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The Scummy One - Scott Ross

By Ron K. ·
From his Facebook profile this morning:<br>

"It is my sad duty as Scott's sister, to tell everyone that Scott passed away today. If you would like any more information, please contact us, his family, at the following e-mail address: (deleted) <br>

Catherine Ross" <br>
Contact me, Ron K., via peermail if necessary and I'll send Catherine's email address to you.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Still

Why would Hal/Col suggest that?

Because Ron and Col and Scummy are friends. Friends prop each other up in times like this. Col is propping up Ron. As Ron is propping up us.

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shasca the first I heard of this was

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Still

The E-Mail from Ron telling me how to navigate Scott's TR Threads.

When I saw the Thread here I was concerned that maybe I had got it by mistake that's all.

Nothing else intended other than to let Ron know that maybe he had made a mistake which is perfectly understandable under the circumstances. Here the worst thing that can happen is that the Family gets the impression that they are being ignored and e-mails that end up at the wrong place can do that.

I just wanted to warn Ron of any Potential Problems before they became something much worse than a possible simple mistake.

Sorry for my poor communication skills but I was more than slightly shocked. And as I was at work I didn't have access to a direct link to Ron to let him know off TR just in case something had gone wrong.


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I'm cool with everything. Not a hair out of place.

by Ron K. In reply to Still

Except for having a bed head. <br>
I have noted your defense of me even though no offense was made or intended. Nice to wake up to. Thank you.

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Col can talk to me like that.

by Ron K. In reply to WOW Col

He has my permission to be himself. So do you. :)

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Apologies all Around

by shasca In reply to Col can talk to me like t ...

I am deeply sorry for creating a row. It appears that I am way more upset about Scotts passing than I realized. I took the advise to stop slow down and take a deep breath.

Col to you personnally I say I'm sorry. I shouldn't have questioned your intentions as being negative. I have to admit I frequently have trouble interpreting some of your statements, and I should just shutup when in doubt. That will be plan going forward.

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Not a problem

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Apologies all Around

Be yourself mate.


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I believe

by NickNielsen In reply to Ron you may wish

Ron forwarded the exchange to selected peers.

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Thanks Nick

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I believe

I was just a bot worried that maybe something got misaddressed and the person who really needed the E-Mail didn't get it.

Being at work after reading the E-Mail earlier and being confused I didn't have access to my address list so I thought it better to post something here just in case as I wasn't going to be home for quite a while.


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I'm sorry to have broken the news to you that way, Col.

by Ron K. In reply to Thanks Nick

Sometimes I think that because I know something other people know it too. I wouldn't have laid that on you the way I did if I'd have realized that you didn't know. My bad.

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Not a problem Ron

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I'm sorry to have broken ...

Just a Hell of a Shock just before I had to got to work on Sunday. I really don't have a life working on a Sunday at a bank. They didn't even give me any samples of their products either.

Throws a lot of light onto some of the strange e-mails that I have got over the past few days. Maybe I need to improve my ability to understand Cryptic Messages that seem out of place or strange from Normal E-Mails.


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