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The Pope and the Catholic Church

By TheChas ·
Rather than risk corrupting Oz's positive thread in respect of Pope John Paul II, I am starting this thread for open comments on the teachings of Pope John Paul and the Catholic faith.

On sexuality:
Catholic teaching on sexuality provides that sexual relations are a gift from God to be shared between one man and one woman.
Further, sexual relations must not preclude the possibility of creating a child.

If one follows the teachings of the church, there is no need for birth control or abortion because one would only have sex with ones partner when a pregnancy would not cause a problem.

On Gay rights:
Pope John Paul was very forthright in the concept of love the sinner, hate the sin.
People and governments should not discriminate against Gay individuals.

However, homosexual intercourse is a sin.

The Catholic Church is very willing to accept anyone who is willing to repent and forsake their actions that could be considered sinful.

On medical research:
Artificial conception, embryonic stem cell research and cloning are considered to be inappropriate.

This is all to do with the teachings of the sanctity of the human body as a temple of the Lord.

As I do, the Catholic Church does not support the concept of the ends justifying the means.

Yes, there is potential good that might come from embryonic stem cell research. However, since life begins at conception, taking one life in attempt to save another is not right.

I am no theologian, nor am I as well versed in Catholic doctrine as I would desire. Still, I will come back from time to time and respond to those comments I can.


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Hypocrisy of religion.

by tbragsda In reply to Hey thanks

Its in all religions. It is by far the most despicable part of organized religion. Its hard to ?practice what you preach? in a political environment like the Catholic Church. Too many to please to stick to your moral roots, and keep the flock in order.

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The problem with all religions

by JamesRL In reply to Hypocrisy of religion.

Is that people on earth run the religious organizations. Their failing project onto the church.


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by free_lo2002 In reply to Hypocrisy of religion.

Ever heard of faith?
Ever heard of free will?
Ever heard of mercy and forgiveness?

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Ask the church ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Sorry...

Are you free to be gay ?
Are you free to have a different faith or none ?
Is it merciful to demonise someone in order to make them conform to your beliefs ?
Can you forgive them for threatening your faith by holding a different one ?

Ever heard of "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone ?"
Whether you are with or without sin as soon as you cast a stone, don't act surprised when someone chucks one back !
You need a much better aim to be effective with missiles, verbal or physical.

Note if you operate within a system of beliefs/ethics you are free to choose what they comprise, but you are not free to act outside them without being judged by your own standards.

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One minor note...

by Jessie In reply to The Pope and the Catholic ...

though I'm not a GOOD Catholic per se, I am Catholic, and I have a minor correction on the issue of birth control. There is one "acceptable" method of birth control, aside from abstinence, and that is natural family planning. No, this is not "the rythm method." When practiced as it should be, Natural family planning is as effective as the pill. It involves daily temperature taking, checking cervical mucus, and uterine position, actually very scientific and extremely accurate. You guys should all go read the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" and learn more than you ever wanted to know about the female reproductive system.

The Catholic church's position on sex within marriage is that there should be no "man-made" barriers to conception, but if you're going to have sex only at those times when you're 99.9 percent sure you won't conceive, this is a good thing.

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Well that lets us heathen Protestants off the hook!!!

by sleepin'dawg In reply to One minor note...

Never have understood the celibacy issue of the priesthood. In fact there were no restrictions on priests being married until sometime in the eighth or ninth centuries and in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries it is a well established fact that many priests, bishops and popes fathered children out of wedlock. What qualifies a celibate bachelor to be able to comment on marital problems. What terms of reference could he justifiably use??? It's never made sense to me and there are no biblical strictures regarding marriage or celibacy of the priesthood. The whole idea of papal infalibility is another thing I can't grasp. The pope is a man. Men make mistakes, otherwise they aren't human. If he isn't human then what is he and don't tell me about devine inspiration. That's a cop out and is used far to often to justify the errors and sins of the clergy. Even if it were possible how would the inspiree know for certain he was truly inspired and not halucinating. The miracle is why so many have remained loyal to Roman Catholicism in its present form.

I guess the above guarantees me a warm reception in the hereafter, assuming that there is a hereafter.

Dawg ]:)

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Priests and marriage

by dale lad In reply to Well that lets us heathen ...

I believe that priests were able to get married right up until the Church worked out it was cheaper to keep one man than one man and his family.

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There is one way

by JamesRL In reply to Well that lets us heathen ...

If you are a married Anglican priest, and you decide to convert to Roman Catholic, the RC chruch will accept you as a priest and accept the fact that you are married. If your wife dies or you get divorced however, you are out of luck....


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How about Orthodox priests?

by Montgomery Gator In reply to There is one way

Does the Roman Catholic church have the same rules for married Orthodox priests who convert to the Roman Catholic church, since the Orthodox Church, (like both the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches) have bishops in the apostolic succession?

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Good question - not sure

by JamesRL In reply to How about Orthodox priest ...

I would think there are more conversions from Orthodox to RC than Anglican to RC.

I have actually read about a few Anglican priests and a bishop in Africa who converted, and kept their wives.


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