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The Government Is Spying on Americans

By zlitocook ·
The Government Is Spying on Americans

Documents obtained by the ACLU under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that the FBI is using its Joint Terrorism Task Forces to gather extensive information about peaceful organizations. Recently, President Bush acknowledged giving explicit and secret authorization for warrantless electronic eavesdropping and physical searches by the National Security Agency. Now, there is reason to believe that the Pentagon, too, is illegally gathering and sharing private and protected information.

The actions of the president, his administration, and these agencies are part of a broad pattern of disregard for the rule of law in the name of national security. The ACLU is calling for investigations and full disclosure of records to determine if oaths of office were broken or federal laws violated.
Look at this wab site.

Well it looks like they can do what ever they want!
And I will get more emails saying thatit is for our own protection.

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Mawell, here's what you do to stop them

by neilb@uk In reply to I would tell you what I t ...

Make sure you do it in the right order!

First, you unplug youself from the Internet like this

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Lies, BS, and Online Posts

by royj In reply to The Government Is Spying ...

The Bush Administration, having the sense that God gave normal people, has been spying on Arab terrorists without warrants--I think that most Americans would agree with that. During the CIA raids in Afghanistan in early 2002 that captured Abu Zubaydah and his associates, the government seized computers, cell phones and personal phone books. Soon after the raids, the National Security Agency began trying to listen to calls placed to the phone numbers found in al-Qaida Rolodexes. If you had any brains, you'd distance yourself from the crazies demanding Bush's impeachment for listening in on terrorist's phone calls to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi or al-Qaida associate Iyman Faris who, after being arrested, confessed to plotting to bring down the Brooklyn Bridge. If you think the government should not be spying on people like Faris, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. By intercepting phone calls to people on Zubaydah's speed-dial, the NSA arrested not only "American citizen" Faris, but other Arab terrorists, including al-Qaida members plotting to bomb British pubs and train stations. There is NO record of the NSA spying on anyone with no terrorist ties. Every once in a while the republic needs a little reminder of why the Democrats can't be trusted with national security. This is today's lesson.

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in over five years

by jdclyde In reply to Lies, BS, and Online Post ...

this is what it took to get you into the discussions.....

After that long of a wait, I am glad it was one worth reading.

Welcome to the discussions. More people that can THINK are needed around here.

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A+ Message

by maxwell edison In reply to Lies, BS, and Online Post ...

Thanks for posting it - Great message. Another voice of reason speaks up!

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This isn't news

by M_a_r_k In reply to The Government Is Spying ...

Or is it? Isn't this all about the same old stuff that was leaked to the press in December? About wiretapping electronic communications between Americans and suspicious people outside the U.S. suspected of being linked to terrorist activities?

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no, not the same story

by jdclyde In reply to This isn't news

this is a fairy tail where every left wing loonie is going to start calling everytime someone is investigated "spying".

It is the catch phrase that pays, don'tchaknow?

Pretty pathetic actually.

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Spying is happening all around us

by M_a_r_k In reply to no, not the same story

Mobile phones, not just for companys' employees ( but anyone can be tracked when their mobile phone is on.

The city that I live in recently installed TV cameras at some intersections to more easily catch people who run red lights. Every time I zoom through those intersections and see those cameras peering down at me, I feel like Big Brother is watching me. If any crime is committed in the area around those cameras, it wouldn't surprise me if they try to contact every person who drove through the intersection asking for clues. I guess it can be a good thing unless you're someplace you're not supposed to be (driving to your mistress' house, for example) and it becomes public after you're contacted as a potential witness to a crime.

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Already been doing it

by jdclyde In reply to Spying is happening all a ...

with ATM cameras and company security cameras.

And they would be CRAZY to NOT use this to identify people in the area as possible suspects.

Again, that is why when you call your mistress, always use a pay phone and use cash!

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Right about the ATM and security cameras

by M_a_r_k In reply to Already been doing it

A good example is when the security camera across the street from the federal building in Oklahoma City identified Tim McVeigh as the person who parked the rental truck in front of the building.

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I am now in favor of "domestic spying"

by Montgomery Gator In reply to The Government Is Spying ...

I was ambivalent about it. I see the need to detect terrorist activity, but am also in favor of protecting the rights of Americans. I can see that requiring warrants is a safeguard for our rights, but at the same time, can result in precious time being lost that could be used to monitor and catch terrorists, or some judge with an agenda would not approve the warrant when the spying is actually justified. However, if the ACLU is against domestic spying, then domestic spying must be a good thing.

Too bad the ACLU is not fighting to protect constitutional rights like the "Right to Bear Arms". If they truly believed in civil liberties, they would be fighting for our Second Amendment Rights, also. It seems like the ACLU is only interested in "rights" that advance the liberal socialist wing of the Democrat party agenda, so it is easy to dismiss them.

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