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The Paul Revere Society

By ProtiusX ·
These are the goals of the Paul Revere Society

1. Support Traditional Marriage
2. Close the Borders now.
3. Deport all illegal immigrants now.
4. Eliminate bilingual education in all states.
5. Require health tests for all recent foreign born
Some say that the borders are arbitrary, English is only one of many languages in our new "Multicultural America," and that we share no common history or values.
6. Make tax cuts permanent.
7. End Affirmative Action
8. Tort Reform - Stop Class Action Lawyers.

If we as Americans stood together and accomplished these goals we would go along way in making this a vestige of Freedom and true Democracy for every American. One thing I would add and that would be stop foreign aid until we have paid off the American Debt.

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It wasn't me - but...

by neilb@uk In reply to No way did no ...

That post was written by a colleague and (supposed) mate who borrowed my workstation to run up some stats programs but decided to blacken my name. He's a Rugby player, thinks your national sport is for wussies - all that padding - and is pretty right-wing from my point of view but you all would reckon he's a pinko communist whatever.

Me - I'm mostly Welsh so I consider the English to be immigrants and invaders and I'd like to send them home to Jutland, Norway, etc.

I think that WW1 and WW2 are best only remembered for who died and on that basis, the Russians saved both our butts in WW2. If Hitler had had the sense to avoid a war on two fronts then we'd ALL be speaking German.

However, on a lighter note, I give you the words of my late father and the first "Yank" he met. Dad was a sargeant in the RAF from 1938 through to the end of the war.

"Well, son, it was like this, see. He came swaggering into the Holly Bush like he owned the f**king place and made a bee-line straight for your mam. "I'm going to give you a Christmas kiss", says he. So I steps in and taps him on the shoulder and tells him "You try to kiss my wife and you kiss my fist". I was on a charge the next day but it was worth it. Three of the b*ggers we put away.

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Well Neil....if all of we yanks were like that

by Packet Spoofer In reply to It wasn't me - but...

guy, then I would probably move to the other side of the pond myself.....but.....our a$$#*les get more attention than our gentleman do.

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by ProtiusX In reply to American Debt

As much as I love the Brit?s I don?t see how you might say that we will always be in your debt? Is this tongue in cheek or are you serious. Please explain.

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Not me again but I'm willing to argue

by neilb@uk In reply to England?

That post - like the earlier "pot-stirring" one was written by a colleague and (supposed) mate who decided to blacken my name.

Should you want to address anything to him, his names Luke, he's a serious Rugby player and thinks your national sport is for wussies - all that padding. He's gone home for the day but he'll read anything tomorrow.

He's what we'd call a s**t-stirrer in England.

Me - I'm mostly Welsh so I consider the English to be immigrants and invaders and I'd like to send them home to Jutland, Norway, etc.

As for being in our debt - well, we gave you most of the basic building blocks of your governmental, judicial and economic systems - complete with all the faults. We gave you a big chunk of your culture and lots of our best people. But, hey, I said "gave" - so no debt. What you've done with them all since is entirely home made.

You have given us back lots of good stuff over the years - Micro$oft, McDonalds, Dallas and spin-offs, chewing gum, SUVs (on our roads!!), war in Iraq, the list is endless.

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Go Wolves!

by ProtiusX In reply to Not me again but I'm will ...

Actually I would agree with your friend that American football is for girly-men whereas Rugby is a real mans sport. Love it! I enjoy Australian rules football as well but it?s harder to get here in the US.
I love the British. I had actually dreamed of moving to North England or Scotland for a time but I couldn?t convince my wife to go. I am fascinated by British culture and cuisine. I am making a Christmas pudding this year but I am finding some of the ingredients hard to find.
I am reading the Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell and I am fascinated by English history. One question that eludes me though ? (please forgive my ignorance) what is the difference between ?English? and ?British??

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Mongrel race...Off topic a bit??

by neil@home_in_UK In reply to Go Wolves!

Major fun about nationality, here. So from the top...

The country is the United Kingdom - all of whose inhabitants are British - and this is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland which has the English, Scots, Welsh and Ulstermen. The complete set of islands make up Great Britain - hence the name British - which strictly speaking includes Ireland but they are their own sovereign country, now, so they can get a bit upset.

Me, I'm English born although of mostly Welsh ancestry and I feel English first and don't really label myself "British" although if someone else wants to label me thus, then OK. Some people feel British first and some people see themselves as European, then British, then whatever.

I'm probably closer to "pure blood" than most Englishmen - being Celt - as the number of invaders we've had from the Romans up to the Normans means that everyone is a pretty mix!

National pride is something not too many of us get serious about - except in sports - and if someone burnt the Union Jack in front of me then I'd laugh at them wasting their money.

WE ARE BETTER THAN THE FRENCH! We've spent that last several hundred years either saving or kicking thir a$$e$.

Go for it with the Sharpe books a lovely collection of stories of the last time we gave the French a kicking. They have made a superb TV series of them all (if you can suspend belief with about 500 extras only for Waterloo) but I don't suppose that you can see them over the pond. They are avilable on DVD from Amazon, though, but maybe not in your TV format.

Neil (in his armchair, sipping a margarita)

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Woof Woof!

by mlandis In reply to Mongrel race...Off topic ...

Whatever the heck pure blood is - right now yours is tainted with tequila. So you are part Mexican then?

Truthfully, I was very distressed when I read that the Paul Revere group wants to close Borders. I don't understand why - it is a fairly decent bookselling chain, and as far as I know has done nothing to offend anyone. I would miss the one in Fort Lee, NJ were they to close up shop.

The competition between England and Spain (when they were both powers of the western world) has been over and several centuries now. But here in the US the one remnant of that competition yet resides in the bilingual controversy. When I speak Spanish (or anything else )and am told "This is America -speak English!" I have the greatest fun reminding the "eejit" that Puerto Rico is a territory of the US, and when Puerto Ricans started coming over to the mainland there had to be a bilingual policy as she is a territory.

My riposte usually gets results such as stammers and yammers.I then return to my conversation - in Spanish. The fact that other immigrants from Spanish-speaking nations have benefitted from this policy is not their fault.


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To Be an American

by ProtiusX In reply to Woof Woof!

The official language of this country has always been English (if not a bastardized form of it as my British friends will point out). Point being is that in the immortal words of Bill Murray in ?Stripes? ?We are mutts?. Americans come from all walks, nationalities, creeds and races. One of the things that has bound us together is a common tongue. When people immigrated to the US they had to learn English in order to fit in and survive. Their children born in the US grew up and were encouraged to speak English first and their parent?s language second. If we digress (in the name of tolerance and political correctness) to a multilingual culture we will no longer hold as tightly together and will loose our national identity or that which makes us uniquely American.
As for Borders book store ? I prefer Barnes and Nobles. Well, truth be known I discovered the Seattle Public Library for my fiction. What fantastic ideas ? One can check out a book free of charge, read it and then return it for another. Will Wonders never cease!

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by ProtiusX In reply to Mongrel race...Off topic ...

That actually clears up a lot. When I am reading the Sharpe books there is often a reference to banter between someone from Wales or Scotland, or Northumberland.
I am reading Sharpe?s Trafalgar now and it very accurately describes the bloody carnage that took place during the naval campaign of Lord Horatio Nelson.

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Freedom and democracy

by JamesRL In reply to The Paul Revere Society

Freedom means more than being free to support your point of view. Its freedom of speech, even when that speech isn't what you want to hear. Its freedom of religion, even when that religion supports things that run counter to your religious values.

Democracy means respecting the will of the people. You seem to think the majority supports you. But the people who put in some of the masures above that you oppose also think they have the support of the majority.

Let me go through the list:
1. Support Traditional Marriage. So if we support the idea that marriage is a good thing, and you don't deny non-christians the right to marry in their faith, why would you deny people of different sexual orientations to marry, in a civil ceremeony or in a church thats upports them. Certainly a married gay couple is more stable than an unmarried one.

2. Close the borders now. The border patrol has been trying that for years. It costs a fortune and they still get through. Is it illegal immigrants you fear, or is it immigrants of any non-english background.

3. Deport all illegal immigrants now. This is the law - what do you propose doing? Hiring more enforcement? I do think that some illegal immigrants may have a refugee case, but hey.

4. Eliminate bilingual education. What happened to states rights? If a state wants to offer it, and the citizens of a state want to pay for it - why not? Here in Canada, we have lots of english speaking parents sending their english speaking kids to french immersion. Their choice.

5. Health tests for all recent foreign born. What are they getting at? Canadian babies have a lower infant mortality rate than US babies, so should Caanda require health tests such as you propose?

6. Make tax cuts permanent. If I had a preference, I wouldn't pay any tax. But as I approve of some government services, and as the government has a debt, I wouldn't put tax relief ahead of debt reduction. Think of yourself as the government - should you not pay off your mortgage and your credit cards before you go from a full time job to a part time one?

7. End Affirmative Action. I am heartened to see that America has made great strides in race relations. But do you think that there is equal opportunity for all? Thats the acid test. I don't like the idea of descriminating to balance descrimination, but until the playing field is more level....

8. Tort reform. Now here is where we can easily agree. We have a less litigious society in Canada. And it means that our costs for insurance etc are alot less. And thats a good thing. But reform doesn't necessarily require demolition. Surely some class action suits are justified - if you were a victim of corporate pollution, which a company did in order to inprove profits, would you not want a share of those profits if you suffered health problems? I would suggest that things need to be moderated, but not eliminated.

As for foreign aid, I heard a statistic this morning that the US and other western countries made a committment in 1970 to end world poverty by spending 0.7 % of their gross domestic product in foreign aid. Of the countries that made that committment, the US has the worst record - as a percentage of GDP they pay the least. Do you actually think it will pay off the debt?


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