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The Paul Revere Society

By ProtiusX ·
These are the goals of the Paul Revere Society

1. Support Traditional Marriage
2. Close the Borders now.
3. Deport all illegal immigrants now.
4. Eliminate bilingual education in all states.
5. Require health tests for all recent foreign born
Some say that the borders are arbitrary, English is only one of many languages in our new "Multicultural America," and that we share no common history or values.
6. Make tax cuts permanent.
7. End Affirmative Action
8. Tort Reform - Stop Class Action Lawyers.

If we as Americans stood together and accomplished these goals we would go along way in making this a vestige of Freedom and true Democracy for every American. One thing I would add and that would be stop foreign aid until we have paid off the American Debt.

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by JamesRL In reply to Inappropriate Use Of Tech ...

In most newsgroups(and I've been on newsgroups for 10 years) its considered polite to lurk and understand a bit of the culture before you dive in and post. If you had done that, you would note that a) this kind of posting is common and accepted here and b) you don't happen to be the arbiter of what is and is not appopriate here.

Secondly you use the term bigotry and you yourself proivde a bigoted example to back it up. Good on you! Half a brain - thats really accepting of you....

You will find that you will get more acceptance for your ideas if you show a little respect for your fellow posters.


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James.....I agree with your post

by Packet Spoofer In reply to Netiquette

This guy comes off like he is a TR moderator....

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by ProtiusX In reply to Netiquette

That is bloody brilliant! I have added this new word to my lexicon and will use it as much as possible over the following days and weeks! Netiquette! It rolls off the tongue much the same was as ?twaddle?. Wonderful!

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by t165 In reply to Netiquette

Lets disect this question post bit by bit.

I am not a lurker and resent being referred to as such. If you took a little time to look at my profile you would be able to quickly ascertain that fact (10k v 5k). How long you have been in newsgroups is really quite irrelevant to subject at hand.
(In most newsgroups(and I've been on newsgroups for 10 years) its considered polite to lurk and understand a bit of the culture before you dive in and post. If you had done that, you would note that a) this kind of posting is common and accepted here and )

You are right that I am not the arbiter of what is appropriate here. What I am for the record is an African-American female in a non-traditional career who is extremely offended by the statements made by the orginal poster. I am further offended that those statements would be embraced by other individuals.
(you don't happen to be the arbiter of what is and is not appopriate here.)

I would like to know how the term with half of a brain is bigotry. There are a lot of minority groups out there but I have yet to meet one which falls into that category. I fear that by your definition we would all be bigots.

I am not looking for acceptance of my ideas. Fitting in or blending in with the group has never been a personal aspiration of mine nor a realistic goal.
(You will find that you will get more acceptance for your ideas if you show a little respect for your fellow posters.)

This is how genocide starts. Individuals spout ideas and rhetoric which can only be classified as racist. People who know it's wrong allow them to spread their hatred by remaining silent. I refuse to sit idly by as statements like this are posted. And if you choose to do so you are just as guilty as the person who made the statements. It is the same thing as when someone tells a racist joke and you don't think it is funny but you don't tell the person that it is offensive either.

I realize that I am in the minority here in more ways than one but am at a loss as to how you could be offended by my post but not by the content of the original post.

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Calm down!

by neil@home_in_UK In reply to

I've been a watcher on TR post since March and finally reckoned that I could poke in the occasional pointed stick recently.

This corner of TR's forums has a relatively number of *very* regular contributors and most of the posts follow a standard pattern of people taking extreme positions and then - mostly - beating each other up. This is their playground and if you don't like the rules of the game, then go away!

To suggest, as you do, that "this is how genocide starts" is hyperbole beyond all imagining.


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Define why you posted....

by JamesRL In reply to

You may have been posting in the Q&A section, as do I (and this is my second ID if you are keeping score of points, I don't really), but you have not been diving into these discussions. And these types of discussion have been common here.

I don't particularly care about your race, colour or sex. I don't agree with the original poster either, but I didn't resort to ad hominem attack by calling him a half brain. What I meant by bigotry is that you asserted that the person who doesn't agree with you must be stupid. Thats the height of conceit and arrogance. I don't agree with many of the posts here, but that doesn't mean I consider those of opposing views to be "half brained". Shall I define bigot from One who is strongly partial to one's own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.
I would say that "half brain" is bigoted statement by that yardstick.

I'm not asking you to look for acceptance - I suggested that ideas matter, and if you tone down the rhetoric, those who might be inclined to support you or who sit on the fence might hear the thought and not just the noise. You do your own arguments a disservice.

Trust me, I am not in any way starting genocide. Racist is a strong word. I've also not only interrupted racist jokes, but taken HR action against what I have seen in the workplace.

I am not offended that you attacked the orginal poster, it was the tone and tenor of your argument, and your argument that this discussion should not take place here. Tech Republic has not moderated this forum or placed limits on free speech here. They certainly have the right - so in the absense of that - the group itself can police itself.

I don't defend the aims and goals of the Paul Revere society, but I defend the rights of Protius to espouse them, as long as he is not advocating violence. I also defend your right to attack his views. But I merely suggest that unless your goal is simply to vent your spleen, if your goal is to persaude others of the justice of your cause, you might stick a little closer to the high road. There is no point in wrestling in the mud with a pig - you get covered in mud and pig sh$t and the pig enjoys it.

And I don't know if it was your intent to infer that I am racist, by inaction -don't even go there.


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Did you say Pig?

by ProtiusX In reply to Define why you posted....

That's MISTER PIG!!!! Sorry I got lost in the moment for a second. Hakuna Matata! I guess I would be the pig in this analogy but trust me when I say I don't wallow in my own feces. I concur with you totally and I said as much. I guess I would like to hear from the rest of you as well because I don?t think that I am way out of line here. Perhaps I should start another thread on Affirmative Action being a racist enterprise.
One thing that I want to make abundantly clear (and those of you who have read my posts before can attest to this) is that I am a Christian (firstly), an American secondly and a human being thirdly. I advocate violence or repression to no one.

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by JamesRL In reply to Did you say Pig?

You should now come and clean my screen.

Ever hear of an analogy????


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Sorry mate

by ProtiusX In reply to ROFL

I probably failed to communicate effectivly. I was trying to be funny with the pig remark as I thought you were. No harm done. I wasn't offended in the least and I hope you weren't either. I'm not sure what ROFL means but I hope it was a good thing. ;o)I had to look it up. ROFL Roll on the floor laughing. Good! I am glad someone thinks I am funny!

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Let us discuss this

by ProtiusX In reply to

I am the originator of this post and I am interested to hear why you are offended by what I have said. I am not a bigot. I have not nor do I now condone racism of any kind. I had stated that Affirmative action is racist ideology at its core as it gives preference to one based upon their race, color or gender. I have stated before that I am color blind and I don?t care if your purple and have three legs and two spouses of the same sex ? If you can do the job then I will hire you. How is that bigoted or racist? I am for EQUAL rights for all and SPECIAL rights for none. I believe the national Negro college fund is racist because it gives special consideration to people who are of African descent. I believe that the Ms. Black America pageant is racist. I believe that institution that considers race, color or gender at all is prejudicial and should be outlawed.
I am not a racist and I would like to hear your views on why you believe what I have said constitutes racism in any way.

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