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The Rating Meter should go live this week

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
As discussed in an earlier thread, we're deploying a new signature system for discussions posts which will include a rating meter. The meter output is based on an evolving algorithm of site participation.

Now, many of you were recruited to the TRI ranks because you "set the bar" for community participation, so some of you might rightly expect to score pretty highly on this first incarnation of the meter. You will, at least relative to the rest of the group.

However, while our heavy hitters will certainly be the highest scorers, but you won't peg the meter. That's because the meter algorithm accounts for participation in features that aren't built yet. You can't score points in these areas because the areas don't exist, so don't be suprised when the best of the best still have ample opportunity to improve.

As we phase in features during 2005, I'm sure you guys will be able to race up the charts as fast or faster than anyone...especially since you'll know about the features first. So now you know.

That, and you guys are usually far better at fielding questions from the community masses than we are, so it's best to keep you informed as much as we can.


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by Oz_Media In reply to required comments and ope ...

I remember Jay posting about the secret link but never knew it had been given. I expected it to show up in the regular Tech Q&A page, the same way they conceal the Insiders forum.

Thanks! Kinda foils my fun though, ]:) oh well.

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Jay that actually sounds quite good

by Oz_Media In reply to required comments and ope ...

Not that I am surprised that you had a good idea of course, but I hadn't thought of some form of duplicate meter to show who is even worth helping in the first place. I know that you can view people's stats and see their Q&A activity but it is quite misleading.

When someone shows as having 500+ questions rejected, it looks pretty bad but many times it is due to a poor sport on the other end.

Tracking the people's activity similar to the current meter would be interesting, if it could be intergrated or even done as a separate meter.

Perhaps two meters, smaller and one on top of the other. A Discussion activity meter and a Tech Q&A meter?

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Two separate signatures - or one complete?

by house In reply to required comments and ope ...

That is a great idea for sure. I think that you've found a great way to cover the entire spectrum. Three levels of participation... contributions to the Q&A, common courtesy regarding reactions to input from the other techs, and discussion participation.

The main question we want two seperate stat meters? - one for discussions and one for Q&A - or do we want a general "three bar" signature that will appear on both?

PS - When do our 'action figures' come out? And what about the trading cards? I think Todd McFarlane could design some pretty wicked "Psycho-Techs". :)

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There will be additional indicators

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Okay, I have a problem

To add to sMoRTy's points, the meter is just one of several "activity indicators" we're working on, so it probably seems a little naked right now. One of our key goals is to establish a Top 100 badge, and to track your "streak" of Top 100 appearances. So, if you've been in the Top 100 for, say, the last week, it won't be nearly as impressive as being in the Top 100 for the last 3 years. We're hoping these indicators (assuming we pull them off) will give the meter a little context, while encouraging users to stay active consistently.


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by apotheon In reply to There will be additional ...

Heh. I'll never be in the top 100 for the last three years. While I tend to be VERY active in communities like this when I'm active at all, I tend to have dry spells as well.

C'est la vie. I ain't in it for the little meters anyway.

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meters are great...

by house In reply to yikes

...but I do this for fun - not competition.

Jay's already brainwashed the rest of us. You're next. You will never do anything else but join in our discussions.

PS - I'm thinking of running a dedicated line to TR...what do you think?

Just kidding. :)


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yes, they are great

by apotheon In reply to meters are great...

Ooooh, purty meters.


I think that running a dedicated TR connection is a terrible idea. At least, it is if it's just for you. If it's for me as well, though, I'm all for it.

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If we all chipped in

by Oz_Media In reply to yes, they are great

I can get a great deal rom the railroads running fibre down the tracks, I actually got to watch a line being dropped that I had sold it's pretty cool seing a train and fibre crew lay down your work.

Might have a TAD of a problem weaving through the Gulf Islands but we can figure that out later, my pipe is quick enough for now.

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You had to go and mail it out?

by house In reply to The Rating Meter should g ...

Hey...thanks for mailing out the "Bad Weather" thread - - we've already got some goof dancing around with useless remarks. Maybe he's trying to build up his meter by insulting everyone.

Maybe he's just insulting me...I'll read the rest...but the number of posts here seems to be growing exponentially. I'm going to go to bed early tonight and cry myself to sleep.



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by Oz_Media In reply to You had to go and mail it ...

Gee, that wouldn't have been Oz_Media would it?

I don't think I had a poke at you but I sure did have a go at a few people there. Sorry but I lived in the Maritimes and in Central BC, I don't buy snow and ice fears form Texans.

I used to go off pretty bad on a lot of people, but think I have mellowed since becoming comfortable with the crowd here. I have a hard skin and always start with a harsh approach, oncei am comfortable with people I will lighten up a bit. I find I usually don't attract candy a*sed friends that way.

I used to be an a-hole but I feel much better now!

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