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The devil

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is in the details. I don't think I've ever seen so many questions posted in discussions. And zombies. They're gaining the upper hand.

The way the freakin' page jumps when 'Your discussion may be similar to' pops up is annoying as hell. Hadn't intended to go there, but the page freakin' jumped.

It's patently obvious that TPTB have no clue how we daily users use this place.

For those of us with 'really' bad eyes, this is a glaring monstrosity.

Gods. The world has gone to hell in a handbasket.

Sad. So freaking sad.

(I note the disappearance of the 'Feedback' tag. Goes to show what TPTB think of us.)

There's more, way more. But who the hell cares.
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You are both right about Questions.

by seanferd In reply to Pay sites and help desks

I've even seen it mentioned here and there, far outside this site, as a reason for not coming to TR any more.

Now, far be it from me to kill off the kinds of questions I can answer... ... but there should be separate Q&A sections for stupid user tricks and real IT questions, at the least. One of the factors, though, is the declining intelligence and diligence of your average IT person. When i can point professionals to a solution, I have to wonder what the heck is going on, and why I can't have their jobs. Given the apparent skills of some of these professionals, I could replace six of them, working from home, for less pay.

I've started voting up good IT questions which are properly asked, since I now have that option.

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Give someone a podium and they will talk all day....

by CG IT In reply to You are both right about ...

and that's what some of the questions posted in the Q&A section are... a podium for those who seek an audience....

and I seriously doubt their IT people actually working in IT. If they are, then, again, their on the podium and jerking our chains....

The pay sites keep the spammers away and they also keep those who make up hundreds of alternate IDs so we "the dumb ones" don't catch on that the questions are simply bogus....

But their, Pay Sites, not very good for adding new members or generating hype, clicks, visits that entice advertisers to pay money to advertise....

I don't have any good solutions, and I'm sure the other IT web sites have their fair share of the spammers and podium people....

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I see them at other sites, too.

by seanferd In reply to Give someone a podium and ...

People who can't even configure forwarders in a Windows DNS server have no business running a network. I get this sort of thing constantly.

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Minor quibble.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I see them at other sites ...

Speaking as one who can't configure forwarding in DNS, I suspect I could probably find documentation to do so in about 15 minutes. It's those that fail to research a solution before screaming for help that have no business supporting anything.

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Voting up the good Questions

by Tigger_Two In reply to You are both right about ...

From my perspective, that is the real value of being able to vote on a per post basis.

When I read something I like or that makes good sense to me, I vote it up. When I read crap, I vote it down- and this is true of nearly every post I read. Some aren't worth a mouse click either way.

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I don't see the value of voting.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Voting up the good Questi ...

I flashback to the "President of the Internet" discussion, and the quality of participation that one elicited. Imagine if we'd had voting for that one. The horde of single-issue participants that one attracted would have pushed it's idiotic program to popular heights, but popular and worthwhile aren't always the same thing. People 'vote with their wallets' regularly, but McDonald's still ain't very good.

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I read the FAQs about voting

by AV . In reply to Voting up the good Questi ...

I think the real value in it would be how many reputation points you earn. The only problem is, you don't know how many points you have at any given time and they really didn't explain how reputation points work.

I've seen the voting thing on other sites, but if you're not involved with the site it means little to vote. If you vote it down, the post is collapsed. Whoopee. If you vote it up, you're just sending kudos to the post writer.


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Kudos to the post writer

by Tigger_Two In reply to I read the FAQs about vot ...

Once upon a time, I made a living writing. I would like to think that I could return to it.

Seeing positive feedback to what I posts helps me to understand what others desire to read. It tells me if my tone is acceptable or unacceptable. It tells me if I am actually reaching my intended audience.

To me, there is a value in "kudos to the post writer". I use that information.

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Two elements to that...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to I dunno...after reading a ...

will people be having fun at a paid site?
After all, the OT stuff is "wasting other people's money" - if said others expect to get their moneys worth.
Then, will people have a way to discuss non-professional aspects of life on a paid site? We can learn much from our peers about other things than our profession, too. We all have certain things in common (some more than others perhaps), so why talk only about the narrow slice of us that is purely professional?

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not really advocating pay sites for TR

by CG IT In reply to Two elements to that...

just saying that there are some IT pay sites where many IT Pros use for their sources of information...but that was 3 years ago.....

The biggest problems with an IT site is that IT itself has changed since the days of Windows 2000. IT has become like the medical industry. Disiplines have become specialized, thus the proliferation of forums and sites for those specializations. Can't simply go to one site anymore to get information...

Since TR Q&A is one of the free sites for getting help with computers, there's the proliferation of questions from the users segment, rather than IT Pros exchaning information between themselves.

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