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The loss of a legend

By Oz_Media ·
Legendary Blues man, Long John Baldry passed away in Vancouver General Hospital today after being hospitalized for serious respiratory problems since March of this year.

"Let The Heartaches Begin" (1967) was his first big UK hit although he had played in numerous blues bands for many years prior.

He was known around England as the ULTIMATE blues man, credited with geting Rod Stewart started (meeting him after a show), he had influenced SO many great artists including; Ginger Baker, Jeff Beck, Brian Jones, Ron Wood, Charlie Watts and Keith Moon, even Elton John got his start when playing in one of LBJ's bands.

As Rod Stewart said, this wasn't a man who was influenced by greats such as Howlin' Wolf, he actually PLAYED with Howlin' Wolf.

Moving to Vancouver years ago, LJB has been a MAINSTAY at the Yale Hotel/Bar, an old-school blues joint in Vancouver. I have seen him, listened to him and met him countless times, this man WAS the blues that influenced the industries greatest artists. One of the kindest gentlemen I've met in the business, 6'7", at least, but very polite and reserved.

Rod Stewart had been paying the hospital bills for LJB and had set up vigil at his bedside, unfortunately he was unable to help his dear friend and mentor in the end though and he passed away from his illess.

This man's music and his industry influences will live forever, as have his peers that also brought the blues from small town America to a global scale inspiring bands such as AC/DC, The Beatles (with whom he performed 'I Got My Mojo Working' on their first TV special 'Around The World With the Beatles'), The Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin to develop their sounds based on his stylings.

Mey your lord take you in his arms and provide you with the warmth, peace and happiness that you have brought to so many thousands around the globe.

Rest In Peace - 'Long' John Baldry - 1941-2005.

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Everyone loves that tune

by house In reply to Check out Leadbelly too

That seems to be everyone's choice, but my fave off of III is 'Since I've Been Loving You'. It's probably my favourite Zep song in general. Lots of soul in the tune - would have loved to hear Joplin bust that one out.


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I was just pointing it out

by Oz_Media In reply to Everyone loves that tune

LJB covered a lot of blues tunes that Zeppelin also covered. Gallows pole was one of them.

Leadbelly was a songwriter who was charged with murder twice. e wrote gallows 'apparently' while awaitng tril and the judge let him off. Some say it was because the judge liked the song and understood Leadbelly's mentality.

It was just an example of the circle. I too rpefer most other runes that get less airtime, I am really into original or rare music.

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for a minute there

by jck In reply to The loss of a legend

I thought you were going to say someone like Paul McCartney or James Taylor or BB King died.

my condolences go out to whomever knew him...never even heard his name myself...

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by Oz_Media In reply to for a minute there

So many people who you DO admire either played with him, got thier start with him or were influenced by him.

Remember, this guy played with Holwin' Wolf, he was one of the original Blues artists that influenced rock'n roll as we know it today.

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