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The Nuclear debate rages on...

By Benevolence ·
George Ou recently opened up a particularly large can of worms recently when he wrote an article discussing the myths surrounding Windows XP and power consumption. Much of the debate has turned into a discussion on how to best produce power whilst reducing pollution.

One thing many people seem to agree on is that whether or not humans are contributing to global warming, it is in our best interests to reduce the effect and protect our environment.

Some of us believe we need to move toward nuclear energy production, and some of us believe this is a bad idea.

With so many new developments in energy production, and so many differing arguments, what do you think is the direction we should head in?

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"That's atypical."

by TonytheTiger In reply to And here you go

The problem with labeling something atypical is that we tend to do so only in reference to our experience/memory. Volcanoes erupt, climates change. Neither is atypical.

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Highest Contributor of O2

by iain.wright In reply to Don't kid yourself on the ...

Cool google map of world/country's Co2 pollution.

Pretty good site on pollution:

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Interesting when you look at both...

by shardeth-15902278 In reply to Highest Contributor of O2

US looks to be the Largetst per capita generater of CO2, but it is NOT the most polluted.

Perhaps the hate-mongers should back-off, and recogize that:
1. The whole world has a problem
2. CO2 is just one of many issues
3. Fixating on one particular issue does nothing for the big picture.

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by neilb@uk In reply to Interesting when you look ...

Perhaps you should back off and think:

Pollution tends to be relatively localised and affect the population surrounding the offending industry. The clean-up of pollution in the US has benefited only US citizens.

CO2 is a global issue. If the climate scientists are right then it IS the big issue and the US is indeed the biggest contributor.


p.s. Get the chip off your shoulder - "hate-mongers"? Don't be so sensitive! This is just a debate. And you're on the losing end of it.

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That's because we use the least Nuclear power

by georgeou In reply to Pollution

Lack of Nuclear power is one of the biggest factors in CO2 production. Nuclear emission is zero.

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by shardeth-15902278 In reply to Pollution

I don't really feel that any of the "Hate" was directed at me. Perhaps my definition of a debate is too restrictive for you. When it turns to name calling, criticism,etc... It is no longer a debate in my mind. Just 3rd grade onthe playground.

I have to disagree on you that it is localised. (The whole ripples in the pond thing). It all matters, and it all needs to be dealt with.

Losing side? of what? Do you even know what side I am on? Because I don't. If you referring to the nuclear debate, I am slightly on the side of against, but ready to be swayed to the side of for, if someone can acutally provide solid science to assuage my concerns. If you are talking about the global warming debate, then I am smack dab in the middle, because neither side has been able to sufficiently prove their case.

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Here are some interesting facts

by georgeou In reply to Pollution

"But with coal-fired stations providing over 80 percent of China's electricity supply, China is on course to overtake the United States by 2009 as the largest emitter of carbon dioxide, one of the main greenhouse gases that warm the planet."

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by Benevolence In reply to Here are some interesting ...

Damn straight George.

China will definitely become a bigger atmospheric polluter in a few years. That is going to be a difficult issue, especially as they are fast becoming the worlds biggest superpower on every level, and traditionally like to keep to themselves on any political decisions. And as such, are likely to ignore criticism from outsiders.

On the other hand, they are a Nation that looks set to embrace Nuclear technology.

Glad to see some consensus on the pollution levels debate. (cheeky)

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That map is soooo cool.

by Benevolence In reply to Highest Contributor of O2

That map is really cool. Thanks for the 'heads up'... not really sure how I missed that one in my searches!

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by iain.wright In reply to Don't kid yourself on the ...

OOps co2 not o2 lol

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