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The TR T-Shirt Era has arrived!

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
TechRepublic is going to start selling TR T-Shirts!

After a several rounds of internal competition and debate, we've narrowed our first TR T-Shirt design to three candidates. One of these will make the cut for a full production run to be sold through our catalogue (where all those Books & CDs come from). If this first run is successful, we'll consider expanding the business into additional designs and additional types of TR swag. Thus, the choice of the first TR T-Shirt is a heady one--it must be successful. That's where the TRIs come in.

Which of these three designs would you be most likely to buy, and would recommend for your fellow IT pros?

Design #1 - "That's not a cupholder."

Design #2 - "Know your rights"

Design #3 - "Panic button"

Vote in this discussion. Type the design number you prefer in the title of your reply, then explain yourself in the message body.

Your vote counts, and will have a direct impact on the future of TR swag. Voting will close on Wednesday, Sept. 13 at 11:00 am Eastern (GMT minus 5 hours). We look forward to your feedback.

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Panic Button

by TheChas In reply to The TR T-Shirt Era has ar ...

Hard Choices Jay.

I almost went with Know Your Rights but decided that Panic Button more properly publicizes Tech Republic.

While Not a Cup Holder is cute, I don't want to do anything that promotes computer misuse.


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Design # 3 :^0 Cus the others can't read :8}

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to The TR T-Shirt Era has ar ...

Though I personally wouldn't wear it to work.

But actually it's a bit of a Hard Choice as they are all aimed at different sectors of the market the Cup Holder would most commonly apply to the Home User the Know Your Rights would most commonly apply to the Corporate IT Person and the Panic Button applies to the Independent Consultants.

But having said that I like them all and they would all be great to have available I would buy them as Give Aways for some of my customers and chose the right one for the customer as they all have a great sense of humour and would appreciate the gesture. :)

I actually quite like the white one that I already have and it looks great on SHMBO as she opened he package and had to try it on to see how it fitted and streached it in all the wrong places so that was the last that I ever saw of it as a possible T Shirt for me to wear. Over the years she has worn all my company supplied clothes and regularly gives away most of them it's funny to see several school kids wearing Racing Shirts that are only worn by the Team and once I leave that job I never see the Shirts again.

While I can't speak for others I find T Shirts fairly useless for work as I need POCKETS to shove all the stuff that I have to carry with me that are too small to fit into anything else, You know things like Floppies and the like which are a Must Have item most of the time when at work. :_|

Sorry Jay I didn't mean to use those nasty 4 Letter Words I'll go slap my wrists.

Col Angelic Emotion inserted here
Edited to fix a Typo and add a mental note to Remember to change the Keyboard batteries they are going flat again and missing keystrokes. X-(

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None of these

by jardinier In reply to The TR T-Shirt Era has ar ...

Design #1. The cup holder is just plain stupid -- juvenile I would suggest -- a very lame old joke.

Design #2. The Police Lights do not seem relevant. The general idea I like, but as some others have mentioned, it could be seen as offensive to some clients/customers. I would be interested to see this concept, but phrased in a way that is totally humorous and not offensive.

Design #3. This conveys nothing to me.

Instead of asking us to choose between three designs which most members have indicated that they don't particularly like, why don't you invite ideas from TRIs as to a design that might be more suitable. I am in favour of a message on the back, but something that is genuinely funny while not being potentially offensive.

As for the TR logo on the front, how about including: Real World; Real Time; Real IT.

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Here's a shirt idea.

by apotheon In reply to None of these

It's probably a bad idea to actually produce this shirt, since I'm pretty sure nobody would buy it, but here it is anyway:

#!/usr/bin/perl -l

sub TechRepublic {
my $foo = 0;
my @real = qw(World Time IT);
return sub { $fake = $real[$foo]; $foo++; return $fake; };

$real = TechRepublic();

print('Real ', $real->()) for (1..3);

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As I do not know any programming code

by jardinier In reply to Here's a shirt idea.

I don't know what this says, but I could make a rough guess.

But in all seriousness, perhaps it would not be such a bad idea for the back of the shirt -- not necessarily your example, but some code. There are a lot of people around who are computer savvy and who might recognise this as a sign of genuine IT knowledge.

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quick explanation

by apotheon In reply to As I do not know any prog ...

It implements a completely gratuitous lexical closure to iterate over an array (list variable) that is used to print out the following:

Real World
Real Time
Real IT

I was inspired by the previous comment.

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I actually like one I saw a few years back

by jdclyde In reply to Here's a shirt idea.

but it was for checking if someone had a clue or not.

Don't know perl, so it took me a minute to walk through what this was doing. Got it. B-)

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None of the Above

by BFilmFan In reply to The TR T-Shirt Era has ar ...

Sorry Jay, but I don't care for any of the current proposed designs.

I honestly think the logo on the left side of the header at the top of the page says it best:

Real World.Real Time.Real IT.

Put that on a shirt and I will buy it.

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good point

by apotheon In reply to None of the Above

The panic button shirt would be great for give-aways, either for regular users who "earn" it in some way or simply at trade shows and the like. Something that just uses the logo and has the slogan writ large on the back would be more attractive as an initial offering for purchase, I think.

. . . as backwards as that sounds.

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but would you really give away

by jdclyde In reply to good point

a shirt for anything other than your own company? Who do you want them to remember, you or TR?

Sorry to rain on the parade here, but.....

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