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The Nuclear debate rages on...

By Benevolence ·
George Ou recently opened up a particularly large can of worms recently when he wrote an article discussing the myths surrounding Windows XP and power consumption. Much of the debate has turned into a discussion on how to best produce power whilst reducing pollution.

One thing many people seem to agree on is that whether or not humans are contributing to global warming, it is in our best interests to reduce the effect and protect our environment.

Some of us believe we need to move toward nuclear energy production, and some of us believe this is a bad idea.

With so many new developments in energy production, and so many differing arguments, what do you think is the direction we should head in?

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So now you can see...

by Benevolence In reply to Some UN stats

The United States consist of around 5% of the worlds population, yet produced around 1/4 of the whole worlds Carbon Dioxide emissions. Making the United States the Worlds SINGLE LARGEST POLLUTER.

I think that makes it very clear.

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CO2 isn't the be all end all

by georgeou In reply to Some UN stats

A single volcano burping just once puts out more CO2 than all of man's activities for years. Since when did C02 become the only definition or even the primary definition of pollution? Do Volcanoes count?

Again, here are some better facts to look at.

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Missing the point

by Benevolence In reply to CO2 isn't the be all end ...

CO2 produced by humans is a good way to gauge overall pollution levels.

I think you may be trying to 'clutch at straws' so to speak. The FACT is, the US is one of the worlds worst polluters, arguably THE WORST. This is because of the ridiculous levels of consumption, over sized / far too numerous vehicles, huge levels of industry... etc. etc. That is one of the reasons why Nuclear IS such a good idea for the States especially.

This conversation is getting a little crazy.

I really hope your joking about the car thing in that other post. If not, you really need to do some some research into tings like - number of cars, fuel consumption, engine sizes etc. etc.

EDIT- US citizens rely on private transport more than any other culture. Recent studies have shown the average American is not even willing to walk further than 200 meters (around 660 feet).

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Crazy is right

by shardeth-15902278 In reply to Missing the point

what happend to the nuclear debate that was going to happen in this thread. Looks like the whole thing got lost in yet another series of "Global warming is a scientific fact" and "America Sux" and "Bush is evil" and "you're dumb" tirades.

Too bad. It was actually looking like it might turn into a truly intellectually stimulating conversation for once.

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Yeah I know...

by Benevolence In reply to Crazy is right

It started out well, and seems to be returning to a valid discussion... don't give up on it quite yet!

George Ou and I have both backed off.

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Where you get that about one volcano?

by DelbertPGH In reply to CO2 isn't the be all end ...

From what I read, trying to track down your assertion, human activity creates about 20 billion tons of CO2, and volcanos around 250 million, per year.

One burp from one volcano doesn't seem to be coming close.

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Here you go

by georgeou In reply to Where you get that about ...

That's just one volcano. Show me an event from man that even comes close to registering the degree of global effects as that.

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Thats not the point though

by Benevolence In reply to Here you go

It is the additive effect you need to look at. Volcanoes have always been around doing what they do, then you add a whole lot of extra CO2 produced by us, and it begins to become a problem, if not for Global Warming then for health in general.

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You can reduce CO2 as soon as you jump on board with James Lovelock

by georgeou In reply to Thats not the point thoug ...

"then you add a whole lot of extra CO2 produced by us, and it begins to become a problem, if not for Global Warming then for health in general."

Hey I'm all for reducing pollution for the sake of reducing polution. That's why I'm on board with James Lovelock on the solution to pollution even though I disagree with the cult of man-made Global Warming.

Facts on Global Warming

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