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The Government Is Spying on Americans

By zlitocook ·
The Government Is Spying on Americans

Documents obtained by the ACLU under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that the FBI is using its Joint Terrorism Task Forces to gather extensive information about peaceful organizations. Recently, President Bush acknowledged giving explicit and secret authorization for warrantless electronic eavesdropping and physical searches by the National Security Agency. Now, there is reason to believe that the Pentagon, too, is illegally gathering and sharing private and protected information.

The actions of the president, his administration, and these agencies are part of a broad pattern of disregard for the rule of law in the name of national security. The ACLU is calling for investigations and full disclosure of records to determine if oaths of office were broken or federal laws violated.
Look at this wab site.

Well it looks like they can do what ever they want!
And I will get more emails saying thatit is for our own protection.

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How can people be so truly stupid?

by puppybreath In reply to but

In response to your question, the obvious answer is lots and lots of practice. ;-)

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after a few decades

by jdclyde In reply to How can people be so trul ...

I think they have found "practice makes perfect".

A breath mint for the puppy for being the first to correctly answer!

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mmm, water-, ahum, gate

by rob mekel In reply to but

Don't know if uncontrolled, non selective, access to all communication is such a good idea.

Then there again is the "chicken <-> egg" (or what is the expression in English) problem.

The big problem is how do we know for sure that there won't be any misusages of information.
I, for sure, don't like any one to listen in to my private conversations/communications. But then again I'm not a terrorist, although some may think differently, as I do not like the Bush administration much. That is, the way how they do things, not the thoughts of what they want to accomplish. But then the same was/is true for the Clinton administration.

I for one, am always keen/alert on things as when government controlled bureau's get almost unlimited control over things. And I don't think that it is a bad idea to be very suspicious about giving uncontrolled/unlimited control to anyone.


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by jdclyde In reply to mmm, water-, ahum, gate

people have been intentionally distorting the facts (lying) about what the government is doing and where.

They are NOT listening to you UNLESS you are making an international call to a KNOWN terrorist.

I have NO intention of talking to terrorists, internationally or otherwise, so I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to fear from them trying to keep us safe by PREVENTING the next attack.

As there hasn't been a SINGLE documented case of the average citizen being "spyed" on without the links to terrorists in this fashion, I again will lose no sleep over it.

You don't like people listening to YOUR conversations? I won't say that no one is, but I can say that the government isn't.

Separate your dislike for Bush with the reality of what the world is like now and dispite the blantant lies of the left, the world does not hate us "BECAUSE" of Bush. They have been attacking us regularly for decades now. It is time to fight back instead of this STUPID idea of arresting someone if they **** up a building killing thousands. This is NOT a criminal matter, it is war.

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One question about Watergate

by Montgomery Gator In reply to mmm, water-, ahum, gate

There is one question about the Watergate incident that has not been anwered. The question is: what were the Democrats trying to hide? Not justifying the burglars' action, because it was not justified, but the Democrats must have been hiding something in their Watergate Hotel office that the burglars were looking for.

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by maxwell edison In reply to One question about Waterg ...

You asked, "The question is: what were the Democrats trying to hide?"


You said, "Not justifying the burglars' action, because it was not justified, but the Democrats must have been hiding something in their Watergate Hotel office that the burglars were looking for."

Nope. They were just looking for anything "in general" that could discredit the Democrats.

By the way, Nixon did not authorize the Watergate break-in. In fact, he didn't even know about it until later. His downfall started with the attempted cover-up.

Moreover, it wasn't even necessary. Nixon was so far ahead in the polls, that George McGovern would have never even come close. In fact, Nixon won in a landslide, winning 49 states, and receiving over 60 percent of the popular vote. The only state McGovern carried was the People's Republic of Massachusets.

It's a damn shame. Nixon could have been remembered as one of the best.

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by Montgomery Gator In reply to Answers

"Nixon could have been remembered as one of the best."

Nixon had good foreign policy, he stood strong against the Communists, but still made the "China Play" knowing that could help divide the two Communist giants against each other even more. But Nixon's domestic policy was suspect. His price control scheme did not work. Price controls never work, since they distort the normal operation of Supply and Demand, resulting in shortages. In addition, his environmental actions hurt business and the economy, denied property rights, and added more burdensome regulations. Even knowing everything in hindsight, if I was old enough to vote at the time (I am 42), I still would have voted for Nixon over McGovern, since McGovern would have been much worse domestically, and would have severely weakened the USA internationally.

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by rob mekel In reply to Answers

Yeb, right you are maxwell, damn stupid of the Nixon administration to cover-up the Watergate break-in.


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I wonder at that same Question

by tomtater2004 In reply to but

I wonder how people can be so stupid when I see Bush's face on TV. Elected for a 2nd. term?

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Just goes to show

by jdclyde In reply to I wonder at that same Que ...

what public education will do for you.

Question. Why would someone start a NEW TR account with 2004 instead of 2006?

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