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The French

By Oz_Media ·
I don't want to be tagged as pro French NOR do I want to be tagged as anti French.
In my 34 years, I've been to France about 25 or so times, mostly when living in England. I've never met a French person that I didn't like, on the contrary, I've found the French people to be very happy and welcoming.

NOTE: I've met MANY French Canadians who I didn't like, but that's not the topic.

Living on the absolute southernmost island in England, it is only 4 hours to France by ferry.

It is now assumed by SOME, that Brits don't like the French. Why would the British be seen as people who don't like the French?

Is it the same as Americans not liking the French because they wouldn't fight with American's in Iraq?

Secondly, if they didn't WANT to fight alongside of British or American troops, why would they be disliked?

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The enemy of my enemy is my friend

by maxwell edison In reply to history lesson

Or so it is in the case of national alliances, especially in time of war. The enemy of my enemy, in the case of the American Revolutionary war, compelled the French to help the colonists who were fighting France's enemy, the British.

However, what happened well over two hundred years ago has absolutely no bearing on present day policy. Moreover, I believe we paid the French back a thousand fold. Visit the American graves in Normandy, France and tell me that we didn't - my mother's brother's (the uncle I never knew) is one of them.

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by Oz_Media In reply to The enemy of my enemy is ...

I undestand you've lost family in Normandy. Are you aware that many people from MANY different countries have lost family in Normandy?

War is ****, you know that. Your lost uncle's grave is one of many, from many different countries. Or did America, win WWII unaided, I haven't read one of your text books lately.

By the time you guys got to France, the end of the war was pretty much inevitable. Hitler had spread himself too thin and didn't have the support or resources to claim England as his Luftwaffe was being torn apart. I'm not implying that the US disn't help the war's end, but I think it takes an EXREMELY narrow and arrogant or mislead mind to feel that American's won WWII.

It was WORLD WAR II, not everyone else is at war and America is going to end it. Don't flatter yourslef.

As I read this, I think I've got it figured out now. If you have a pitcher that pitches 7 scorelss innings and he is replaced in the top of the 8th, that pitcher may give up 5 hits in the next two innings. He's still considered the winning pitcher though, right?

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There you go again

by maxwell edison In reply to Normandy

Rebutting something that was not there. All I did was address this person's assertion that France helped a fledgling America over 200 years ago, and I replied by illustrating how France has been more than repaid. But of course, you read something into it that was not there and went off on one of your unwarranted and ridiculous tangents.

You must surely be one of those people who dominates conversations, interrupts people in mid sentence, all just to hear yourself talk. In the case of reading, you must read only every third or fourth word, just chomping at the bit to write your rebuttal. If you just s-l-o-w d-o-w-n and really READ what was written, perhaps you might comprehend what was intended, understand a little better, and learn a little more. (But I won't hold my breath.)

And in the case of your baseball question (whatever that has to do with anything), if the second pitcher gave up 5 hits but no runs, the first pitcher would get the win, and the second pitcher would get the save. If the second pitcher gave up runs that resulted in a loss (you just mentioned hits - big difference), the second pitcher would be charged with the loss, and the first pitcher's efforts would go unrecorded in the win-loss record. But his fine efforts would still count as innings pitched when calculating his earned run average.

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Well Exxccuussee Me but...

by JackOfAllTech In reply to history lesson

I was referring to events that occurred in recent history AND continue to this day, not something that happened ONCE a very long time ago.

So they gave us a statue. Big deal!

Yeah, we came late to the conflict because we were trying to mind our own business. You didn't see us trying to convince other countries NOT to help England and France against Germany, did you?

And yes, for the most part, we did win the war on our own.


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You asked, you missed something

by Oz_Media In reply to history lesson

"Learn exceptence of others and all the gifts that they bring with them and possibly you just might make a positive difference in this World. "

You should know by now, from reading the discussions.

This is EXACTLY what America is doing?

We just have to learn to accept THEM and learn how to make a positive difference in the world!

They will never accept the realities of their past mistakes. American history books aren't like others, they have a MUCH different analogy of how history has unfolded. A good friend of mine taught history at UCLA for 10 years, he left becaus ethe books he was teaching his students from were so inaccurate and one sided and the University swore by them. What can you do when your fed BS from birth?

We just need to learn how to be like American's then perhapse we wouldn't all be so jealous of America.

Start by shooting your neighbour (I'm sure he was gonna step on your land anyhow). Then learn how to control how other countries conduct their business. Finally, get your MCSE, it's like an American birth certificate. Just don't be too bummed when you find out everyone else has one and there's no work.
Oh, I almost forgot. Don't fix your OWN country, fix all the others instead.

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You just don't give up

by maxwell edison In reply to You asked, you missed som ...

You really are making an *** of yourself, you know.

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The French

by MallardtooXX In reply to The French

To say I hate the French is a strong statement. I do not by nature hate anyone. However I have a strong disdain for what the French have come to represent in the last 2 centuries. It is true without French support the 13 colonies may have remained just that. I am thankful to the French for the help. The statue of liberty is a beautiful memorial to the friendship once shared between France and the USA. I like French fries, even though they are really American, and I have no aversion to French wine. All this being said let me expose on why I dislike the nation of France, not the people of France.
Ever since the First World War, America has stood by France, rescued her, along with our allies, from the tyranny of evil men. Our repayment, Vietnam, where France bit off more than it could chew under the guise of the UN and then pulled out leaving a vacuum that had to be plugged and lead us down the road to an un-winnable, unsupportable war. I am bitter for this, i am also bitter toward the nation of France for their open and blatant hostility toward American policy. If they disagree that is fine, that is their right, but do not align against us after pledging support. France is shady, they are backstabbing and they are afraid to engage without certain knowledge that they will get something in return. I understand this is the nature of the world but never has there been a selfless act on the part of France on the world stage.
It is these reasons that I, one American, dislike France.


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This is great !

by Oz_Media In reply to The French

When I post an open question like this, whether now or before, all I've ever expected are personal opinions based on YOUR beliefs and feelings.
The answers given here have been great! You really have a valid point and state it well.

Much more interesting than "They Suck" or "They are lucky we don't kill the French once and for all" (a little harsh but you know what I mean).

I just wish all TR discussions were as straight up as this. NOW, granted I don't like references to history to justify current world affairs or feelings toward another race, but your points are legitimate. I wonder how the French would feel if asked the same question about the USA?

Please don't speculate, it will detract from the honesty shown here.

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by youasked In reply to The French

Obviously your views are slightly bias..Do you really think that the other nations that you stated where influenced by the French?? that quite naive.. If the other nations strongly felt that France was wrong in their appraisal of the situation they would have gone ahead and backed the USA..It is not possible that the French had different intel and based their decision on what they had?. Britian is in hot water from their supposedly accurate intel and look at what's happening with their Prime Minister. Also look at what has not been discovered so far weapons of mass destruction found todate. The USA can't be right and everyone else wrong can it? I truly beleive that if there was some indication that weapons where there and that Sadam was indeed a threat to other nations that there would have been World wide support with the US and that France would certainly not have been able to use any influence what so ever, and France surely would have participate fully if indications where so?. The presure that the US put on Hans Bliss proved to be unwarrented so far hasn't it? Why is it that there has always to be a scapgoat?? For a people who claim to be "democratic" you sure ignore the wishes of other peoples of other nations when they don't agree with you. Stop the blame and understand that other peoples have excellent intel and are also responsible nations in this World who are just as concern as you are and will do everything in their power to have a safe and peaceful World. Also never forget that the good old USA is the only nation who so far have used and have stored nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Get a life "hate" is a lethal weapon towards self destruct and let peace begin with you.

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Who is mistaken?

by mrbill- In reply to mistaken

I wonder to whom you are referring to when you said ?Do you really think that the other nations that you stated where influenced by the French??? duck never mentioned any others just the French. He did miss how the French Gov refused over flight of their country when Reagan struck Libya, and that may have cost the lives of two US Airmen. The French people were not happy with their Gov over that decision. I do not agree with the French Gov for various reasons, but the people are just people like any others and it is theirs. We do need to remember that the French had been hurt badly in both of the major European conflicts in the 20th century. They lost nearly a whole generation of young men in the Great War. Then when Hitler invaded they got whacked pretty bad, actually humiliated more than anything else. Then in SEA they were the first to be defeated by the VC. Is it any wonder they do not want to fight any more?

The US is not the ONLY country to ?have stored nuclear weapons of mass destruction?. Yes we are the only one who has had to use them in a war we did not want. In retrospect how many lives did those two weapons save? Downfall would have cost millions of lives on both sides and prolonged the war.

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