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The NRA says put armed guards in schools..

By CharlieSpencer ·
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Putting armed guards in schools -may- be a solution for schools, but what about movie theaters, malls, houses of worship, and other locations that have been the sites of killings this year? Is the solution to put armed guards EVERYWHERE? Maybe this is some kind of jobs program? How are we paying for all these guards? How about a fat tax on ammunition?

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre :"The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,"

No mention of even trying to prevent the bad guy from getting the gun in the first place. No call for stricter enforcement of existing laws, or suggestion of improved mental health diagnosis and treatment, or mention of closing the screening exception for gun shows. Just let the bad guy get his gun; we can wait until he's using it and then shoot it out.

"Will you at least admit it's possible that ... 26 innocent lives might have been spared that day," he (LaPierre) said, if the shooter had encountered "qualified armed security."

Sure, if Mr. LaPierre will admit it's possible that confiscating personal firearms might also have spared innocent lives. His armed guards are a reactive force, neither proactive nor preventative. No anti-social gunman is going to be deterred by their presence; he's ready to dying anyway. They won't get there in time to save the first half-dozen people, but they might reduce the body count (assuming they get there before the gunman suicides). It doesn't solve the problem, it only minimizes the consequences. Maybe only 8 parents will bury a child, instead of 20.

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Well personally I think that the NRA

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I think the NRA created e ...

Is the best organisation for Gun Control. They are looking so divorced from Public Opinion that they are doing more to further the Cause of Gun Control Legislation.

But I didn't like the last bit of to days interview where the guy from the NRA seemed to me to be supporting Armed Rebellion. Though he did make me believe more strongly than aver that he was apposing all Gun Controls as they are simply not in the Communities Best Interests. I get the very strong impression that in the first Speech that he gave after the recent school Genocide which is all it can be called he seemed to say that Restricting Fire Arms from Unbalanced People was OK but then drew back from that Train of Thought and ignored it for the rest of the Speech when he realized what he had said.


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The NRA in its current form

by NickNielsen In reply to "I was still disappointed ...

is going to become irrelevant sometime in the next couple of years, probably sooner rather than later. Some gun nut and NRA member (not mutually inclusive, btw) is going to do something akin to Sandy Hook in the name of "protecting the Second Amendment". The press will dig out the old "I am the NRA" campaign images, and it will be all over. At that point, I suspect even Wayne LaPierre, who has done his best to destroy the responsible reputation the NRA enjoyed when I was growing up, will bail.

That's my prediction. I hope I'll be proven wrong, for the sake of the lives lost, but I'm afraid I'll be right.

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I keep waiting for the ironic.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to The NRA in its current fo ...

Someone shooting up an NRA annual meeting, with more killed in the crossfire than by the original assailant.

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up vote for a nice idea, may put it in a story -nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I keep waiting for the ir ...
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It has gone too far to act now.

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to There is no good solution ...

A while back I saw a show that profiled policemen and POI's in New York and they showed that nothing would get the guns out of America anymore because there are just too many and too widely spread. It's like trying to enforce marijuana laws, good luck with that revolving, prison door.

The only hope is to remove ALL guns, except police so they can combat violent criminals. That wouldn't NEVER happen though and the violence in America will grow and grow until it looks no different than a Middle Eastern country rife with terrorist regimes, not that far off now anyway.

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I will say this once... armed guards?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to The NRA says put armed gu ...

Why not just put up a sign saying "We double-dare you to massacre at this school?"
Armed guards prevent bank robberies, I guess.
Except when they don't.

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not the first time they've been sued at schools in the USA -nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I will say this once... a ...
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Interesting public radio piece on NRA history.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to The NRA says put armed gu ...

This podcast excerpt from WNYC's "On The Media" program runs about six minutes.

International readeers, WNYC is a non-profit radio station funded through listener donations, along with funding from corporations and non-profit foundations. US 'public radio' stations and networks often lean toward the 'left' or 'liberal' side of issues, although the degree of bias varies depending on the station, network, or program. The federal Corporation for Public Broadcasting receives taxpayer dollars and allocates it to stations to cover operating costs.

The radio story makes reference to this magazine article, which is itself extracted from a book. Note that Atlantic magazine also has a liberal slant.

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Sources, please.

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Interesting public radio ...

How do they manage to lean? And how do you even measure that?

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In the case of 'On The Media',

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Sources, please.

one program actually centered around the subject of liberal bias on their own show in particular and on the National Public Radio network in general. They found a slight left-leaning bias, although not as strong as their reputation.

I heard this story within the last few months, but can't locate the link.

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