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The CEO's Wife Is Killing Us!

By decalant ·
When the CEO's wife decided she wanted a Blackberry wireless email device about a year ago, our entire IT department (four of us - a group of contractors hired to replace a poor previous IT group) deliberated for days over how to handle the situation.

The old IT folks had allowed her to keep corporate equipment at home and had supported her. We were worried about the implications of this - she is not a corporate employee and the setup would be out of our control - BUT, she is the CEO's wife. In the end she got a brand-new computer and a Blackberry.

At first things went well, but the environment in which she worked became unstable after awhile. She was using a product for the Blackberry that was initially intended for demo purposes: the Desktop Redirector. We needed to make a change to the Blackberry setup.

Later, she wanted MS Office. Our helpdesk agent installed it at the corporate office from a network share. This caused problems down the road and an onsite visit hadto be scheduled to reinstall using the CDs so that the installation could be modified later.

Through all of these relatively minor issues she has steadily voiced what we all perceive to be unreasonable expectations regarding the performance of her equipment. She has repeatedly jabbed the support staff who try to assist her. She reports how "incompetent" we are because we cannot prevent a 5MB attachment from violating her ISP-imposed mail quota.

Consider some of her most common statements:
"I don't care."
"I do not want to call and talk to any technical person. I should not have to."
"You are being paid to make these computers work."

This situation is critical. We are in danger of losing our jobs and my boss who has been working in the IT industry for 19 years has never been placed in a situation like this before. We are at a loss. Can anyone please provide guidance?

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by vltiii In reply to Readability

I'm glad I'm not the only one to notice. I couldn't finish reading the post.

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I thought for a sec that I forgot how to read....

by Yamio In reply to Readability

It looks like that person spends a LOT of time instant messenging. I agree that is not appropiate in a forum, even if we are techies. We all decipher enough at work during the day just talking to our users. If I received an email like that at work I'd have to go to that user's desk and ask point blank, "Now what was it you were saying?"

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by CirodeJah In reply to Readability

THat person is going to write a manual?
Sorry, just not right.

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I thought it was just me.

by BuzzWizard In reply to Readability

Thanks for saying that so I didn't have to.

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I agree

by wmorgan In reply to Readability

I definately agree. I was beginning to think i was stupid. It made my eyes

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by supportoranges In reply to P.S. to my last BTDT2

I find these posts very comforting esp. after a hard day yesterday. Maintaining ancient h/w s/w, unreasonable cust. educations (i.e., I've paid you $, now I own you).

And yes, some customers are unwilling to accept workarounds, don't accept limits, etc. I hope I develop a thicker skin fast!

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Can't/might be done = DO IT YESTERDAY!

by scsAdmin In reply to P.S. to my last BTDT2

Yes, I have an unfortunate tendency (because of my interest in all things IT) of musing out loud how some things can be fixed/done when users come to me with a problem. This is a very bad habit as I am almost always thinking theoretically and have no intension of trying to do something that difficult, which can then be hard to explain to the user/s.

Luckily I haven't had to deal with such a difficult situation yet, most of the people I deal with are pretty good and don't give me a hard time when I say it cant be done. I just end up performing IT support for the entire company and their home computers (not just the bosses wife). Do I hear another call on how to use Nero or perhaps they have 'lost' power point again *sigh*.

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New approach... :-) worse results

by 2gigob In reply to I echo BTDT excellent res ...

I had the same thing happening to me, going to the CEO's house and putting together his wife's equipment and setting her up...

I ended up dating their daughter.

If you think getting involved w/ the wife for PC support is a bad idea... this one beats it by a mile!!! :-) Good luck.

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Don't complain

by MaxPower1111 In reply to New approach... :-) worse ...

You're going to the CEO's house and "putting together his wife's equipment"
And you're dating his daughter?

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Ah, Our War Stories

by dmalcolm In reply to New approach... :-) worse ...

I had to send a tech to the CEO's home to find out why his wife was having difficulty playing her software training CDs. Turns out she was trying to shove them in the gap between a dual diskette set up. Solution, we ordered a CD drive for her computer...and this was in a piblically held Fortune 500 firm. Nightmare!

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