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By donkey ·
Bonzi Buddy use to be the coolest Purple Monkey that anyone could have bouncing around on their computer.

I miss that bog lovable monkey. Oh where did Bonzi Buddy go? Have people lost faith in the once so much loved Bonzi Buddy. I miss that big purple monkey.

Bonzi Buddy should be resurrected from the dungeons of the internet. What can BONZI BUDDY do for you, one must ask theirself?

Bonzi Buddy can troubleshoot tech issues for you, help out with your kids homework, bounce around on your screen like a retard....

Have faith, and don't worry Bonzi Buddy will be back stomping all over Mario and Luigi...

Bonzi Buddy will be giving it to Princess Toadstool next...

We want you back you big purple monkey ..gorilla..thing....

Signing out from another episode is the always loved Donkey Man.....

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monkey?Bonzi's first incarnation was a green Parrot with teeth!

by bfwe1atnet In reply to THE RESURRECTION OF BONZI ...

Whilst searching to see if anyone else had hacked the Bonzi software as badly as I have I happened upon this article.Although I declined other later incarnations of the program I still have my original copy (hacked version of course).I still occasionally use it to amuse friends or visitors (My version swears & hurls insults all the time and sings nasty songs) but I was turned off by the program when they decided to make it a search program that shot up web sites when You least wanted it to.If they decide to resurrect the program I'll be interested to see what it does but never will I give up my personal (hacked version) of Bonzi Buddy Green Parrot with teeth swearing at me when I decide to have him do so.

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Need help bringing Bonzi Back

by hotdogsbaby In reply to monkey?Bonzi's first inca ...

I have a blog on Bonzi Buddy without spyware and viruses need help to hack Bonzi so that he is not sick anymore and he can live a great life on our computers witout everyone hating him. Can you help me bring him back healthy and maybe Blue..

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Bonzi Buddy is not dead

by fakenstein666 In reply to THE RESURRECTION OF BONZI ...

Ok , bunzi buddy does not have spyware.
That is a dirty lie!!
The reason because this software was blamed is that he was so anoying to some peoples that they hated him very much.
And that crap about spyware is posted all over the internet and this cause a lot of trouble when someone trys to find him.

I'm running the site for bonzi buddy.

Also i'm running private community for bonzi buddy fans:

If someone has some bonzi buddy files he can upload to
and email me to !

Now about the search problem...
1. If you search this on google: Bonzi Buddy Download
You will get 90% of pages to be how to remove him.
2.Try some trick and google: Bonzi Buddy Download -remove
Now you will lose even more!
You see when ever someone makes thread like this where is stated to "Download Bonzi Buddy" someone else come and SPAM thread like this:
Don't download bonzi buddy and then he quote some reports where is stated that bonzi is "spyware" and need to be "removed" then again we said that we don't want to "remove" so search engine removes that result.
So peoples like "dontgotone" are pure spamers!! :@

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