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The French

By Oz_Media ·
I don't want to be tagged as pro French NOR do I want to be tagged as anti French.
In my 34 years, I've been to France about 25 or so times, mostly when living in England. I've never met a French person that I didn't like, on the contrary, I've found the French people to be very happy and welcoming.

NOTE: I've met MANY French Canadians who I didn't like, but that's not the topic.

Living on the absolute southernmost island in England, it is only 4 hours to France by ferry.

It is now assumed by SOME, that Brits don't like the French. Why would the British be seen as people who don't like the French?

Is it the same as Americans not liking the French because they wouldn't fight with American's in Iraq?

Secondly, if they didn't WANT to fight alongside of British or American troops, why would they be disliked?

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Something to think about.

by mrbill- In reply to Some People...

Watch your logic. If the pound is worth 1.4E today you would be paid 70k Es at current exchange rate. If the rate changes and the Euro goes 1 = 1 then you would be paid 50k Es. You have to watch how ?they? are going to set your salary, when/if UK changes to Euro, based on 1 = 1.4 or 1=1. You could be worth 30% less then you are now.

If you change now your value will be set at the higher rate, if the pound falls too far you are a pauper. I would not suggest changing now though, was it Sweden who just said no to the Euro? That should deflate it a bit.

BTW in the mid 80s while we were stationed in West Germany we planned a trip to the UK. My wife saved up a couple hundred $$s for the trip and got an exchange rate of 1=1. The dollar CAN equal a pound if our interest rates go up drastically, amongst many other things.

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