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The Pope and the Catholic Church

By TheChas ·
Rather than risk corrupting Oz's positive thread in respect of Pope John Paul II, I am starting this thread for open comments on the teachings of Pope John Paul and the Catholic faith.

On sexuality:
Catholic teaching on sexuality provides that sexual relations are a gift from God to be shared between one man and one woman.
Further, sexual relations must not preclude the possibility of creating a child.

If one follows the teachings of the church, there is no need for birth control or abortion because one would only have sex with ones partner when a pregnancy would not cause a problem.

On Gay rights:
Pope John Paul was very forthright in the concept of love the sinner, hate the sin.
People and governments should not discriminate against Gay individuals.

However, homosexual intercourse is a sin.

The Catholic Church is very willing to accept anyone who is willing to repent and forsake their actions that could be considered sinful.

On medical research:
Artificial conception, embryonic stem cell research and cloning are considered to be inappropriate.

This is all to do with the teachings of the sanctity of the human body as a temple of the Lord.

As I do, the Catholic Church does not support the concept of the ends justifying the means.

Yes, there is potential good that might come from embryonic stem cell research. However, since life begins at conception, taking one life in attempt to save another is not right.

I am no theologian, nor am I as well versed in Catholic doctrine as I would desire. Still, I will come back from time to time and respond to those comments I can.


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You can get to Heaven

by TheChas In reply to Well that lets us heathen ...

I'll start with your last statement.

Catholic teachings an redemption and getting to Heaven opened up significantly after the Vatican II reforms.

All one needs to do, is be true to their God and their faith to reserve a place in Heaven.

So Dawg, you can get there if you so desire.

On marital counseling:
As I understand things, the bulk of marital problems are interpersonal relationship issues. Sexuality conflicts is a result of other issues, not the cause of the issues that disrupt a marriage.

Being a good marriage counselor does not require that one have had sexual relationships. Just that one be able to listen and comprehend the problems that 2 people have living with each other.

I have listened to so many ideas in relation to Priestly celibacy since the mid 60's that I'm not sure what is the best course of action.

Still, Pope John Paul affirmed the Churches position on celibacy.

As to Papal infallibility:
The concept of Papal infallibility does not cover every action or pronouncement of the Pope. It does cover theological and doctrine pronouncements that the Pope makes.
These pronouncements are not made quickly or in a vacuum.
The Pope relies on a number of theologians to help devise and support any pronouncements that either affirm or change the articles of faith.


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Entry into Heaven...oh yeah

by jck In reply to You can get to Heaven

"All one needs to do, is be true to their God and their faith to reserve a place in Heaven." gotta ask this one: whatever happened to God saying, "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." in the Ten Commandments?

Sorry, but I remembered about the cow worshipping and had to ask when I saw it phrased as "...their God...".

hope I don't encite a riot...

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On Reflection

by TheChas In reply to Entry into Heaven...oh ye ...

On reflection, I think I oversimplified the stance of the Catholic Church on the potential for people of other faiths to gain entry into heaven.

Back in the late 60's as part of the Vatican II reforms, Church teaching was softened to allow that being a good Catholic was not the only way to gain entry into heaven.

It is not our place to assume that a loving God would allow for only members one faith to spend eternity with him.

We are not to assume that those we consider to be heathens will not be in Heaven.

Nor, can we assume that the evangelizeres are guaranteed a place in Heaven.

We do not know how God views any other religion. God may even be at the root of most faiths.

We do know that God does not want us to place the false gods of lust greed and glory ahead of him.


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I don't agree with the Catholic Church On Many Things...

by TomSal In reply to The Pope and the Catholic ...

..But I am truly saddened at the passing of the Pope. Why? Well what little I knew about the man is that he was decent and honest and that he really cared about people even those not of his same faith or exact belief.

I think this thread will be an emotional one and probably get folks angered or flustered but...

I never understood many things about the Catholic Faith...

1) Priests can't have sex? Priests are men, they are human. As such they have human desires. Isn't it a bit conflicting that God wants us to share our love with someone special -- including the physical expression of such love as sex, but yet Priests -- the very folks who are to bestow this message of God's love aren't allowed to have this special bond with another person they love?

2) Catholic position on sex is no man-made birth control within marriage. Yet don't they believe that you shouldn't have sex OUTSIDE of marriage too? So following that logic -- if you are a "perfect catholic" you are virgin when married, the first time you have sex is unprotected so if you are unlucky about the partner you chose you could get an STD and die. Nice. Remember unless there is a physical barrier, other methods don't protect against STDs.

3) Catholic undying believe in marriage at all costs. I've heard this many times, if its false let me know. Catholic faith says once your married you are married. Period. Doesn't matter what differences or difficulties you have in the marriage you MUST stay married forever. Because suffering together forever while married is better in the eyes of Catholics then being mature enough to know things in life don't always work out so you get divorced, start dating again and are very happy at last. And God forbid if kids are involved -- that's a big no no, must stay together for the kids (a personal belief of mine that this is one of the most absurd reasons I ever heard for staying in a marriage devoid of love and respect. "We are doing it for the kids". Yeah because everyone likes to see their parents miserable at each other everyday of their life!).

4) Confessions. Respectfully, to you Catholics out there but I think this is just wrong. My belief, faith and my personal hardships and sins are for me to share with whom I chose for support and comfort. If that is with God then its from me to God, not through another sinful man.

But this is just my two cents.

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by dwdino In reply to I don't agree with the Ca ...

1) Vow of abstinence is of the Catholic, not God. It states in the Bible that it is better if a man can remain celebate (less things on the table to weigh him down), but is by no means a requirement. After all, in Timothy, Paul states that a Deacon (priest) must be able to manage his own family/household before being ready to handle responsibilities in the church.

2) I do not believe this view point to be correct. I do not agree with "the pill" as it allow insemination without implantation. But, barrier methods should be allow to prevent fertilization. On the matter of STD protection. Everyone should be a virgin when married and only stay with this one individual, but this is not a perfect world.

3) This is a huge can-o-worms so I will only dip my toe in. One question, why do most marriages fail? Because the newness wears off and everyone starts looking out for themselves, and the selfishness drives them apart. She's not meeting my needs, he's not doing this or that. Any time two self focused persons are forced to work together it will **** up.

4) Biblical confession involves no priests. First you align yourself with God's viewpoint and say: yes, I am wrong, please forgive me. Then, if there is a human person involved (person to person sin), you go to that person, admit your wrong doing, and ask there forgiveness. At that moment you clean of that sin. That does not mean that person is free from the consequences of that sin. Whatever punishments or messes are left to clean are still required.

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#2 Correction

by Jessie In reply to Notes:

The only method of birth control that allows insemination without implantation is the IUD and it's variants. The pill and other hormonal birth control methods, prevent ovulation. The eggs do not "pop out", they simply die and are "flushed" during menses.

This is actually the reason why hormonal birth control can prevent some types of cancers. The more a woman ovulates, the more likely she is to develop ovarian cancer. When she does not ovulate either via taking hormonal birth control, pregnancy, or exclusive breast feeding, her chances of developing ovarian cancer are reduced (by how much I do not know).

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Apparently not

by dwdino In reply to #2 Correction

I have had two children while "on the pill".


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Read the instructions

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Apparently not

My daughter said the same thing, besides it's not 100% efective even if you follow the manufacturer's instructions exactly.
Lovely grandaughter though.

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God's omnipotence?

by ozi Eagle In reply to Apparently not

Maybe this proves God's omnipotence - if He/She wants you to have a baby, then no matter what man amde impedia you use it won't work.

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by dwdino In reply to God's omnipotence?

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