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The French

By Oz_Media ·
I don't want to be tagged as pro French NOR do I want to be tagged as anti French.
In my 34 years, I've been to France about 25 or so times, mostly when living in England. I've never met a French person that I didn't like, on the contrary, I've found the French people to be very happy and welcoming.

NOTE: I've met MANY French Canadians who I didn't like, but that's not the topic.

Living on the absolute southernmost island in England, it is only 4 hours to France by ferry.

It is now assumed by SOME, that Brits don't like the French. Why would the British be seen as people who don't like the French?

Is it the same as Americans not liking the French because they wouldn't fight with American's in Iraq?

Secondly, if they didn't WANT to fight alongside of British or American troops, why would they be disliked?

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by JackOfAllTech In reply to Nicely said

I probably should have said this before - I don't hate the French or anyone else. I am somewhat displeased and VERY disappointed. I just stated some of the reasons why many Americans may feel the way they do.

Oz, your analogy has some merit but is not perfect. Predjudice is an 'unreasonable', a Priori opinion unsupported by reality. It must be taught by others of the same persuasion such as racism. Bias is an opinion created by experience.

I still remember the first time I saw the movie 'South Pacific', I couldn't understand why Lieutenant Cable couldn't marry the Polynesian girl nor why the American girl got so upset about the Frenchmans Polynesian children. My wife had to remind me of the mores in the '40s.


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I have to say

by voldar In reply to Nicely said

something about this ideal world. I am very aware about the fact that nothing is perfect, and by the way, didn?t you see that if someone is perfect it is also boring in the end?
You say about the prejudice way of approaching actions/things. This is part of human nature; it is very hard to change that.

You know what? I appreciate more someone that tries to change himself than someone stacked in his narrow-minded world, someone who?s ?very filled? of himself. And this applies in the IT carrier also.

Moreover, yes, history gave us many things to think about (hate/rejection/hard-feelings) but it is up to us to change this perspective. What should I say about the countries that for some cheep reasons betrayed their partners? Nothing! That was at the time the best way for them to fulfill their needs and maybe, to protect their territories also. This is why I do not make judgments at the country level. I do not know everything on a subject so that I can judge. What I can do is to have an opinion about one subject or another, but I do not say my opinion is the best.
In addition, at the end, think about this: France and Germany after 50 years of ?hard-feelings? are now becoming partners. Is it good? Is it bad? I think it is great. Finally, common sense took place of whatever was before. The British and the French built the Euro tunnel, linking the two countries the way it was never before. These are good signs that the world is moving forward and showing me that even it is hard, at the end everyone win.

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Vlad is right

by Zulj In reply to Nicely said

I believe Vladolar?s comments make a lot of sense in the real world. He thinks with an open mind. The single most unique thing anyone has is their mind. It?s a really difficult thing for most people is to realize that everyone else also possesses a unique mind. Not matter how wrong it may seem to you, it seems right to them. You can?t just tell someone to change their mind. The only way forward is to show that you yourself are willing to change your thoughts or beliefs.

His example of how France and Germany are becoming partners didn?t happen because France convinced Germany to do it or vice versa. It is because both sides changed their thoughts on each other. Albeit took 50 odd years. And in time the people of France and Germany (the ones who still harbor grudges) will follow in their leaders footsteps and change their perceptions on each other.

You say that we must teach our children about the destruction of prejudice. Well isn?t that exactly what Vlad is saying? We must show our children that we can change our beliefs, admit that we were wrong and live with an open mind before we can expect them to.

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Anglo-French antagonism

by GuruOfDos In reply to The French

Has been going on for years. Britain was invaded by the French in 1066 and during the Battle of Hastings, King Harold was killed, allegedly by an arrow in the eye.

Since then, we have been at war with the French many times. Now they want to integrate all the European Nations to the point where all the European military powers are part of a European Force outside of NATO control, and exclude America from defending Europe. They seem to want to join forces with Germany and Italy and are trying to get Britain on-side.

Sorry, you have short memories or what?!! The last person who tried to 'unite' Europe into one Federal Superpower was one Adolph Hitler, and look what happened then!!!

We (Brits) call the French 'Frogs', because of their alleged partiality to eating frogs legs. This isn't all one sided...they refer to the British as 'Roast Beef' for the similar reasons!

The biggest issue is the European Common Agricultural Policy.....Britain financially contributes more per capita than any other nation in Europe to subsidies and the French farmers recieve the largest handouts!

The French strike or take industrial action as a national pastime. There isn't a month goes by when either French air traffic controllers or dock workers down tools or the truckers go on strike and blocade the ports. This has a knock-on effect for British commerce, travel and tourism. The French have a large influence on European regulations that Britain feels compelled to apply, yet the French are always the last to put them into force. Meanwhile, Britain pays the cost.

We go into Iraq...the French have to make a song and dance of it. I agree that the War on Iraq had no moral or legal justification, and no evidence has been found of WMD's. Geoff Hoon, the British defence Minister is about to lose his job over lying to the people and the press about the Iraq situation. The point is...all permanent members of the UN Security Council should be unanimous when it comes to world military action, yet France changes it's mind as often as I change my underwear! Why, oh why are they even a permanent member?!!! What contribution have France ever made to global disputes, apart from stirring up dissent in the UN?

Go to

Enter 'French Military Victories' in the search box, then hit 'I feel lucky!'....see what you get!

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I understand your point ...

by Oz_Media In reply to Anglo-French antagonism

That England has a long past history with the French. Very few people I know in England still harbour these negative feelings though. It is actually quite surprising, with your being from Southampton, that you feel this way. I figured you'd Red Funnel there often.

Your reference to the Battle of Hastings is interesting though. I used to drink at a pub beside my office on W. Hastings St. in Vancouver, the bar was recently bought and renamed to "1066".

I mentioned the Battle of Hastings to the owner, and asked if he thought people would put two and two together and remember that 1066 was the Battle of Hastings (the bar was on Hastings, and I thought it was a cool idea for a name).

He didn't have a CLUE what I was talking about and said he named it because of the address, which was 1066 West Hastings! DOH!!

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Some People...

by GuruOfDos In reply to I understand your point . ...

Wouldn't see a 'smart' connection if it was written down on paper and explained three times!

Red Funnel only go from Southampton to the Isle of Wight!

I do occasionally take a Seacat across to France, but only to fill the car with cheaper diesel and to do a little household shopping. I wouldn't give a penny for French wine...German, Portuguese and 'New World' wines are so much better. I tend to buy weird stuff like laundry liquid, olive oil and household cleaners which seem to be the same price in Euros as they are here in Pounds (saving 30%)!

I don't have a problem with French as individuals, and their cheeses are very good and so are their cars (I drive a Peugeot), but as a race 'collectively' their politics, attitudes and general demeanour rub me up the wrong way.

The reason the British will never accept the Euro? It's because a Pound sterling is worth MORE than a it is worth MORE than a US dollar (or almost any dollar) and as a nation we would never trade a currency for one with a 'lesser value'. I know that 1.5 US dollars, or 1.4 Euros is equivalent to a pound, and that my salary would change from ?50,000 per annum to Eu70,000 per annum (or $75,000 per annum if we adopted the US dollar as some politicians here have mooted!)

Perhaps if ever a day comes when the Pound is worth less than the Euro or Dollar, we may change...but it has never happened yet and never will!

So as long as there is a two currency system in Europe (with Pounds here and Euros everywhere else), I'll still do my shopping in France when the exchange rate is in my favour. I'll speak to them in their own language, drive their car on their roads and fill it up with their cheaper diesel! Just don't ask me to toast them with French wine!

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by Oz_Media In reply to Some People...

I know the British don't want to take a loss on the pound and therefore didn't adopt the euro, think i mentioned that before. I honestly thought the Red Funnels still went to France from Ryde though?! I usually fly if I'm there (so cheap) with one exception of riding the tour bus through the chunnel, I'll never do that again though!

Do they still have the hovercraft to France? Or is it just the Catamaran?

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by Oz_Media In reply to Agreed

In Vancouver, they tried building SEA Cat's to go from the Island to the mainland. At HUGE government and taxpayer cost, they ran about a week before being ditched due to the high priced waqterfront home owners complaints. Apparently they were too fast and caused to much agitation in the waters.
THey have sat in Nanaimo for about two years now at leastm collecting dust. Several other countries, including France have looked at them but don't see the value in them. It ws a big political stir that ended up in millions lost by our wonderful government. Pull out a map, look at the passage between Horseshoe Bay and Nanaimo. Now you tell me, does this measly little 1.5 hr crossing warrant a fast cat?

Ithink not, neither did the reest of the city. Our politicians all listen to the people so closely that they do this type of thing all the time.

No wonder we don't give politics the time of day here.
They're a bunch of liars and hypocrites that hide the facts and BS until the truth is dragged out of them. Anyone want to buy a Fast Cat, never been used, cost 12 million new, will sell for 4!

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Red Funnel

by GuruOfDos In reply to Agreed

The old White Funnel used to do Ryde to France, but they were merged into Sealink, who are now in turn part of Stenna.

As ferries go, they still do Southampton to France, but most of the continental stuff goes from Portsmouth.

Hoverspeed is indeed alive and well and still doing the Dover-Calais run and Portsmouth to Cherbourg, but the HSF (High Speed Ferry), which is jet-propelled is starting to gain popularity!

Many of the older hovercraft are now in a museum at what was once HMS Daedalus down at Lee-On-Solent. Incidentally, HMS 'Dead-Loss' as us former 'inmates' used to know it, has now closed as a naval base and is going to be turned into a reception centre to house asylum seekers. Naturally the locals are rearing up about this but I say it's a GOOD THING.

Let's face it, they will be 'housed' behind a guarded fence, will have a curfew after dark, and will be fed, sheltered and educated (pending their appeal) but given no other money. Surely this has to be better for the local populace than 400-odd drunken sailors going out blowing their pay on a Friday night during a 'run ashore'!

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Thanks Guru

by Oz_Media In reply to Red Funnel

Have a good weekend with your new arrival.

Did she come by stork, cabbage patch or Red Funnel?

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