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The CEO's Wife Is Killing Us!

By decalant ·
When the CEO's wife decided she wanted a Blackberry wireless email device about a year ago, our entire IT department (four of us - a group of contractors hired to replace a poor previous IT group) deliberated for days over how to handle the situation.

The old IT folks had allowed her to keep corporate equipment at home and had supported her. We were worried about the implications of this - she is not a corporate employee and the setup would be out of our control - BUT, she is the CEO's wife. In the end she got a brand-new computer and a Blackberry.

At first things went well, but the environment in which she worked became unstable after awhile. She was using a product for the Blackberry that was initially intended for demo purposes: the Desktop Redirector. We needed to make a change to the Blackberry setup.

Later, she wanted MS Office. Our helpdesk agent installed it at the corporate office from a network share. This caused problems down the road and an onsite visit hadto be scheduled to reinstall using the CDs so that the installation could be modified later.

Through all of these relatively minor issues she has steadily voiced what we all perceive to be unreasonable expectations regarding the performance of her equipment. She has repeatedly jabbed the support staff who try to assist her. She reports how "incompetent" we are because we cannot prevent a 5MB attachment from violating her ISP-imposed mail quota.

Consider some of her most common statements:
"I don't care."
"I do not want to call and talk to any technical person. I should not have to."
"You are being paid to make these computers work."

This situation is critical. We are in danger of losing our jobs and my boss who has been working in the IT industry for 19 years has never been placed in a situation like this before. We are at a loss. Can anyone please provide guidance?

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Isn't that sorta like....... hazard pay?

by AnswerMan In reply to New approach... :-) worse ...

Or perhaps it's "the screwin' ya get for the screwin' ya got"..... Or look at it this way, you were doing to his daughter, what his wife was trying to do to your career... but that is a mean tightrope to walk there.... good luck!! Oh and buy an iron athletic supporter, to protect Big Jim & the Twins, when they all start looking for "free range" techies to kill off......

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by MinJB In reply to I echo BTDT excellent res ...
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What you express is important

by pksign In reply to Sorry for all the typos

Thanks for showing us how to overcome small errors, which we all commit while (In excitement) expressing ourselves. BUT above all we understand what are you saying and that is important.
When a CEO allows his wife to be his boss we generally do not agree to this and do not treat her that way. This is conflicting point. Getting no importance from sub-ordinate staff hurts her ego. Generally, what CEO?s wives look at this time is importance, ego feeding from juniors and some times xxxxjob also. IT is expanding fast and add a new stream to it. ? SPicy!!!

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Typos I can live with

by NickNielsen In reply to Sorry for all the typos

It's stream-of-consciousness writing that bugs me...

You know the kind: First we did this and then we did that and then oh-by-the-way-I-don't-know-how-we-did-this-but-we-did-it and finally we got the job done.

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Amen Brother!

by foulere In reply to Typos I can live with

Some of these posts make me want to beat my head against the pointed corner of my desk!

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by tech5 In reply to Sorry for all the typos

send the youngest cutest male tech and tell him to go take one for the team

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by won0047 In reply to Sorry for all the typos
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The Bosses Wife.....ugh....

by Geeen In reply to The Bosses wife.

Yep - been there too.... I went into a situation like that - I had to state my opinion very openly and loudly that I would fix the machine. But I also told them of things to stay away from - giving them sites to look at to understand about How to use their computers in the instance that it is a company machine and we cannot be held responsible when things aren't working up to par. We did install GoToMyPC on that system (it was being used somewhat so we created her machine on the account). And that helped out tremendously. Yes of course you can use any other product or even the Remote Desktop - but just worked out easier this way with accounts already in place. But then when she had a problem, I gave her my phone number, told her that when she had a problem, contact me and we went from there. Eventually, she realized alot of the mistakes that she was making herself and started to become much more self sufficient.... But maybe that wouldn't work for you guys - I don't know... I would try to assign one person to have to deal with her directly though and make things work out - Save the Team as a whole.....

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the bosses wife

by rcalvo In reply to The Bosses wife.

The first thing that yuo have to do as a network team is get a meeting started and point out the issues with the CEO wife. First you get paid for what you know and they need to respect that. People need to understand that work is work and favors are favors, if my bosses wife calls for the sme thing I will reocmend to hire someone else, if the CEO tells me to do it, then you have to discuss what are your job descriptions. If things get worse then you tell them off and get another job

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Make her a budget item.

by tstaight In reply to BTDT

Simply treat her as another line item in the corporate budget. If the CEO wants to apply the resources than all is well.

Second make sure to dedicate your best PR person to her. If the CEO is willing to expense his family as overhead and approve that support, I would not question it again.

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