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by gary In reply to The Bit Bucket

<div xmlns="">Today is one year on from the July 7th terrorist attack in London.<br />
<br />I was in a meeting in London when the terrorists hit and I remember the incident very clearly. At first a lot of people thought it was a power problem on the tube network but it very quickly became obvious that something serious and utterly unexpected had occurred.<br />
<br />What amazed me about the whole incident was how the people I worked with just took the incident in their stride. The police and emergency services responded amazing quickly yet also retained their composure and were helpful in directing people to stations that were open in order to get home. I will also remember that my local overhead rail line ran a service that evening. Despite the thought that there could be additional bombs they STILL ran a service in order to help people to get home.<br />
<br />The legacy of that days lives on in the various trusts and charities that have been setup by the relatives of the people that were killed that day.<br />
<br />We should always remember that there were many victims that day. The families of those that were killed, the people that saw and had to deal with the aftermath, those that were just going about their daily business and had their lives forever changed and of course, those that have been caught up in the aftermath and been unfairly searched, detained or even accused of terrorism related activities and been innocent.<br />
<br />I firmly believe that this countries government needs to do more to stop the seemingly endless amounts of hatred from people who LIVE here. I don't know any country that would put up with such a venomous outpouring and TOLERATE it and then allow these self same people to CLAIM benefits from the state!!<br />We seem to have lost our way on this all in the name of free speech and human rights and this has too stop. Religious freedoms have nothing to do with outright hatred for the country you live in.<br />
<br />Let's not see a repeat of that terrible day one year ago today.</div><p><div class="blogdisclaim"><a href="">This post originally appeared on an external website</a></div>

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Blog update

by gary In reply to The Bit Bucket for my blog.<br /><br />For some reason TR is not importing mine from the atom.xml file even though the site can see it.<br /><br />I've posted a question and we shall see if they fix it.<br /><br />

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