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The Twitter Effect.

By Screen Gems ·
This Reuters article on the "Twitter Effect"

follows Deborah Sinder's article on Social Networking in how basically what is "gossip" can impact public and peer perception thus.

To quote the Reuters article:

"If people don't like the movie now on Friday it can die by Saturday," said Paul Dergarabedian, president of tracking firm Box Office."

The IT industry has seen the same effect with software such as Microsoft's Vista. While Vistas lack of adoption centered on a lack of driver support with older but still functional peripheral devices like printers, scanners, the "gossip" did hurt Vistas sales.

Discrediting negative and often untrue gossip and inuendos is very tough to do once enough people believe it.

Does social networking gossip effect you or your company? Is social networking simply a venue for individuals who like to gossip?

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I like it when people don't care what I say.

by OnTheRopes In reply to Well lets see, ah good e ...

It means they're thinking for themselves.<br>
You succintly made my rambling point for me too. You can't speak about Twitter and be believeable unless you've tried it.<br>

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I agree

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Some folks have a positiv ...

with Palmies agreement with Ropes.

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Herd mentality - Not so much

by b4real Contributor In reply to Are you signed up for Twi ...

But it definitely gets the word out.

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i avoid them like the plague

by jck In reply to The Twitter Effect.

I used to use myspace a lot.

Closed my first account, and opened another one that has just my niece and the girl I've been getting to know on it. I don't want to interface with anyone else on there.

I got Facebook, and within a year I had so many people asking to be my friend I didn't know because they are friends with someone I do know. Or, I got requests from people I knew long ago that want to be my "friend".

WTF? No thanks. Considering closing my Facebook now, and just doing what I did on MySpace and adding an anonymous account and just a couple people know it's me (like my best friend and another friend of mine).

I haven't even been to Twitter. If it's anything like the other two, it's a waste of time and a nuisance getting 20 app requests and 5 friend suggestions every day.

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Twitter is

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to i avoid them like the pla ...

nowhere near as invasive. No email requests, any direct messaging is handled within Twitter. No direct messaging without an established Twitter relationship between both parties, as well.

I do carry on light conversation, both public and private with a couple three TR peers there.

Without the hassle and spam of Facebook or MySpace. Suits me fairly well.

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i don't trust them

by jck In reply to Twitter is

MySpace didn't used to be nearly so bad.

It went to **** in a handbasket quick.

So did Facebook.

I wouldn't trust Twitter not to be bought out and turned into a spam mill later.

I have 15 email accounts now. I check about 4 regularly, 5 others sporadically, and the others just collect and auto-dispose of junk mail.

Heck. I haven't even been on Facebook in almost a month now. I just hate getting questions from people who took no interest in me for 15 years, but all the sudden want to be my "friend".

Yeah right.

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"Drip Dried Glory" ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to The Twitter Effect.
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I seem to recall

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to "Drip Dried Glory" ...

reading something, somewhere...

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