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The best OS ever without a doubt

By NZ_Justice ·
Nobody would use a PC if Microsoft hadn't invented windows. How can it not be the greatest OS ever. sure bugs, but those bugs get fixed. sure frustration but what isn't frustrating in IT. Linux you can be learning that for life, then die and still have accomplished nothing. Mac, it's not windows, there functionality is sub standard because they don't want to be sued by MS. A lot of the web would be missing if there was no windows. Just about every application out there that is worth using is made for windows. There is no good alternative. Linux gurus are now working for microsoft. Open source has no direction every step forward is a step backward. Windows OS is the wheel, we use to drive our pc's. Only the US MOD does anything good with other technology, and no average user currently has access to that ****. sure Microsoft are a big evil bloodsucking entity but so is coca cola and I love coke (the drink). So yep Windows is the best OS ever, nothing will ever beat it.

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by noyoki In reply to Games?

Yeah, eventually I got the DVD to play last night... Not sure how to actually install drivers for sound tho... that's a project for tonight...

Also, I had bought a MadDog Dominator (i think) FX5500 (based off ATI) - said dual monitor & Linux supported. (It also touted LCD monitor support... *scratches head over that one*) However, no Linux drivers on the CD, and there's only 1 physical monitor port on the card. I know in XP, theres something with a setting (never actually tried this though) where it looks like you can run 2 monitors with 1 vid card having 1 port... However I don't see that in Linux... Any ideas?

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by jmgarvin In reply to Games?

Are you using ALSA or OSS? That makes a difference.

Have you checked to make sure that your distro doesn't auto mute on install? This seems to be a problem with some distros (Fedora comes to mind).

Other than that, you might need to install ALSA or OSS (depending on a few things)

apt-get alsa should get you working.

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This Just Proves my point.

by tom.x.spencer In reply to Games?

Microsoft listens and the other OS's could care less. If more of the other OS makers would pay attention on to what people want. GAMES in this particualar topic. Microsoft would not be a giant. But, they are because they listen and make what consumers want. The rest of them MAC nad Linux are too busy to trying to conquest the business world when they should be focusing on little Johnny and Susie eating twinkies and playing DOOM......This is why Microsoft will always Win.......If the competitors would take the time to focus on who uses a PC and for what reasons and then attack those realms in the order of importance....starting at the home front not the business then some day we might have more offerings. But, all this bitching and moaning from most of you in here is not going to change a dang thing unless Red Hat, Novel, Mandrake, APPLE, and others figure this out....Just be glad we are not back in the day with paper and pencil.....

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and I thank you

by giannidalessismo In reply to You poor misguided soul.. ...

that's the alpha and the omega of this discussion. I am outta here.

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Windows is just a STEP

by pmwpaul In reply to You poor misguided soul.. ...

in the progression of OS's. From CP/M to DOS to Windows to ???

As soon as somebody comes up with a better solution that's "friendly" to the masses of users AND programmers, everybody will shift. Until then, many people will complain, moan, groan and try to push something, anything on us for various reasons.

If IBM would open-source OS/2 and give it away like Linux, that would be an improvement. If SUN would modify their OS to run efficiently on PCs that would rock! But SUN makes their money selling their hardware at high prices. They can't do that and stay in business using their current business model. If they modified their business model to be a software only product, they could own the OS business in 10 years. But lose money the first five. They can't do it.

So, until another better option becomes available, we're stuck with windows.


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In the Long Run It won't matter

by jerome.koch In reply to You poor misguided soul.. ...

Yes, MS was found guilty of unfair biz practices by Justice Jackson, but the litigation was so long, so convuluted, and so many of the complaints were thrown out, that in the end MS was allowed to remain intact. There was no AT&T solution (no baby Gates).

In the long run, the desktop will become less and less important. MSs profits on its cash cow (Windows Desktop Lic) will continue to decline. As more and more consumer apps are ported in internet appliances like the iPod, Play Station, Xbox, smart phones, etc... consumers will less and less reason to fire up thier Dells,IBMs, and HPs.

Most of the future growth in the electronics world will come from the consumer side. The biz world will come later, but already devices like hand held data collection terminals are finding a bigger and bigger market.

Fiveteen years from now, everyone will wonder what the big fuss was about. Competitors like Red Hat and Suse should take note. If they put all of thier eggs into a shrinking market (the Desktop OS Market), they will go the way of Digital, Wang, Wordstar, and Zenith.

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by smurgymac In reply to You poor misguided soul.. ...

thank god! someone actually speaking some common sense.

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Help, can't get along with CIO

by actixkid In reply to

well, I hate to admit it, But I have had sucess just inviting them kinda' micro-manager types out IN THE STREET, for a little Attitude adjustment session. the problem; although it works, I'm Not...think about it , is the pressure worth the $$$, well, sirs, that is for you to decide.

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Microsoft suceeded....

by ngokul25 In reply to You poor misguided soul.. ...

You are right.Windows cannot be the best OS ever. The success of Windows lies in the hands of Bill Gates who introduced Windows and started bundling software and created a monopoly of sorts. No body could stop him.

At the right time he licensed it to every tom **** and harry companies and that started the Windows Mania among customers.

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GEMS was a hot system

by maldain In reply to fair enough

I did love GEMS it was the window's manager on the old 16 bit Atari systems running on top of TOS. I loved being able to tack together multiple systems. Or just being able to draw a circle without resorting to turtle graphics.

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