to kUbuntu yet, but I found it funny that it's touted as a newbie distro... Obviously those guys never tried to install anything to watch DVDs!! Holy kittens! Broken dependancies, Ubuntu not offering the dependancies.... In a way, I don't really want an OS that "just works", but come on! LOL. (I'll be documenting Linux woes here: as well as anything else (read: Novell)... If anyone has encountered an issue that has come up on there, please drop a comment!)

I still haven't gotten sound to work, but that's an issue for this weekend. (onboard sound... (I know, it was an x-mas present, I don't buy mobo's with onboard ANYthing!))

It's also a 64-bit system... I'll probably wind up dualbooting distros. I can look up when FC 5 is due to come out... but how are they with actually making the due date?

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No really correct about gaming

by jmgarvin In reply to Games?

Actually the Amiga brought us the first 3d games (Elite and Core something or other).

Also, it is a myth that Mac and Linux don't have games. Mac has games ported to it and Linux either has a port so that the game will run native, or you can use Cedega (

I play WoW just fine on my Fedora Core 4 box at home...and I have a Gentoo box that sometimes I fire up Tux racer or NWN on.

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by jmgarvin In reply to Games?

You need xine and libdvd_css. Try:

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