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The Gruesome Twosome tour

By Oz_Media ·
Just a shout out to all the metal and rocks fans of TR.

Alice Cooper is on tour with Rob Zombie in the spring. Event tickets begin sale today, at some of the early venues.

There are still huge gaps in the schedule to allow for travel planning and stage setup (the venues have to all be linked geographically before they can confirm and begin sales).

Check your local LiveNation or Tickemaster for dates in your city, more dates are being added as venues are confirmed.

Zombie and Cooper, the ultimate shock rockers, on stage back to back, each with full performances! (I was actually saying that in my best "monster truck" voice)

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by Oz_Media In reply to No Donnie and Marie, but

There are 'others? Who are these others?

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The other Osmonds

by GSG In reply to Others?

Something like 5 brothers? They were a band when Donnie and Marie were little bitty kids. Sort of the Mormon Jackson 5.

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Oh riiiiiiight

by Oz_Media In reply to The other Osmonds

The Crest cavity fighters.

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by jck In reply to The Gruesome Twosome tour

When I first saw the title...I thought you were going to announce about a tour involving James Taylor and Carole King.

And I was going to have to shoot you! :^0

If I could come up there and see that, or the tour you're talking about, with you it would be worthwhile.

I know you appreciate music like I do.

Plus, I know you could get me in places I can't get on my own. :^0

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by Oz_Media In reply to OMG Oz

Not only am I working with the local promoter (as of last night) but it's at my old home, the Pacific Coliseum. (Where the Olympic short track and figure skating is being held).Damn what a show, a Saturday night too!

With the city in complete and utter party mode now, with very few incidents, they are starting to review bylaws to turn it back into a party city again, like it was after Expo86.

Acoustically the Coliseum is BC's best venue by a long shot, much like the Tacoma Dome is to Washington. Wooden rafters, 2 second delay etc. Usually acts like that book GMPlace, now Canada Hockey Place when Olympic hockey is held, and it's AWFUL for concert sound! Just way too big and has aluminum refters and seating tiers. Riiiiiing!

They will probably be close to you when dates are finalized, there was a hiccup in booking confirmations due to other events, so they are trying to rework the US schedule to fit more dates.

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by jck In reply to Undoubtedly

I wish I knew someone in the Tampa area big enough to pull me front-row center tickets for the Troubador Tour of James Taylor and Carole King.

I'd kiss Bill Gates' bare arse on international television for a couple of tickets to that show.

There's someone I want to take...and, best I've found is 3rd row so far...and that's not good enough.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Well...

She must be pretty special then.

Maybe get HER to get you up front, if she can work it.

To tell you the truth, I have found front row tickets aren't usually as good as rows 10-30 for most shows. It's like sitting front row at a theatre, you end up with a sore kneck and a bad view.

I got so excited when I first got press access to the 'trench' in front of the stage, but after a few shows I realized it actually sucked. I ahd worked there when in security but always had my back to the stage, so that sucked too.

You are looking up their nostrils and are blocked by stage monitors, have lights right in your eyes as you look up etc.

My favorite spots are actually at the back of the stadium, up high but without rigging in the way of the view. That's why the most expensive seats in the venue are the upper boxes, they offer the best view of most events, whether music, sports etc.

When I went to Iron Maiden last time, I sat in the upper press box seats, on a plaform in front of the box itself it was PERFECT for that type of show, which is all about stage effects. I did front row when I was younger, now it seems the show AND sound is much better from afar. I guess my tastes have matured and I appreciate the performance more than getting up close.

It's unavoidable a lot of the time, but even when I have to escort a group of VIP's or meet & greet fans, I still try to sneak back on the floor to the sound desk when I can, where it is best to take in the show. Even standing side stage doesn't work these days due to the elaborate lighting used to create a mood, which is simply lost up close.

I find it funny when I shoot some personal video from afar and post it to you TubeYou and get comments with people saying, "I was front row", "I was even closer that THAT!" etc. Ah to be yyoung and not care about the performance as much as battling it out to be the closest. Most of these guys are getting old now anyway, they look better from a distance.

I can promise you for Alice Cooper I will be at the back of the floor for most of it (or at least as much as I can disappear for, it'll be a busy night for me I think, we sold all of our $500.00 yesterday and tickets just went on sale today), the sound desk does get the best sound afterall.

(Damn! I'm waiting for an important call and she's almost an hour late, I have to go out and get things done. I hate it when people aren't punctual!)

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Getting HER to do something

by jck In reply to Wow

I never ask anything of someone I care about. I figure, you get what you give.

She's that way too. Never asks for anything. Never demeans me. Never treats me like a lesser, even tho I'm a big burly goon and she's a petite, sweet angel.

Okay, enough mush. I might hit up my friend whose wife is an ex-Bucs cheerleader and see if anyone she knows in the area can get a hold of some VIPs or something.

If so, I'll be taking a guest to the show.

Otherwise, I'll just wish.

I knew I should have gotten into band security when I was younger. :^0

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Alice Cooper

by maecuff In reply to The Gruesome Twosome tour

Put on one of the best shows I've seen. It was years ago. Probably late 70s. The Babies opened up for him.

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He still shows them how its done.

by Oz_Media In reply to Alice Cooper

Like AC/DC, Iron Maiden and others from the 70's and 80's. Newer act tour all year long and spend millions on merch and stages. Then a real band pops by and just lays it down like no other, leaving the newer acts wondering how the **** they still do it.

Those bands earned their merits on talent and performance, not just music videos and radio rotation.

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