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The IT capabilities of Bin Laden

By robo_dev ·
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It has been reported that 'hundreds' of specialists are digging through the dozens of computer hard drives recovered from Bin Laden's compound.

I assume he ran Windows? What version?

Did he use project management software or perhaps a DBMS to track and manage his various tasks and projects?

What video surveillance system did he use? I would think the video footage of two blackhawk helicopters landing and a Navy Seal team deploying in your front yard would be neat to watch. I would assume they grabbed the DVR with that footage on it.

Whole disk encryption?

Anti-virus software?

Of course his house did not have voice or broadband service, but perhaps he was tethering a laptop to a satellite phone? Slow as molasses, but secure from surveillance.

A random thought would be if you're the world's most wanted bad guy, you would perhaps install some sort of thermite-drive-melter on all your data, and put it in a room where it all goes boom unless you enter the correct code in 15 seconds or so? It does not seem like he had a good BCP plan if all his data was captured.

Does Al Qaeda have an IT staff? A help desk?

I would suppose if an IT guy were to screw something up, the punishment would involve much more than a bad performance review?

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you would...

by jck In reply to Only if the bad guys offe ...

buy more flash drives? lol

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Don't forget

by NexS In reply to Only if the bad guys offe ...

To build a secret underground lair!

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Oh no, no underground lairs...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Only if the bad guys offe ...

I plan to run my operation out of a shoe-shine stand right in front of the Pentagon.
Or the presidential palace of Iran, depending on who pays my bills

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Sounds about right.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Just pure conjecture

I also don't think Al Qaeda is a Top-Down organization.
They could never pull off what they did if they had to send specific orders to individual cells.
I may be wrong, but since 9/11 I've been pretty sure that Al Qaeda is a cell breeder network - arranging training, providing intel sharing.
Like a cancer tumor sending out metastasis nodules; the nodules are fire-and-forget (sort of... you still send them christmas cards, money, inspirational tapes on terrorist best practices, etc.) and are not controlled by the mother tumor.

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Christmas Cards?

by dogknees In reply to Sounds about right.
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by AnsuGisalas In reply to Christmas Cards?
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He sucked.

by seanferd In reply to The IT capabilities of Bi ...

But management just wouldn't let him go. He was supposed to be monitoring the database servers and doing backups mostly, but he would hang around the help desk department annoying this one woman. She filed a harassment report with HR, but that never went anywhere. A couple of others at the help desk took to peeing in his coffee, but he didn't seem to notice.

Ask him to properly terminate an Ethernet cable (because they were never right the first time) or organize, label, and tie up the patch cables on a new piece of equipment, and he'd just give you this funny sideways look. And don't get me started on the time he was supposed to help with moving one of our datacenters to a new physical location.

Overtime? Never missed it, but he still wouldn't do a damn thing.

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But gotta hand it to him...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to He sucked.

He's managing to do an even better job from under three miles of ocean water - since he's done harassing...

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by seanferd In reply to But gotta hand it to him. ...

Zombie bin Laden with mad IT skillz! Do not want!

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sounds like a punk-band name

by robo_dev In reply to Noes!

'Zombie bin laden'.

Had never considered idea of terrorist-zombies before. I would suppose at least they would be easy to spot.

Based on the amount of data that has been captured from the raid, it would appear that an effective business continuity plan was not in place. It would be logical to plan for the possibility of an armed assault on your residence if you are the most wanted man in the world.

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