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The IT capabilities of Bin Laden

By robo_dev ·
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It has been reported that 'hundreds' of specialists are digging through the dozens of computer hard drives recovered from Bin Laden's compound.

I assume he ran Windows? What version?

Did he use project management software or perhaps a DBMS to track and manage his various tasks and projects?

What video surveillance system did he use? I would think the video footage of two blackhawk helicopters landing and a Navy Seal team deploying in your front yard would be neat to watch. I would assume they grabbed the DVR with that footage on it.

Whole disk encryption?

Anti-virus software?

Of course his house did not have voice or broadband service, but perhaps he was tethering a laptop to a satellite phone? Slow as molasses, but secure from surveillance.

A random thought would be if you're the world's most wanted bad guy, you would perhaps install some sort of thermite-drive-melter on all your data, and put it in a room where it all goes boom unless you enter the correct code in 15 seconds or so? It does not seem like he had a good BCP plan if all his data was captured.

Does Al Qaeda have an IT staff? A help desk?

I would suppose if an IT guy were to screw something up, the punishment would involve much more than a bad performance review?

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Nothing 'logical'

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to sounds like a punk-band n ...

about extreme zealotry...

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Who needs a business plan,

by seanferd In reply to sounds like a punk-band n ...

when one is simply waiting for the will of god to provide it?

(Not intended to be a factual statement.)

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But probably closer to fact

by NickNielsen In reply to Who needs a business plan ...

than we'd like to consider...

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I imagine..

by RayFoxxe In reply to The IT capabilities of Bi ...

I imagine that the IT office of Bin Laden's organization would go something like how the show The IT Crowd show the IT guys what sorts of **** and stupidity they put through! xD

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by jck In reply to The IT capabilities of Bi ...

ole Osama had enough tech to get a vast array of pron in his compound.

Just saw a Fox News headline saying they found tons of it.

Such a devout Muslim...wasn't he? B-)

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Fox News? Really?

by JamesRL In reply to Evidently...

Do you recall the story a few years back about embedding messages into .jpgs? I wonder if thats what they really found.

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I don't remember that story...

by jck In reply to Fox News? Really?

And, I technically can't confirm or deny any personal knowledge on the subject. I was told not to. B-)

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I remember that

by AV . In reply to Fox News? Really?


Probably _porn would be the perfect vehicle for that. It might be written off by most Western people as just a little something to kick start the engine.


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And what a tough job that would be:

by robo_dev In reply to Fox News? Really?

"Umm, agent Jones, here's a stack of porn. Go any study it for a week and tell us if you see any embedded data in it.... :)"

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It may get hard, for some...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to And what a tough job that ...
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