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The polls are open; check in when you've voted!

By CharlieSpencer ·
If time is money, it's time to put your money where your keyboard is. The polls are open, at least on the east coast. Show us you're more than just a voice on the web: get in line and pull the handle, punch the card, touch the screen, check the box, or whatever method your precinct uses. Then come back here and let us know you've taken advantage of the right so many have given time and life to defend.

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Three blocks from my house

by jdclyde In reply to make up for beiing late?

so it is easy to get in and out just as they open up.

The part that slowed me down was the polls don't open until about 20 minutes after I am already on the highway.

Working salary, so it just has to be close. No one TOLD me to do that, but I make a point to not give anyone a reason to beotch, ya know?

It took longer to fill out the ballot than the time I spent in line.

Another advantage, it is a poorer district in town, and many must not vote because there is NEVER longer than a 15 minute wait.

Will have to drive by this evening to see if the lazy can drag themselves off of their couches.

Nice weather, so that won't be a factor.

The only thing left is if there is anything good on TV tonight or not..... ;\

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Ahh, the three hour lunch break! a Canuck's best friend.

by Oz_Media In reply to make up for beiing late?

One of my anual favorites, "I am going to go vote (10AM) I'll see you at 1, after I have voted and had lunch. :)

Of course I don' tvote in Canada's election, even though they try to get me to every year, I don't want to give up my LI/PRS just to vote for the Canadian wankers.

It is actually easier for me to register as a US absentee voter, as I pay taxes in teh US and they let just about anyone in teh world cast a vote for the US election. That in itself is enough to deter me though, plus they'd really nail me for more taxes on my US income too. As it is now, I keep a US bank account and just leave money there for conducting business or when travelling in the US. With the Canadian dollar so low right now, it is tempting to exchange a bunch of it though.

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Looooong lines

by GSG In reply to The polls are open; check ...

They had to combine 3 voting places into one due to construction at 2 places, so I expected long lines. I didn't expect the over 500 people before the doors even opened.

I admit that they were extremely well-organized and despite the long line, I was out of there in 40 minutes. A friend was in a much quieter precinct, about 40th in line, and it took an hour becuase they weren't so well organized.

What got me was that they had young high-schoolers set it all up, and direct people through the lines. Those kids were so excited to be part of the process and they did an excellent job.

I also noticed quite a few people had their kids with them. I'm talking 10-12 years old, and they were explaining the process and walking them through all of it. That was good to see.

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The irritating thing is

by jimmy-jam In reply to Looooong lines

I made the comment when I was standing in line "Boy I don't remember standing in this kind of line LAST November" It would be great if the turn out was that good every year.

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Maybe, maybe not

by jdclyde In reply to The irritating thing is

I am more irritated by ignorant people voting based upon a bumpersticker. An uninformed vote is not a good thing. They undermine the value of the whole system.

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That's a valid point

by jimmy-jam In reply to Maybe, maybe not

I fear there are too many people that are going to be voting today based on an emotion without actually know what the candidate they are voting for stands for.

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There was a movement at one of the candidates rallies

by jdclyde In reply to That's a valid point

telling people to stop thinking and start feeling.

Not to hard to figure out which that would be and why.

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My ten year old son

by maecuff In reply to Looooong lines

Is very interested in the whole process. My mother and my older son will be taking him with them to the polls when they vote today.

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Almost 2 1/2 hours!

by cupcake In reply to My ten year old son

Thought I was being clever by being there early (polls
opened at 6:00, I was there about 6:30)... wow! Voted at
the local community college and the line snaked out of the
Student Center, through the campus, and around the
parking lot! We used the fill-in-the-oval paper ballots
and had registration check in 6 lines! Still cannot believe it
took so long. Thank heavens, my company allows up to 4
hours of paid time to vote.

Brought my 13 year with me, though this being a very momentous election. He ran the ballot through the
scanner... was very curious about the whole thing.

Glad I am done... I think things will be worse as the day
wears on... they are predicting upwards of 80% voter
turnout in my state.

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45 minutes in Pittsburgh, and they had extra staff and machines

by DelbertPGH In reply to Looooong lines

Usually for a Presidential election there are a few people standing outside the door to the gym of the Dilworth school, but today there was a line that ran twice across the playground and out the gate. That was at 7:20 AM, 20 minutes after the polls opened. This is by far the most people I've ever seen voting, whether in the evening or first thing in the morning.

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