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The Rating Meter should go live this week

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
As discussed in an earlier thread, we're deploying a new signature system for discussions posts which will include a rating meter. The meter output is based on an evolving algorithm of site participation.

Now, many of you were recruited to the TRI ranks because you "set the bar" for community participation, so some of you might rightly expect to score pretty highly on this first incarnation of the meter. You will, at least relative to the rest of the group.

However, while our heavy hitters will certainly be the highest scorers, but you won't peg the meter. That's because the meter algorithm accounts for participation in features that aren't built yet. You can't score points in these areas because the areas don't exist, so don't be suprised when the best of the best still have ample opportunity to improve.

As we phase in features during 2005, I'm sure you guys will be able to race up the charts as fast or faster than anyone...especially since you'll know about the features first. So now you know.

That, and you guys are usually far better at fielding questions from the community masses than we are, so it's best to keep you informed as much as we can.


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Thank you VERY much

by Oz_Media In reply to The link is coming...

You see that's EXACTLY what I was telling 'house' about yesterday. You guys ARE getting things fixed and it's great.

Glad to hear it will be back and hope it works out and stays.


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Sir house replies

by house In reply to Thank you VERY much

King Arthur! I was a little bit worried about the rating meter and not so much the "open questions" link.

By the way, if this is the Round Table, and I am the new kid...does that make me Lancelot?

I'd much rather be Merlin or someone you can trust to leave alone without causing a ruckus. Besides, I didn't even run the "Gauntlet" yet.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Sir house replies

The whole round table thing was just a little bit of a Monty Pythons run off, I have a tendency to do that, sorry.

But just look at your fancy new status bar, oooweee! That's some neato gear!

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indeed it is

by apotheon In reply to OOOOH VERY fancy!

Good work, guys.

I have a question, though. Am I the only one here that sees the meter as running over the length it's allowed? I've got a cropped-down screen capture of what I'm talking about at the following URL:

Note: I'm using Firefox 1.0 on Debian Testing with screen resolution set to 1152x864.

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Not another Debian user

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to indeed it is

God I need help I'm in the process of loading a new LT with Debian for the customer and what's far worse is I just love it.

You might like this one the other day I saw a bumper sticker that read "I stop for Penguins but run through walls and fences!" I just had to wait around until the owner returned and I was told that she had no idea what it was about as it was on the car when she bought it down south and she thought that it was something to do with protecting the Penguin populations that we have around some areas of the AU coast.


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by apotheon In reply to indeed it is

I want that bumper sticker. Oh, yes, I do.

Debian, so far, is without doubt my OS of choice.

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Debian sounds good - haven't tried it

by house In reply to indeed it is

I haven't given debian a proper trial yet, though I've heard nothing but good things. Ran Redhat 8 through 9, but now I'm using <uhhhgg> ...xp....
Don't slap me, I'm just not a master Linux user and I got frustrated with dependencies and stuff like that. I will try Debian though, as soon as I get the urge to download 101 disk images. Last I saw, the package was at 7 Cd's.

PS - My girl just gave me a desktop with the penguins all over the windows logo. Pretty cool.

* Thanks for the tiny URL info. I learn something new everyday here. In case someone is reading this for the first time, my url was the length of your browser window.

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Lengthy URL's

by Oz_Media In reply to indeed it is

At one time, URL's used to get wierd spaces randomly inserted into them, thus breaking the link and ending up displaying a %20 in the wrong place. TR has since added HTML formatting to accet URL's, kinda cool and also a few of the little Smilies :) etc. AND some formatting so most links work okay, as did yours.

When the space problem was an issue, TheChas pointed me to it is a small Link in your toolbar that allows you to obtain a short URL for pages, thus the space was never added.

it will give you a URL like for this page, if your link is too long.

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to: house, re: image

by apotheon In reply to indeed it is

That rules. It's now my background image. Thanks.

Do you know where I can get a larger version of the image? That one doesn't scale up so well, and I'd prefer to have it cover the entire workspace rather than just be centered.

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apotheon - 1024 was the largest

by house In reply to indeed it is

1024 x 768 is the largest size I could find.

I suppose you could bloat it with photoshop, but you will lose the quality.

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