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The Great Avatar Joke

By apotheon ·
Someone out there didn't like dpetrak's avatar -- thought it promoted violence and was "unprofessional". Between shellbot and I, a proposal has been hatched: in the week from June First through June Seventh, all TR Insiders should adopt dpetrak's animated Office Space avatar as their own. Go right-click on that avatar, choose "save as" (or whatever equivalent your browser provides), and upload it somewhere useful so you can use it as your avatar for that week.

Go on. I dare you.

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by rob mekel In reply to I can't thank you enough ...

My mistake
Hope you got it alright then :)


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images hosted now

by apotheon In reply to I can't thank you enough ...

The images are available here:

The largest ribbon image will probably be removed in a couple months or so -- after the whole breast cancer awareness thing, anyhow (remind me what month it is right now, and maybe I'll be able to calculate how long until the event). The smallest is small enough to be appropriate for use as a TR icon without wasting bandwidth on a resized image.

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by Tig2 In reply to I can't thank you enough ...

The ribbons look GREAT! The 3-Day is August 18th-20th in the Twin Cities. This 60 mile walk actually happens in 18 major cities starting in Boston on Aug 4 and ending in San Diego on Nov 12. If you are interested in learning more about the walk and its beneficiaries, go to

I will be walking the Twin Cities for the first time this year, although I also do the Komen "Race for the Cure". Funny- the first time I did the Komen 5K (roughly 3 miles) I thought it was horribly long. This year I still had to walk an additional three training miles after it was over.

This month has me getting to 15 miles. Next month's target is 18/15 back to back. August will be 20 miles a day for three days. You would think at my age, I would know better than to do something like this...

I appreciate you doing this for me. If you don't mind, I would like to add your professor's name to my tee shirt- I am wearing the names of all the people that have been impacted by breast cancer- past and present on the first day of the walk.


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Nice Apotheon

by rob mekel In reply to I can't thank you enough ...
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be my guest

by apotheon In reply to I can't thank you enough ...

I'm sure there's nothing wrong with Blaga's name being associated with breast cancer benefits.

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Downloaded and ready.

by deepsand In reply to I'll miss my ribbon but

Now, all that's needed is a reminder e-mail at the appropriate time; absent that, I make no guarantee that I'll remember.

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by rob mekel In reply to image hosting

So 1 of june its gonna be.


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I got it

by Montgomery Gator In reply to The Great Avatar Joke

Thanks for the link. If you don't mind, I decided to change to the avatar a couple of days early.

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I don't mind at all.

by apotheon In reply to I got it

Go to and buy something from an ad, or download Firefox, to help pay for bandwidth. Or something.

Ssshhh, don't tell anyone I said to do that.

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by Montgomery Gator In reply to I don't mind at all.

I clicked on the Microsoft Visual Studio ad at the bottom. Let Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer pay for it, they have lots of money. :-)

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