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The biggest threat to individual freedom

By maxwell edison ·
In another thread I suggested that the biggest threat to individual freedom in the United States is the U.S. tax code and the myriad of U.S. social programs. After thinking about it for a few minutes, I sadly realized how true that really is. And what's really sad about it is twofold. One is that people, as a whole, don't realize it. And the second is that people are asking for (voting for) more of it.

The camel is indeed in bed with us. Or we are only but frogs in a pot of cold......make that warm water. (Ask and I'll explain - unless someone knows, and wants to reveal the meaning.)

More to come.......

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Freshman Argument

by Bucky Kaufman (MCSD) In reply to Flat taxes .....

I am amazed that so many people can't see how easy it would be to introduce a flat tax rate without disadvantaging anyone.
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Freshman argument again. Of all the things passing a flat tax would be - easy ain't even on the list.

The first thing that would happen is that churches and non-profits would want an exemption. How do you tax an entity that does not report a profit, or measures it in souls?

Then there's the question - should a 1000-person corporation be taxed the same as each of the thousand individuals? Should they be double-taxed - once when the corp pays theirs, and again when they get their paychecks?

What about people who are on welfare, or get a government paycheck - are they tax payers, tax recipients or some complex combination. Should tax recipients be taxed. If so, where does the money go - to themselves? Do they have to report it as income - and pay taxes on it?

This all goes back to Macro vs. Micro economics. An event that has one impact on the macro level, often has an opposite impact on the micro level. While a flat-tax is totally fair on the national level, it creates a plethora of individual injustices. Only a very few individuals would be taxed fairly - just like in the system we have today.

The only truly fair tax, macro and micro, is one that pays the bills - all of them. Want a $1/4Trillion war? Fine, but you gotta pay for it? Want clean water and schools? Fine, but you gotta pay for it.

That's one of the things that's so revolting about Bush Republicans - they want a free ride. They're not willing to pay their fair share.

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Thanks Bucky

by jardinier In reply to Flat taxes .....

for pointing out the potential pitfalls in a flat-tax system.

It is just another instance of what I have learned during my life -- I can hold onto an idea for years, or decades, and believe it to be true until someone challenges it.

I am always willing to learn. Thank you.

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Not that hard...

by dwdino In reply to Thanks Bucky

Already been done in Russia, and is working well for them.

All earned income from employer to employee is taxed at x percent.

All non-profit remains non-profit.

All wellfare receipients are classified as non-profits (but should be taxed, messed up system anyway).

Corporations are taxed based on gross revenue, 0 to a million. Self, corp., partner, etc. I.E. 7 percent is 7 percent.

What a flat tax really hurts is spending. Since are persons are now equally responsible, then the government must be much more fiscally responsible. The government can no longer modify the tax code and say "middle class give me more", or "lower class, here is a handout". Make a change and it goes for all.

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