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The Scummy One - Scott Ross

By Ron K. ·
From his Facebook profile this morning:<br>

"It is my sad duty as Scott's sister, to tell everyone that Scott passed away today. If you would like any more information, please contact us, his family, at the following e-mail address: (deleted) <br>

Catherine Ross" <br>
Contact me, Ron K., via peermail if necessary and I'll send Catherine's email address to you.

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After I've stopped crying ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to The Scummy One - Scott Ro ...

I might make another comment.

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RIP Scott

by Jellimonsta In reply to The Scummy One - Scott Ro ...

Techman... Scummy... RIP brother.

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by tcavadias Staff In reply to The Scummy One - Scott Ro ...

I stared at this for a while - not sure what to say as it comes as such a shock.

My prayers do go out to his family. Scott will be terribly missed.

Ron - can you send me the email please?


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Check your peermail inbox. (no text)

by Ron K. In reply to :-(
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A modest proposal

by JamesRL In reply to The Scummy One - Scott Ro ...

I realise that some of us need to grieve and no one should be ashamed to take the time to do that.

But I'd also like to make a modest proposal. Namely that we find a way to remember Scott as he was; a funny, witty guy, who made lots of friends. I propose that whoever cares to participate, the collective we, start to go through his posts and collect the "best" of Scott, both the Scummy and the W2Ktechman sides. How we organize what we gather, I'm open to suggestions.


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Would love a dedicated to

by shasca In reply to A modest proposal

TROLOV. With fun, not sad make us cry memories and stories provided by all

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I just finished reading an email from Scott's brother.

by Ron K. In reply to A modest proposal

He expressed condolences to us all and asked for me to pass them on. <br>
I sent him a rather lengthy reply this morning. His brother wants to read more of Scott's posts and he's going to play Scott's TR podcast for the family.<br>
I included tinyurl links to Scott's profiles and explained how to navigate in them so that they can read everything that Scott posted.<br>
I explained too how Scott's friends are scattered around the globe and how we wish that we could be there with them now but beyond flowers, emails and whatnot it's just not possible.<br>
I told him what the number means next to Scott's thumbsup picture, that he helped hundreds with technical questions and possibly hundreds more because not everyone marks an answer as helpful even though it was. <br>
Scott's presence is seemingly everywhere here at the moment. I have small spiral notebooks where I was keeping score against him at Facebook. I still have seeds he sent to my wife and I and perennials that will blossom again this year.<br>
Missed? Oh yeah!

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Ron you may wish

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I just finished reading a ...

To check that sent E-Mail it arrived here.

Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining as that was the first I heard about Scott's Death but just check that it went to it's intended recipient as well.


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by shasca In reply to Ron you may wish

That sounded very disrespectful to Ron. He is the one that has taken many hours of his personnal time to share T.S.O/W2K's sad sad news with us.

He has been nothing but a gentleman with my inquerys to him. I think you are way off base, or I am losing something in the translation, as that just doen't seem like you.

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Not worry one

by santeewelding In reply to WOW Col

About Col or Ron. I think they will let this slide.

I do.

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