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The best OS ever without a doubt

By NZ_Justice ·
Nobody would use a PC if Microsoft hadn't invented windows. How can it not be the greatest OS ever. sure bugs, but those bugs get fixed. sure frustration but what isn't frustrating in IT. Linux you can be learning that for life, then die and still have accomplished nothing. Mac, it's not windows, there functionality is sub standard because they don't want to be sued by MS. A lot of the web would be missing if there was no windows. Just about every application out there that is worth using is made for windows. There is no good alternative. Linux gurus are now working for microsoft. Open source has no direction every step forward is a step backward. Windows OS is the wheel, we use to drive our pc's. Only the US MOD does anything good with other technology, and no average user currently has access to that ****. sure Microsoft are a big evil bloodsucking entity but so is coca cola and I love coke (the drink). So yep Windows is the best OS ever, nothing will ever beat it.

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You are right about one thing

by keydesignz In reply to fair enough

You are correct about one thing, there are many good alternatives to Microsoft. It is just a pity that these companies don't have the capital to push their marketing through. Therefore Linux & Apple will always be a niche player. Don't mistake quality and innovation for cheap crap that has populated the marketplace on every clone PC. You must have an effigy of Bill around your house. You truly are a Windows fanboy. Do you bow down and pray to Bill waiting anxiously for the day he delivers Vista? Which is still going to be a pile of crap like every other version of windows. You are correct on the fact that Microsoft 'steals' everything, packages it up with their own brand label and sells it on the marketplace to make a squillion. Who cares what Microsoft sells? Bill could crap in a bag and people would buy it and think it is wonderful.

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Bill could crap in a bag and people would buy it

by Wayne T In reply to You are right about one t ...

I *thought* that was where Windows came from !!!


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One more thing...

by keydesignz In reply to fair enough

Reading your excuse for a post makes me sick, spell check your sentences you moron.

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where have you been?

by rustyhorn In reply to fair enough

IE7 has been out for like a year now and it does have tabs, which are one-click accessible, making it far superior to Firefox. Firefox also updates itself like every two weeks and that, my friend, is a bit of a pain in the butt. It's not germaine to this thread, but so does Adobe Flash. They should all be killed. Because their software completely stops working every few days, making it impossible to watch youtube.

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by Hebel In reply to The answer to that one is ...

Why is that when I see the Apple and that little leftover half bitten apple is when I'm watching a movie....
Apple is still doing the same mistake she is been doing for the last 25 years, over pricing their product and if you manage to afford one you don;t know what to do with it since 90 percent of the software/hardware out there run on windows.
Sure I hate Windows and it's father, Father Bill but I get what I want form it and say I "I hate you" before I turn the darn thing off.
Father Bill is my dope dealer I'm hooked on his products and I don't want see him go away.

There I said it.

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Oh For Crying Out Loud

by wlbowers In reply to

What ever your smoking, ya better keep right on with it.

Any software package worth its salt is avaible for the Mac. And I
am not talking about the millions of cheezy games that have
been running around since the dark ages.

Anything that is productive is avaible for the Mac. If you want to
do serious graphics, sound and video you will see it on a Mac.
Sheez you even see windows XP running in a window on the

So go get yourself another Bud, Start up your flying tosters and
live in your little dream world.

All of my productivity is done on a Mac G4 with 2 gig of ram.
The Athlon sits over there waiting for a customer to call me with
a million questions and I use it to verify the settings and
windows as I talk him through his problems.

My Mac customers call me every now and then to order


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Maybe you are on drugs

by keydesignz In reply to

I can't name a single piece of crappy software that runs on windows that I can't get for Mac. Even a lot of software which isn't made for windows at all. A lot of software I can name is made superior for Mac. Tell me what software you are using which you think I can't get for mac is superior or otherwise. Go on have a think about it, I know it is hard for you. Flying off useless comments when you don't know jack ****, is not doing anyone any good.

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You sir are an idiot

by keydesignz In reply to

What a biased statement. If you actually used a Mac, which I
doubt you ever have, you would know there are thousands of
titles for the Mac in terms of software and for total cost of
ownership, Mac's are cheaper in the short term.

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by JCitizen In reply to The answer to that one is ...

Oh and I also always liked Ducatis! Trouble is I made the mistake of investing in a Harley and now I will never be able to afford a real bike!

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what points have you presented?

by giannidalessismo In reply to All your points are valid

your arguments is based on a sales model: more people
theoretically voted for GW Bush in ought four, so he MUST BE THE
GREATEST US PRESIDENT EVER. This is 100% analogous to your
What straight facts? have you ever even audited a course in basic

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