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The Paul Revere Society

By ProtiusX ·
These are the goals of the Paul Revere Society

1. Support Traditional Marriage
2. Close the Borders now.
3. Deport all illegal immigrants now.
4. Eliminate bilingual education in all states.
5. Require health tests for all recent foreign born
Some say that the borders are arbitrary, English is only one of many languages in our new "Multicultural America," and that we share no common history or values.
6. Make tax cuts permanent.
7. End Affirmative Action
8. Tort Reform - Stop Class Action Lawyers.

If we as Americans stood together and accomplished these goals we would go along way in making this a vestige of Freedom and true Democracy for every American. One thing I would add and that would be stop foreign aid until we have paid off the American Debt.

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by jkaras In reply to The Paul Revere Society

1. The talk of traditional marriage is rediculous. If your marriage will work the two people involved have to make it work, no other factors can destroy that, and if it does then it wasnt a good decision in the first place, take responsibilty. Currently there is too much adultery, spousal abuse, childish divorces that cant let go of a failed marriage. By believing in that traditional marrige will save our society is like ducking and covering during a nuclear attack.

2. I like my freedom and I wont part with it. I wont be carrying a passport or questioned whenever I go places, to appease some sort of false sense of security. When it is your time to go, its your time, life and death cant be stopped. We have only been attacked on our soil, what three times? To me thats a great track record, how many other countries can make that boast?

3. Deport them you say? How much would you pay for your produce? How many Americans will go into a field and pick these crops for less than a dollar an hour? So shall we pay them 8.50 an hour plus benefits? Are you going to pay $5 a pound for an apple?Are we going to ban all American companies from having their manufacturing plants in all other countries only to cost millions to investors and to the entire stockmarket as the companies go bankrupt forcing Americans here to get laid off? Our dollar, trade, and businesses assist in balancing world economy, we screw them, they screw us its that simple. What about tourism? Think it will survive the just stay in our shell? We were founded on the melting pot theory for a reason, all cultures contribute into the evolution of our society. there maybe some bad apples but there are quite a few that make major contributions whether noticed or not. I like diversity it what makes us strong. I like seeing other colors in people.

4. As for eliminating bilingual education but to graduate high school, or any degree needs a foriegn language, all other countries must learn multiple languages, not just one, they got it right. Also how do expect we create diplomats to talk to other countries? Should we all just buy language for dummies books for those who want to become diplomats, or special forces to beable to communicate to others when trying to find, oh I dont know Bin Ladden? So the world should just learn to speak English? How arrogant and ignorant

5. Health tests? If you went to a bar would you ask or provide your I'm free of aids card? I'm sure you will get quite lucky with that line. If you dont want to be apart of others culture than hide away like an agoraphobic. So each time you are stuck in customs will you wait for hours for a medical test thats public information? Nothing can guarantee a germ free society.

6. I believe in certain tax cuts but nothing should be cast in stone when it comes to our economy, because it is in a constant state of flux. If our leaders are soo brilliant as they are labled then they could make the right decisions at the right time, afterall thats the point of making good decisions, not a template. But I do agree that something needs to be done.

7. I wish we could remove it however racism is alive and well not only in America but all over the world. Being white and a male I am privledged over a black person, asian, or a woman for that matter. Many so called white geniuses have destroyed our economy because they were more qualified. I believe in the right person for the job, but until we get past these antiquated stereotypes can we evolve.

8. As for class action lawyers I feel that in some instances they maintain the balance to scare major corporations from completely taking advantage of the workers. I am against lawsuits like sueing a neighbor for not fencing their pool when your child drowns. If you had the time to have the child its your responsibility to take care of it and blaming another is so wrong. Also getting into a fight and suing for millions or thousands, end frivolous lawsiuts and that begins with the judges excercising common sense vs. someone getting hurt seriously due to a car wreck.

This idea of a Paul Revere society is stupid, racist, and unrealistic. The point of a democracy is to protect the little guy who cant stand up for themselves not pander to the majority, without it their is no freedom from persecution, life or liberty, nor hte pursuit of happiness. If we abandon these founding principles we forfit our right as Americans. I normally agree with you on many things but this? You have got to be kidding me.

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by MirrorMirror In reply to Whoa

The point of a democracy is to allow all people involved in that democracy to have a voice. However, since in democracies we vote, then the majority does rule. Right now it seems more and more that we bow to all the right wing and left wing elements because they have lots of access to the media. Their views generate a lot of money for the media thus that is why you see a lot about some very radical views. However, when these views go to a vote, they are often turned down. We need to find the place near the middle where even the little guy does not feel extremely alienated. Discussion needs to happen in depth on all of these issues but absolute stances cannot be tolerated.

We are a society of diverse cultures. I like it. Instead of shouting at each other that "It is my way of the highway" which tears down America, we should be finding our common ground. I know what that common ground is...We all love this place called America because of the privliges and freedoms we have. Sappy?? Maybe. But just look at how we banded together after 9/11. The love showed through.

It is my greatest hope that cooler heads will prevail in the issues laid out here.

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A little common Sense

by ProtiusX In reply to Whoa

I will discuss your points one by one:

1) ?The talk of traditional marriage is ridiculous?.
I would say that talk of non-traditional marriage is ridiculous. When I refer to traditional marriage I am speaking about a marriage between one man and one woman. This is NOT a solely Christian concept. I think Jews and Muslims would agree with me with my definition. Your argument is not logical nor to the point. How do failed marriages and spousal abuse abdicate gay marriage? It?s absurd. Marriage is the foundation of the family and the family is the foundation of this country. If we destroy the underpinnings of the family we destroy the foundation of this country.

2) Now perhaps I was not as clear as I should have been but I fail to understand how your statement about carrying ID around with you everywhere you go has to do with closing the borders? For that matter I think you have to have ID for anything these days. Want to drive? You?ve got to have a license. Want to open a checking account? You?ve got to have ID. Now as for people checking your ID all the time I don?t see that happening. I agree that the average citizen should expect a certain amount of privacy and should only be asked for ID when he or she is suspected with some malfeasance. As for being attacked on our soil ? Ask those people who lost family members during the 9/11 attacks whether three times is a great track record.

3) What I am advocating is the deportation of all illegal immigrants who knowingly and unlawfully entered this country. If you are worried about a cheap labor force we can focus our efforts on rewarding those immigrants who do come here legally and thereby set the standard for others to follow. I must say that I am confused about your argument. On the one hand you say that tort lawyers are a check against big business and protect the little guy and then on the other you advocate a virtual slave labor force that is paid a substandard wage so we can keep the price of our produce low. I agree with you that this country is a homogenous conglomeration of multiple cultures, races and creeds and we have benefited from them all. Strong border control has nothing to do with race relations or changes legal immigration.

4) I should have stated this differently. What this means is that regular classes should be taught in English only. This is not referring to language classes.

5) Communicable diseases have increased dramatically in the United States since NAFTA. TB for starters is rampant in certain migrant worker communities. Aids is like any other communicable disease and as a nation we can and should attempt to protect our citizens from external threats such as disease carrying agents. I don?t think this is unreasonable.

6) I have said before that I believe that the money I earn is mine and if the government is going to take it they should be accountable for it?s proper use. There are several well renowned economists who agree with the Presidents decision to free up more wealth for the economy to grow through these hard times. Please do not berate me with this tax cuts for the wealthy because that is utter tosh. I am not wealthy and I was affected by the Presidents tax cuts and so were a lot of liberals out there who won?t admit as much.

7) Affirmative action didn?t work in the first place. At best it pandered to minority groups and at worst it caused this nation to fall into a lull of mediocrity where the lowest common denominator was the rule of the day. Any consideration of race or color is racism. You agree with me that affirmative action was at it?s very core racist so how can you defend something that is inherently wrong? I believe that questions of race or gender should be irrelevant to the point of illegality. What this means is that if you are applying for s scholarship or a bank loan or a job and someone asks for you race or gender then that person has broken the law. We should be a nation a race blind people and we can only accomplish this by teaching our children that one?s color or gender is irrelevant.

Torte Lawyers are thieves and should be imprisoned. Torte law is extortion at is basest form. Think about it. I as a torte lawyer go out and recruit ten thousand ?victims? and get them to join my class action law suit and select me as their representative. I file suite against some company on behalf of these ?poor unfortunate souls? and then settle with the companies lawyers for say $1200 for each client. I get 30% right off the top which is 3.6 million. Each person gets $1164. So who wins here?
The Paul Revere society could most appropriately be described as a being for traditional American values and common sense. To advocate racial blindness is not racism but its antithesis.

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thanks for the clarification

by jkaras In reply to A little common Sense

1. You and I will probably never agree on this issue because your foundation of your argument is based off religion. Regardless of the moralistic rules of any religion we are supposed to have a separation of church and state which we dont. All religions impart a moralistic wisdom that that makes a better world and not so better world all the time, nothing is perfect, especially religion since its concept is created and governed by man. Religion to me is against homosexuality because it is self defeating that homosexuality doesnt repopulate the society. History has shown that if the population of said religion doesnt reproduce the religion will die out due to small numbers being replaced by a larger more excepted one. To me the fight over this right to marriage is to grant gay people the same economic benefits that anyone else should get ie insurance and tax breaks. Just because they are different doesnt negate their right to equality. If the church or other religions want to ban this then it is their right, but not their right to force a judge from performing his duty under religious law. To me equating marriage as the backbone is a false statement, your choice to love and do right is and single parents have a stronger commitment to their children than a married couple, because they dont have much to fall back on. We can argue till we are blue in the face, but that is my stance and I respect yours despite my aversion.

2. My stance on the I.D. thing is a fear of attack that we have be more stringent on a daily basis that will cascade from stricter borders. I am for more safety but that's the price we pay for our free society. Yes we need i.d.s but I dont want it to get out of hand, which it has that possibility. Do I want more security yes, but lets not act like a red scare. As for the attack issue, any loss of life whether civilian or military is horrible and just think how the world lost out on many lives that could have impacted everyones lives only to be cut short. You or I will never know their smile, laugh, insight etc... but that's life and tradedy happens every second around the world whether noticed or not. i do not make light of these losses, but certain people are pushing peoples fear buttons to facilitate their own personal adgendas. Everyone now is tuaght to fear the other that they will attack, hurt, or cheat you. its wise to be wary but shutting the world out will not furhter produce understanding nor evolution is my point. Learn from our mistakes and dont start new ones out of fear and ignorance. We both as well as many strive for this perfection that our loved ones and others that we do not know will never experience this horror. But many nations have had this reality ten fold to our total attacks.

3. There is no perfect answer to this solution but we as a nation as well as lets say Mexico have benefitted from this odd alliance to help stablized our economies. The point I was talking about is this: Is the reason for this issue about national security, providing jobs for Americans, or an excuse to facilitae racism to remove those who are not white, merley browns? I hate that these people get paid slave wages, but once here they have an oppronuity to do other things and become more. There is no morality in business, its all profit and exploitation and we all hide behind the facade of professionalism while ruining others lives for said profit. I want change but arbitrarily deporting these people who stimulate our economy by investing in America is rewarded harshly, beacuse its been allowed for decades not recently, all eyes have been turned away as long as it benefits us. How sad in a moralistic society we have. We send manufacturing plants to their country because we can get cheap labor not pay them career wages to stabalize their economy or offer medical benefits as Americans do and as long as our products ar echeaper we buy them not boycott these companies. European countries dont have the problem we do in immigration because they make it easy for others to profit form their land and they dont have too many problems. Bottom line is what in it for us rather than the melting pot theory. I do differ that isolationalism is counter productive and tourism will drop off if we maintain that only America for Americans. Profit comes from many places and I like visitors or others that become Americans and embrace our freedom which we are trying to influence in other countries to model themselves after us.

4. Touche. I agree that English needs to be taught as a first language but I really dont see it as a big deal, only fear of other cultures influence. To me I just dont see European societies falling or disappearing at merging cultures especially when our entire culture is made up of every culture and nothing that is uniquely born here albeit the sum of all.

5. I agree that improvements are needed to better protect us since our medical situation is rather sub par controlled by profit, not need. My point is, to what end will we take this "fear"? Since you are a religious person, I take it, then God has a plan. Be smart not foolish, but you can see if people are lead to believe that the illness factors are because of foreigners and not poor self judgements to their own health than it could be bad. Improve awareness, invest in more avalibilty to care for these factors then.

6. I agree with your stance on this I just point out that there cant be a set standard, freedom and prosperity has a price and I for one dont mind paying for it. We both agree that change and a better solution is needed, what that is I couldnt fathom.

7. I do agree with the point that it it an excersize in racism. Its original intention was to level the playing field because their is a massive racial hatred worldwide and pretty titles ect cant change that, however you dont see too many minority management, politians. Do you think a jewish man, black man, or a woman will or could become president today? Its sad to say that no, nor is equal pay a reality today, if not now then when? Until people decide to play nice like we are taught as a child we have to have this bad system, how sad.

8. My stance is that the penalties for said lawsuits need to be governed with common sense not loopholes nor standard templates of punishments. My point is if I have to have an eye removed and a doctor takes the good one than he should pay hefty sum, not a couple thousand for his mistake because a law states a standard in tune with pulling a wrong tooth. Our politians can re-write the laws, but they choose not to allowing rediculous lawsuits like a celebrity striking someone and the victim getting a multimillion dollar settlement. The gets manipulated unjustly and needs reform, but needs checks and balances in place.

We are not so different but differ slightly on certain issues while agreeing on many. we both want a better tommorow but many people are brow beat into belief systems that controll us to not strive or expect that as long as we pay someone to fix the problem, that we dont have a responsibility to force change. Good points.

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Well Said

by ProtiusX In reply to thanks for the clarificat ...

You are right. We agree on many things and disagree on a few. But then we?re Americans and are allowed to disagree with one another. I thank you for your response as it was thoughtful and articulate.

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by zackysdad In reply to Whoa

On #4 (stamping out bilingual ed and the influence of any "other" culture):

Q. What do you call somebody who speaks three languages?

A. Trilingual.

Q. What do you call somebody who speaks two languages?

A. Bilingual.

Q. What do you call somebody who speaks one language?

A. American.

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by ProtiusX In reply to Know-Nothingism

Such wit! Such flare! It was even maybe a little bit funny. I?ll admit that the original post was not worded properly. I should have said that general classes should be taught in English as this is our officially recognized national language and is one of the bonding factors that hold us together as a nation.

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Paul Revere himself

by john.a.wills In reply to The Paul Revere Society

What would Paul Revere have thought of the aims of the society named after him?

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He was a rabid American

by ProtiusX In reply to Paul Revere himself

Think he along with his kin would have revolted a long time ago but that is another topic all together. They had a fit and fell in it when their tea was taxed but they would have screamed bloody murder if they could see the taxes we pay today.

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Inappropriate Use Of Tech Republic Boards

by t165 In reply to The Paul Revere Society

First of all this is an inappropriate area for posts such as yours as it in no way relates to IT.
Second your post illustrates that bigotry is still all too common. The scary thing is that now thanks to technology the bigots of the world can spread their message of intolerance to millions with just a few mouse clicks.
Third as anyone with half of a brain will tell you Affirmative Action is a thing of the past. All of the laws and bills related to Affirmative Action have expired. The funny thing is that as affirmative action laws expired there was no great outcry amongst the masses but let two consenting adults make the choice to spend their lives together with all the legal rights that they should have and the Jerry Fallwell(Jerry's Kids) devotees come out swinging.

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