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The Twitter Effect.

By Screen Gems ·
This Reuters article on the "Twitter Effect"

follows Deborah Sinder's article on Social Networking in how basically what is "gossip" can impact public and peer perception thus.

To quote the Reuters article:

"If people don't like the movie now on Friday it can die by Saturday," said Paul Dergarabedian, president of tracking firm Box Office."

The IT industry has seen the same effect with software such as Microsoft's Vista. While Vistas lack of adoption centered on a lack of driver support with older but still functional peripheral devices like printers, scanners, the "gossip" did hurt Vistas sales.

Discrediting negative and often untrue gossip and inuendos is very tough to do once enough people believe it.

Does social networking gossip effect you or your company? Is social networking simply a venue for individuals who like to gossip?

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by santeewelding In reply to Selective Transport

You confine your sophisticated judgment about verification alone to Twitter?

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No - Just this example

by b4real Contributor In reply to Rick

The whole net gets that, but trying to stay "On Topic"

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Well there certainly will be a movement to try

by Screen Gems In reply to Selective Transport

and control what is presented because of the financial impact.

Then there is the reputation impact. There is a discussion on the woman who is suing for the identity of the individual. See Toni Bowers article:

I certainly think that young people are the ones most suceptable to "herd mentality" thus are the target for the advertising mojo to influence them.

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Are you signed up for Twitter? Do you know how it works?

by OnTheRopes In reply to Well there certainly will ...

Anyone who follows the mass marketers get exactly what they deserve.<br>
There isn't a day goes by when I don't pick up a new follower. I check out their Twitter feed to see what they're like and very seldom follow anyone who is following me.<br>
Twitter isn't the same for everyone. My OH has thousands of followers and follows a thousand plus. I follow 9 people because that's enough for me.<br>
Herd mentality influenced by an advertising mojo on Twitter? I just have to laugh at that. :^0 <br>

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No don't have a twitter account.... no one would follow

by Screen Gems In reply to Are you signed up for Twi ...

lol but sure there is advertising mojo on twitter. Many celebrities twitter and who best to influence when they have hundreds of thousands of followers?

Maybe Twitter Effect isn't the right phrase rather Ripple Effect. One person says one this and it Ripples to all who follow...

don't you think you, OntheRopes or JDClyde, or TheChas, Sonja, or Jason or Toni, or Tammy, or Mike Kassner, or any of the others here who post or have blogs... such as FNM or the Garden Club, or even are in the elite group of swag owners have an influence on those who come here?

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The ripple effect

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to No don't have a twitter a ...

begins with you, in the flesh, in your mind. You affect others, they affect you. Twitter is but one more opportunists tool for manipulating the ripple.

All the same, the ripple can't be manipulated without willing manipulees.

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And to think

by santeewelding In reply to The ripple effect

I double-checked my spelling of, "unconscionably".

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Some folks have a positive influence.

by OnTheRopes In reply to No don't have a twitter a ...

Other dillweeds have a negative influence. (Not talking about you-BTW)<br>
It's kind of difficult for me to take anything you say about Twitter seriously without you being signed up to it. Who cares if you have any followers? Ain't nothing but a thang.<br>
There are plenty of people worth following, people from TR for instance.<br>
As far as celebrities go, for me, I follow both Penn and Teller and, believe it or not, Ellen DeGeneres. <br>
Penn Jillette has a refreshing, irreverent view of the world and frequently posts profanity laced video clips on PennSays that I find are often worth watching. I can't say that they influence me one way or another.<br>
Some people are obsessed with Twitter. Don't become one of the obsessed crowd that isn't even signed up. Sign up for it, see what it's all about, in it's drip dried glory, (inside joke) and then tell us what you think. Until you do you're just going to look...silly.

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Some folks have a positiv ...

Used in pickle making.
I have yet to figure which herb makes for the yodel. Maybe it's the vinegar or salt.

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Well lets see, ah good example

by Screen Gems In reply to Some folks have a positiv ...

does anyone here really care that you can't take anything I say about Twitter seriously? Will they discount the thread because they take your word for it? Boxie for example? How about JD? Old Mycroft? The Scummy One?

Do you, by virtue of being OnTheRopes and discount my posts influence others?

If you do, then you are showing, by example, The Twitter Effect, The Herd Mentality, [crowd psychology].

You influence others and because they like you, also see these posts as silly and discount them. I'll bet because Boxie considers you a friend, can here to read what you post and was influenced by it.

What do you say Boxie? were you influenced by what OnTheRopes said that I'm silly and the posts should not be taken seriously?

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