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The coming liberal thugocracy

By maxwell edison ·
If nothing in the piece is incorrect..... can the conclusion be incorrect?

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The slippery slope

by JamesRL In reply to It is like gladiators.... ...

I don't care to even do a cronology of who said what when. But I think it is to an extent a self feeding thing, one attack leads to another, scaling up as it snowballs.

Both of them had the opportunity to say, "No more." Neither of them did.


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McCain tried the other day

by jdclyde In reply to The slippery slope

but it didn't get him far.

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"That guy"

by JamesRL In reply to McCain tried the other da ...

...seems like a lack of civility to me.
Obama consistently said "Senator McCain" at least.


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Politics of civility

by maxwell edison In reply to The slippery slope

Never has been, isn't now, and it never will be. To think it will change is naive. Moreover, to think it's worse than it's been in the past is just not accurate. The negative attacks on the opponent pales in comparison to the early days.

In McCain's case, he's actually being mild compared to how he could (accurately) be painting Obama. Personally speaking, I think McCain ought to totally unleash on the guy. He's a fraud, and he needs to be exposed as one. Can you spell ACORN and voter fraud? Obama is knee-deep in it.

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Civil versus muddy

by JamesRL In reply to Politics of civility

I'm not under the illusion that politics ever has been totally clean, but in the older days, the leader left the task of charecter assasination to the VP or other channels and tried to remain apart from it.

I have no problem with Obama going deep on Troopergate or Keating or McCain diving in on ACORN etc. I do have issues with the repeated Hussein references, slanders on Michelle Obama or the Palin daughters, or even McCain's first wife. And there are several prominent Republicans who have had as much contact with Ayers as Obama has.

I have watched US election ads since the 60s, and other than "Daisy" they were not as bad as they are today.

I don't think I am naive, I've spent time in the trenches, and I've seen an erosion of any civility we've had. There used to be gentlemen's agreements - Eisenhower and Kennedy both had famous mistresses than all the press knew about but no one reported on until after their death. Because it was more important to focus on the individuals actions and policies than their personal piccadillos.

The more time we spend wading in the mud, the less time we spend talking about the real issues. And that is the real shame.


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The Politics of Personal Destruction is alive and well

by maxwell edison In reply to Politics of civility

Especially in today's information age, there are more pundits than you can possibly count. To think they can be tamed and held back ...... well, it's just not gonna' happen.

You are apparently complaining about them, and not McCain or Obama. Take the media pundits out of the picture - the ones who are in, what might be called, the political-entertainment industry, and take-out the political party activists, and we probably have what you want.

John McCain, personally, is being SO civil towards Obama, it's almost sickening! He's TOO nice. If you disagree, or if you have evidence to the contrary, please share it with us.

In my opinion, Obama is personally much more negative towards McCain than the other way around.

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Well actually....

by BFilmFan In reply to It is like gladiators.... ...

Despite what Hollywood has led many to believe, most gladiator events were as staged as a modern wrestling event. Very seldom was anyone even seriously injuried.

This is very different from the executions or kill the wild critter events which could be very brutal.

Frankly, both parties are all about putting on a pompous show for the election and then getting back to the real business at hand, which is enriching themselves and whomever they count as their cronies.

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I frankly expected better of Obama.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to It is like gladiators.... ...

And am not surprised to see it in McCain. McCain is as entrenched as any other, and sounds more like a broken record every day.

They may both be spouting general party line garbage, but Obama is better at making that garbage appear relevant, and implying some level of respect for the voters. My bet is that he wins, sorry to say. But I don't like McCain one whit either.

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Both ways

by Pringles86 In reply to I disagree

"There is the racism (very clear) that many people are voting for him because he is black, and nothing else."

It will be both ways though, there will be people voting against him just because he is black. I do agree that there will be more voting for him just because he is black though... Either way, that is pretty sad.

"I see a riot when Obama loses."

I agree, but I think it should be "if Obama loses"...

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When vs If

by jdclyde In reply to Both ways

It is refreshing to see the news stories talking about the racism in the Democratic party for a change, instead of the old drum beat that evil Republicans hate all non-white and want old people to eat dog food.

When you look at the percentage of black voters voting for Obama, that is clear racism. What would be said if 98% of non-blacks all voted for McCain? It would be racist, as at least 40% of that number would otherwise have gone Democrat.

Then, there is still the Hilary factor. Her cult following is a tricky vote to get. Many like the idea of a woman running, but can't get over the idea that if you are not a democrat, you are not a real woman/black.

And of course, there is still the sting for how horribly Hilary was treated by the Media during the primaries. She found out what it was like to be a Republican, B-) as did her "racist/first black President" husband.

People are starting to see through Obama/Biden. If Biden makes many more stupid comments like it is patriotic to pay higher taxes, or his anti-coal talk he did a few weeks ago...... Time is NOT on Obamas side.

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