The MOBO... how can I be SURE it's really the problem?

By twilazoned ·
Not certain if it's the mobo, psu, or video card. I'm working on a friend's factory HP a6303w with an Asus IPIBL-LB mobo (with no led indicator) and a 300 watt psu. Sometimes within 10 seconds of start up, it will shut itself down momentarily then power back up and stay on. I get NO beeps, even with EVERYTHING disconnected. The fans come on, and all devices have power, but nothing responds. The monitor will say no signal and go to sleep and won't wake up. the keyboard may or may not flash but never powers on up. The dvd drive will open and close but never sounds like it's spinning/reading.

I have swapped memory, cleared cmos, replaced the battery, and reset the psu. I tried contacting both HP and ASUS, but frankly, they were useless.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to The MOBO... how can I be ...

Check the Capacitors around the CPU for swelling or bulging. They should have a flat head with a cross indent.

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If the Capacitors are OK

by Jacky Howe In reply to Also

and it's starting and running I wouldn't suspect the CPU. They normally work or they don't.

Carefully remove everything from the Motherboard. Remove the Motherboard and put it on an anti-static mat on a bench. Remove the Power Supply if it is a known working good one to test with. Remove the Heatsink and give it a good clean. Remove the CPU and reseat it. Reinstall the Heatsink remembering to use CPU grease. Clean the golden edge of each memory stick and the video card with a soft rubber/eraser, remembering not to touch the golden edge. Reseat the RAM and test with one stick at a time. Connect the Video Card. Connect the Power supply to the Motherboard. You can use a flat blade Screwdriver to short the Power pins on the Motherboard if you haven't got a spare switch. Connect the Monitor and turn it on and see what happens. If it stars up add one Device at a time to test it. If it doesn't then the Motherboard has failed.

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Thanks to you all!

by twilazoned In reply to The MOBO... how can I be ...

I truly appreciate the assist on this one guys! I have never had a pc give me so much grief. And of course since it's an HP and is going to be tattooed, I'll be making a new post about THAT subject! (sigh...)

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Your welcome

by Jacky Howe In reply to Thanks to you all!

and let us know if you get code purple.

Edit: spelling

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Your Welcome. EOM

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks to you all!
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Hp engineering and IPIBL-LB

by WiseassowlX In reply to The MOBO... how can I be ...

I have a Hp pavillion p6212f which also has a IPIBL-LB and 250w power supply and there are so many different problems with it that I dont know where to start but the PSU is as good as any. when I ran the system ona couple of sites to estimate the proper psu to get I came up with 4oow and that wasn't even counting all the expansion slots being used or all 6 usb's drawing power. I just estimated moderately. I think that Hp turned out a lot of systems with underpowered pc's being the end result. to solve the dilemna then diffferent features are turned off to save power. features like screen resolution possibly and anyplace they can cut back just a smidge of power . they are running that tight. So features neve work or look right and if you change the settings its as if they are switched back to the economy settings anyways. And as far as the beeps you were expecting to hear to signal something being wrong I believe that i have seen data saying that some of these can be set to silent so it wont be recognized as a problem to the user. its a way of hiding a problem from the user just the same as archiving a message if its bringing bad news about a program or issue. Archive it and they will forget about it. anyway to make it appear as if there is no problem existing. Another example is Windows Error Reporting. this program can be shhut down so that no problem reports will be sent to Windows so then a computer that is problem riddled will suddenly appear to be ok even though it just doesn't run right. they are good at this. So then when you call tech support they cant understand why you are saying there is a problem.

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