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The Eternal Flame

By deepsand ·
This discussion is dedicated to, and endowed with the spirit of, TI99a and all those of like mind, who seem to enjoy flame wars.

Go to it, boys and girls; this is your space.


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We're also exploring the possiblility of using gluons.

by deepsand In reply to True, Very True

Theoretically, such is possible. The feasability problems are twofold, and of no mean measure.

1) How to produce an energy level sufficient to isolate gluons from all other particles; and,

2) How to then confine them to this thread.

Any thoughts?

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Tell them there are free MP3 downloads in this discussion,

by nighthawk808 In reply to We're also exploring the ...

and then use their IP address to not let them post to any discussion but this one.

Either that or call it "Ten words or less: Windooz rewls becuz... " and then carry on as above.

Or "Free pr0n".
Or "Come to this discussion to read a special love letter just to you."
Or "Free copy of Windows Vista here!"
Or "Help me get my money out of the bank and I'll give you $10 million. Come to this discussion to find out how."
Or... well, you get the point.

P.S. To the RIAA: I named this post what I did just to irritate you. May you all die of horribly painful scrotal cancers. Your female employees, too. Have a nice day.

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I like the idea of promising freebies.

by deepsand In reply to Tell them there are free ...

Free downloads of music, games, videos, movies, porn, software, ad infinitum.

It works pretty well for police stings, so it does merit serious consideration.

As for the tracking mechanism, as many probably have dynamic IPs at home, as well as being roamers, we can't count of IP addresses alone for identification purposes. Nor can we rely on persistent cookies, as they can be easily blocked. And, TR Member accounts are easily obtained, so that method of identification alone won't work either.

It seems that we need to take a multi-pronged approach, including all of the above plus a Trojan, installed in a time-phased manner, such as follows:

1) Real product is made available for downloading;
2) Downloads are restricted to 1 per day;
3) Based on one's download history, certain future downloads are offered in advance, but available to that user on a specified day of the week only;
4) The downloads contain a Trojan;
5) Said Trojan installs tracking data in an OS dependant area unaccessible to all but the most sophisticated users; e.g., in Windows, in the Protected Storage area;
6) Eventually, after a sufficient amount of tracking data is accumulated, so as to indicate that all machines used by that user have most likely been identified, those machines are then perpetually routed to the desired quarantine area on TR.

As noted above, this tracking method would be used in conjuction with persistent cookies, IP addresses and TR Member Account identication.

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by Tig2 In reply to Tell them there are free ...

Painful scrotal cancers? Even the women??? Jeez you're harsh! Understandably harsh, but harsh nonetheless. :)

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Oops, did I type that out loud?

by nighthawk808 In reply to NightHawk

Bad fingers! BAD! X-(

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Well it seems then...

by Tig2 In reply to We're also exploring the ...

We're stuck. I'm having problems opening thread posts. I can't see a way that we will find an energy source capable of isolating gluons. Flamers hot air? I don't know.

Once isolated however, they should be addressable. I think. But they should be. Can't we just send them to the real flamers? None of them have shown up here yet.

Maybe the fact that they have a place of their own to go upsets them.

Good. Maybe we have it figured out already...

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Well, we could of course consider assassins.

by deepsand In reply to Well it seems then...

However, nighthawk's above post did give me a fresh perspective, resulting in a methodolgy that may prove viable, provided that TR's cooperation can be enlisted.

As for problems opening posts, the same's been haapening here all day long. Between 404's and invisible posts, it's been an exceedingly frustrating day.

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by mjd420nova In reply to The Eternal Flame

Where did this reference come from? I've owned a few TI-99's over the years, and find them to be as good a machine as any, does some things well and others so-so..I enjoted the actual physical construction as it lends itself to rather quick and easy modification. The control and data bus structures are straight forward with loads of room to solder in ribbon cables and the like. TI is now going to be the look to manufacturer for display screens once they get the nanotube technology perfected and available in the open market. I'm still waiting for my sample to arrive so I can start playing with it.

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This thread was given impetus by a flame war, ..

by deepsand In reply to TI-99a

that recently erupted at another discussion, centering around a user by the name TI99a.

If you're interested, see

And, yes, the TI-99 was an excellent hacker's (in the original sense of the word) box Somewhere in my basement I have the backbone of one, patiently awaiting restoration.

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FlameWars Visualised

by NZ_Justice In reply to The Eternal Flame

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