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The TR T-Shirt Era has arrived!

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
TechRepublic is going to start selling TR T-Shirts!

After a several rounds of internal competition and debate, we've narrowed our first TR T-Shirt design to three candidates. One of these will make the cut for a full production run to be sold through our catalogue (where all those Books & CDs come from). If this first run is successful, we'll consider expanding the business into additional designs and additional types of TR swag. Thus, the choice of the first TR T-Shirt is a heady one--it must be successful. That's where the TRIs come in.

Which of these three designs would you be most likely to buy, and would recommend for your fellow IT pros?

Design #1 - "That's not a cupholder."

Design #2 - "Know your rights"

Design #3 - "Panic button"

Vote in this discussion. Type the design number you prefer in the title of your reply, then explain yourself in the message body.

Your vote counts, and will have a direct impact on the future of TR swag. Voting will close on Wednesday, Sept. 13 at 11:00 am Eastern (GMT minus 5 hours). We look forward to your feedback.

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Me neither

by Blackcurrant In reply to Design #4 (or #5 or #6 or ...

Sorry, I don't find any of them appealing. None of them sum up what TechRepublic is all about. The T-Shirts should promote TR as a professional IT resource without using negative stuff like this.

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Insulting the customers

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Design #4 (or #5 or #6 or ...

"I can't think of any other profession that stereotypes their customers in such a negative light."

Ever worked in the restaurant trade?

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by Oz_Media In reply to Insulting the customers

Yes I have managed a restaurant but it ws different. We didn't throw the insults in th ecustoemr's faces. Nobody wore a t-shirt with a characateur(sp?) of a cheap tipper on it.

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I was a bartender in a restaurant once. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Insulting the customers

....does that count as having worked in the restaurant trade?

It was an extremely busy bar as well, especially when the "waiting for a table game" was in full swing, and dozens of folks waited hours for a table. Did I ever insult the customers? Not that I remember. (I did, however, once tell an assistant managers to get his fat *** out from behind my bar!)

****, I did the opposite. I flattered them and had fun with them. I got them free munchies from the kitchen. I'd pour double-shots. And my tips were always many times more than the other bartenders. We worked in pairs, and I was always the one others wanted to be paired with because I was a kick-*** bartender and could generate tips better than anyone. Insult them? **** no, I didn't insult them! In fact, I kissed their a$$!

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My Fav

by Oz_Media In reply to I was a bartender in a re ...

Was the little things you can do as 'the bar guy'.

I would ALWAYS have a lighter in my pocket, sometimes two. If someone reached for a cigarrete and would dash over and light it for them, offer them another drink, some nuts (we had the good Cashews, trail mix and stuff not the cheapo peanuts that low end bars feed you) a clean ashtray etc. anything I coul dsee to make them more comfortable. Sure it was more fo rthe ladies than the guys, we saw nothing but suits that wouldn't take a helping hand anyway. But by pleasing the ladies (often people's wives that woul dwit while their hubby spent an evening playing darts with friends)we also pleased the men and the tips were generally in the form of fair sized cheques when they paid thei rweekly or monthly tabs. A few years later I was the one paying my weekly bar tab at the same bar, while the staff took care of me. I didn't ever see another one who would quickly light a cigarrete for people at the bar though.

It's those little things that put the cash in hand, not the job itself.

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Pulling a drink

by jdclyde In reply to My Fav

as soon as you saw them come in. By the time the sat down, they had their drink.

Walking over to the darters when they are ALMOST out, instead of sitting behind the bar waiting for them to get tired of waiting for someone to check on them.

Feel twice as good about the place, and buy twice as much, twice as often.

Seems like service is a lost art.

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One of my Fav events

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My Fav

Was when I was a Consultant Engineer for Ford many years ago I was way up north and pressed into doing some mechanical work as all the guys where busy and I didn't mind getting my hands dirty when it helped. But I just had to love the Rush Job that was handed to me was to fit aircon a Rag Top!

I never did fully understand that one and while I would say disparaging things about it's new owner I would never consider saying any of those things to the person in question even if they totally lacked one single brain cell.

But after the job was finished it was good for a laugh with the rest of the mechanics sitting around talking.


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Thank you - Edited

by Oz_Media In reply to Design #4 (or #5 or #6 or ...

I've designed some pretty busy looking heavy mnetal shirts but these take the cake.

#1- too busy with a 3D line drawing, doesn't work on dd angles (ie. the human body)

#2- Text is a nightmare

#3- Huh? Uh, ooookay yeah.

Booo, boooo, boooooo!

And you say HOW many people have been submitting ideas??

With respect to Max's comments:
I agree that these woul dnot be shirts you would wear onsite or at work, I don't know if that was the initial intent or just some 'sinside IT' humour.

Either way, they are not humorous or even slightly amusing. Graphics are terrible and the copy is sad.

Sorry Jay.

EDIT: With the size of TR's global community (the global aspect being one fo TR's most appealing features), why not a connected globe ( all connected and wired like those 3D flight path or long-distance maps) with the TR logo under it or something?

A globe with a big question mark in front of it, all wrapped in lines connecting the major cities?
"Tech Rpeublic, bringing the world's best ideas together" "Tech Rpublic, bringing th eworld's best IT staf together" something thta focuses on you , not some snotty shot at PC clients, like all thos eother guys do, It's cheap and unthoughtful.

Insulting people? We don't really do that at TR do we (tee hee)?

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Design #3: Panic Button

by apotheon In reply to The TR T-Shirt Era has ar ...

Aside from the fact that it's the least "juvenile" of the three, it's also the shirt design that best advertises for TechRepublic. Think about it: the cupholder just recycles a tired old joke (though it's a really good joke) based on a story of a "dumb user", and the "know your rights" shirt ends with a jab at end-users.

I think the other two designs would possibly be good to offer as you add more designs to the TR store, but the panic button t-shirt is by far the best of the three to be offered initially. We all have our juvenile moments, and the other two shirts scratch that itch, but the "panic button" shirt is one I'd wear to the office on "casual friday", and its theme makes a direct connection to TechRepublic in a positive light.

While I would love to see the black polo suggested by jdclyde, and it would serve well for a lot of techs to wear to work, it would probably be the second TR shirt I'd want, right after the panic button t-shirt.

Thems is my thoughts.

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Panic Button

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to The TR T-Shirt Era has ar ...

Course seeing as I'm in the UK, so I propably won't get one. I want I wish we were still british on it as well.

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