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The cutest PERSON in the office

By staffordd ·
Tell us about the cutest person in YOUR office (NOT if it's YOU though!!). Go on, you know you want to!

Equal opportunity:

1) What's their name?
2) What do they look like?
3) What's cool about them?
4) Are you in love with them?
5) What makes them so cute / adorable / lovable / beautiful?
6) What would you say to them if you could say anything in the world (keep it clean lads!)?

We all know it happens - number 4) in particular - why not talk about it?

Why do I ask? I'm on a break, and I am curious. Because there aren't any in MY office. So I plan on living vicariously through YOUR answers :-) Imagining what it must be like...

Thank you for your answers. :-)

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